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Beauty of Sri Lanka

Kadupul flower

Popular as one of the most expensive flowers in the world, Kadupul Flower is a rare flower which perishes after few hours of blooming. These flowers perish before the dawn, making it more precious too see in natural!

Kadupul Flower captures from Sri Lanka

Kadupul flower
Kadupul flower with a bloom

As I love gardening and flower photography, I never missed my chance of capturing these kadupul flowers during my recent Sri Lanka holiday! For me Travelling is all about experiencing new things including flora and fauna in different destinations. This is why I have many flower captures in this blog. So, this time I am all in for writing this post about one of the rare flowers in the world!

Kadupul flower
Kadupul flower – side look

Kadupul flower is a legendary flower native to Sri Lanka which is also popular as the Queen of the night! It is not easy to watch these flowers, reason is simple. Kadupul flowers are with really short lifespan. Other than the short lifespan, these flowers bloom during the night time. So, you need to wait till midnight to see the flowers if you see some blooms on the plant.

In my parents’ home garden there are some Kadupul flower plants. But, until recent I was not lucky enough to see a kadupul flower in real. Whenever it was blooming, I was not in Sri Lanka.

During my recent holiday to Sri Lanka, I was lucky enough to see these beautiful and priceless flowers in real. It was timely. I saw some blooms in our Kadupul plant, so I was waiting everyday till mid night to see the flowers blooming. Not only me; we all were waiting to see the kadupul flowers!

Bit from legendry stories about Kadupul flowers:

As per legends, Kadupul is the legendary flower of the Nagas. In Sri Lanka It is believed when the Kadupul flowers bloom the Celestial Nagas come and offer these flowers to the Lord Buddha. I read about different believes in India and China with the same plant and flowers.

Kadupul flower

The plant:

Botanically named as Epiphyllum oxypetalum, kadupul plants are kind of cactus which is easy to cultivate.

Anyway, these flowers are with really strange but really attractive fragrance. It is difficult to explain. With the pure white appearance this is really a miracle at the mid night!

I’d love to see these flowers again in real experience the fragrance! Have you seen these flowers?

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Blue Pea Flowers -Nil Katarolu
Blue Pea flowers
This week I want to feature some captures of Blue Pea
Flowers, also known as Butterfly pea. In Sri Lanka we call this flower as ‘Nil
Katarolu’.These flowers are common in Sri Lanka and there is also a white variety.

Blue Pea Flowers -Nil Katarolu
Nil Katarolu

I’ve seen many recipes using
this flower including blue pea tea; however I am not familiar with any Sri
Lankan recipe.I found this as a natural food colouring to create the colour blue.
As far as I know, in Sri Lanka we use these flowers to beautify
home gardens or for any decorations.
Blue Pea Flowers -Nil Katarolu
Butterfly Pea Flowers

Do you like these flowers?
And how was your week? I’d like to see your favourite
photo story this week.

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Marigolds or Das Pethiya as we call it in Sri Lanka are a common flower in all over the world. Although they don’t have a good scented aroma, these flowers are beautiful for a garden. Here are some captures of Marigold flowers (Das Pethiya),I captured from my home garden in Sri Lanka.

Another capture from a different angle!

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I could capture more flowers during my recent Sri Lanka holiday.These bright red roses were found in home garden.I couldn’t stay away from capturing few photos.

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 In Sri Lanka,we find a lot of Orchid variates.This is one of them which was captured from the home garden.Growing Orchid is not very easy,but if we provide the required environment,they grow nicely with lot of flowers.

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Sri Lanka – My motherland is blessed with natural beauty.Not easy to describe how beautiful the country is.But it is lush with greenary & rivers around the country.

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