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Sometimes what you really need is to get away from it all, to relax, unwind and indulge yourself a little. What you need is a day at the spa.

Anyone who has luxuriated in a spa day before knows that there are few better indulgences in life. While chocolate may hit the spot sometimes, it rarely has the ability to transport you to a state of serene tranquility. For days like these, an indulgent time at the spa might just be the thing

If you need some me-time, it’s best to choose a spa that you know offers a great range of spa treatments within beautiful, tranquil surroundings. Take a look at these exceptional hotel spas in Singapore perfect for your next spa session.

After all, everyone needs a little pampering every now and then.

The Fullerton Hotel

As you step into the elegantly sophisticated Fullerton Hotel – Singapore’s 71st National Monument – you know that The Fullerton Spa within, will provide a spa experience like no other. Offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore, the spa has an enticing selection of therapies, providing a sanctuary for the world-weary, or for anyone who simply deserves a little pampering.

Hotel Spas In Singapore

The Fullerton Spa features five single suites and two couple suites, each fitted with private showers and amenities. Its highly trained therapists offer a variety of spa treatments, including the 90-minute Asian Heritage Signature, an intensive massage that works to harmonise the life energy that flows through meridians in the body.

Developed by award-winning UK-based company, Aromatherapy Associates, products used within the spa are created using natural ingredients, the purest extracts and essential oils, and are all paraben-free. Be sure to check out the spa packages on offer to find a package that gives you all the pampering you need!


Another favourite among hotel spas in Singapore is Auriga at Capella Singapore. Surrounded by the lush rainforest of Singapore’s Sentosa Island, Auriga looks to enhance guests’ well-being by tapping into celestial rhythms, with treatments developed according to the phases of the moon.

The theory behind this argues that by flowing with the changes in energy initiated by world’s universal rhythms, the equilibrium of mind, body and spirit can be achieved. If that’s not your thing, the spa also offers a selection of Singapore-inspired treatments drawn from the Chinese and Malay cultures.

Large and spacious, Auriga features nine indoor/outdoor treatment rooms, each with a private garden, as well as a relaxation room and various wet facilities, which include a vitality pool, a herbal steam room and an ice fountain.


Promoting peace and well-being, CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore provides a luxurious space in which to relax and unwind.

Following traditional Chinese philosophy, which states that chi or qi is the universal life-force that governs personal vitality and well-being, CHI, The Spa works to ensure each guest’s chi flows freely within the body.

Using traditional methods shared by many Asian cultures, this spa offers a wide selection of spa treatments and therapies that pamper the body while working to soothe the soul.

Detox holidays in Thailand

Are you planning a Detox holiday in Thailand? With beautiful jungles, mountains and sandy beaches, Thailand is a popular destination in Asia among travellers from around the world.

Whether you want to lose weight or whether you want to relax yourself, a detox retreat is the best idea you can go for in Thailand. You’ll get amazing healthy benefits by spending your time in a Detox retreat spa. As a popular destination for detox holidays, Thailand is a place to find best spa for your detoxing retreat.

What is the best Detox Retreat in Thailand?

Once you decided to arrange your detox holiday in Thailand, next task is to find the best detox retreat plan for you. It is not difficult to find a detox retreat package in Thailand among many spa and healing centers available. But, you need to find a reputed and well known detox retreat spa for best results.

With some research and after reading some reviews of those who had detox holidays in Thailand, I found a best place to plan your Detox and Yoga treatment in Thailand. It is Orion healing Centre.

Located in beautiful Srithanu Bay, Koh Phangan, Orion Healing Centre is a best place for a Thailand Detox Retreat.So,if you are planning a detox retreat in Thailand, consider checking the website of Orion healing Centre at www.orionhealing.com to get more details.

Detox holidays in Thailand

What you can expect from Detox holidays in Thailand

With Thailand Health Retreats, you can expect amazing benefits. Once you book your detox holiday with Orion Healing Centre, you’ll be able to select a detox plan which best suit with your requirements and preferences.
Their detox retreats are carefully planned to maintain your health balance and to retreat yourself. With different classes which include yoga programs will help you to relax and sooth your mind. At the same time there are other programs including Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and Chakra Balancing which benefit you to relax and unwind yourself.

So, now it is your turn to decide on a suitable detox package for you in Thailand. Have a look into www.orionhealing.com to get more details and plan your detox holidays in Thailand.

If you like to make your
home feel like a luxury hotel, it is not a very difficult task. If plan
properly, it is easy to achieve a beautiful and luxury looking home which you
feel like staying at a luxury hotel. Basically you need to pay attention to
your bedroom design, lighting and the bathroom. Here are few ideas which you can
easily convert your home to look like a luxury hotel.

#1: Arrange your bedroom to
look luxury
Bedrooms play an important
part for the entire appearance of the home.If you arrange it to look like a
bedroom in a luxury hotel,no doubt,you’ll have a cozy environment to feel
relaxed when you are at home.even if you are in a tight budget,don’t worry.Still
you can convert your bedroom to a luxury room which looks like a hotel room in
few easy steps.First of all invest in a new and comfortable bedding set and buy
some comfortable pillows.If you like to read more details,check these tips on How to Arrange a Luxury Looking Bedroom for Less
#2:Pay attention to the
Be sure to have elegant and
beautiful curtains for living room and other rooms to make your home look like
a luxury hotel. When you select curtains, be sure to have a sheer curtain too. Sheer
curtains allow the light to enter in. You can match the heavier curtain with
the bedding and the style of the bedroom. Here are some curtain design ideas using striped curtains. Hope these ideas will inspire you.
#3: Create a spa bathroom in
your home

Most of us spend a hectic
lifestyle with so much stressful tasks. With this lifestyle, it is even not
easy to find time to rest or relax by visiting a day spa. But if you have a spa
at home, that will give you a comfortable life and also the look of your
bathroom will change.
Think of a bathroom design which
looks like one in a hotel room. Think of relaxing in a hot tub, having a
personal massage, just bubble up and soak yourself till you unwind!
Arrange the bathroom with
fluffy white towels, scented candles and some beautiful toiletries to make it
completely cozy and look like you are in a luxury hotel room. For more designs and ideas
on spa bathroom, check Vita Spa Hot Tubs
Above are few basic tips to
help you to convert your home look like a luxury hotel. Finally, what important
is a cozy and comfortable home. Try the above tips if you plan to convert your
home to look luxury. 

Please also share some more tips if you have to add to
this list.I appreciate your ideas.

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