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Photo Friday – Merry Christmas !

Photo Friday – Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Thank you for all your supports throughout the year to keep this blog updated. Thank you all followers and readers for visiting each day and reading the posts I share. Thank you fellow bloggers for joining with the blog link ups to make blogging exciting! Thank you for all the […]

Photo Friday – Sunset Over Kandy Lake – Sri Lanka

Photo Friday – Sunset Over Kandy Lake – Sri Lanka Kandy Lake - Sri Lanka

We were lucky enough to watch sunset over the Kandy Lake when we were returning from the Temple of the tooth Relic. The sky was stunning and amazing with beautiful colours. Actually these sky colours changed fast making beautiful views for all those who were looking at the sky. It was beautiful to see both […]

Photo Friday – Mimosa Flowers

Photo Friday – Mimosa Flowers Nidikumba

It is another Friday. This week was so fast and I can’t believe that it is almost another weekend. In my recent Sri Lanka holiday, I captured some flowers and this week I am featuring Mimosa flowers. In Sri Lanka we call these plants as ‘Nidikumba’ and it is a sensitive wild plant. If you […]

Photo Friday-Road View

Photo Friday-Road View Sri-lanka-Dehiaththakandiya

Well,I didn’t get any good title for this photo,so I simply named this as ‘Road View’during our recent Sri Lanka holiday,we enjoyed few road trips to different places in Sri Lanka.One such trip was from Colombo to Mahiyanganaya.I captured this photo on our way to Mahiyanganaya(Sri Lanka) from Girandurukotte(Sri Lanka). The road was very clear,there […]

Photo Friday -Wild Mushrooms

Photo Friday -Wild Mushrooms Mushroom-photography

Well,I love eating mushrooms.But,this is not a post of a mushroom recipe.In Sri Lanka,I have experience with different type of mushrooms,but I didn’t try to photograph those.I am not sure why.Instead of capturing those beautiful creations,I always ran behind flowers and captured those until I have a huge collection of flower captures.(I mean till I […]