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Visa Requirements

How to Apply for Canada visa in 3 easy steps

With beautiful waterfalls, lush mountains and beautiful architectural views, Canada is one of the best destinations in the world which any traveller would love to visit. However before you visit Canada, you need to check visa requirements for Canada as it has different visa policies for different countries.

It can be a tour in Canada, visiting a family member or friends or even transit through Canada. Whatever it is you need to check your visa eligibility and requirements before you plan your tour to Canada. You can check visa requirements by visiting  https://etacanadaonline.com/ and apply visa accordingly.

However if you are from a country that visa is required to enter into Canada, you need to complete the applications and necessary documents before you apply. If you are from a country that Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is required, then you are lucky as you can apply Canada Visa in easy 3 steps.

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Who are eligible for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

Most of the European countries including Germany, Poland, France, UK and Italy are eligible for ETA visa which is really convenient.

How to Apply for Canada visa in 3 easy steps!

If you are a passport holder of any of the countries listed for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) eligible countries, then below are the steps to follow even without leaving your home.

1) Apply for Canada Visa online

First you need to prepare with necessary documents to apply for Canada visa or visum Kanada online. These documents include valid passports and also a valid credit card for online payment. To receive the status of application and other necessary details, you also need to hold a valid email address. You can easily apply for Canada visa or visum Kanada online by visiting https://etacanadaonline.com/

When you fill your online visa application for Canada, you will also need to answer some questions related to your employment and health status.

2) Make the payment

Once you complete the online visa application for Canada visa, the next step is to complete the payment. For this you need a valid credit card and it really takes few minutes only to complete the transaction!

3) Check your email for Canada visa approval

Once you complete the visa application and the online payment, you will receive email confirming the payment. The next is to receive your visa to your email. Once all these steps are done, the ETA process is completed and you are with valid permit to enter into Canada for your next holiday!

How to Apply for Canada visa

Isn’t it easy and save you lot of time than visiting a Canada embassy? Unfortunately, as a Sri Lankan passport holder I am not eligible for ETA facility. Sri Lankans need to apply for Canada Visa through nearest Canada visa application Centre (CVAC)!

Once you are ready with visa for Canada don’t forget to plan your itinerary to Canada. Plan your trip including must do things in Canada, book your flights to Canada, Book accommodation and pack your suitcase!

How to get Cambodia Visa in Singapore

Cambodia visa requirements are one of the main things to check before planning a tour to any part of Cambodia. In this post I want to share how to get Cambodia visa in Singapore as this will help you to get your visa before you reach Cambodia.

With the launch of e-Visa facility, you can easily apply Cambodia tourist visa online by visiting the www.evisa.gov.kh.However,Sri Lanka passport holders are not eligible for Cambodia e-Visa facility. Although Sri Lankans are eligible for Visa on Arrival, we decided to apply Cambodia visa from the embassy in Singapore.

Here is our experience which can be helpful for you too.

How to Get Cambodia Visa in Singapore
How to Get Cambodia Visa in Singapore
Things you need to apply Cambodia visa in Singapore

To apply for tourist visa, you need the below details and documents.

-Completed visa application form

-1 recent passport size photo

-Passport original

-Visa processing fee


The Cambodia visa application needs some basic personal details which you can easily fill at the counter. We collected visa application form for Cambodia at the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Singapore. If you visit the embassy with passport, photograph and other required things such as visa fee, it is easy to fill and submit at the same time.

Cambodia Visa fee

For tourist visa – SGD 48

For Business Visa – SGD 53

(As of January 2017, fee may vary with time)

It will take 3 working days to process Cambodia visa. However, if you are in rush you can apply for express visa which will enable you to get visa on the same day. That will cost extra SGD 20 per application.

Cambodia Visa application Submission

Below are some important things when you submit your Cambodia visa application for processing.

Visa application submission – From 9am -12 pm

Visa processing fee should be paid in Singapore Dollars and they only accept cash.

Cambodia Visa Collection

I found a notice saying visa collection is from 2pm – 4.30pm.However, in our receipt they have mentioned morning 10am-12pm too.

Location of Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Singapore

400 Orchard Road, # 10-03/04 Orchard Towers, 238875

Note: If you use Public transport, use exit E from the Orchard MRT to enter into Paterson road and then to the Orchard road.

Also check our initial travel plan to Cambodia.



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