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It was not planned. I was not expected to watch sunset on our way home from Hambantota. It was the tiresome first days of our recent tour to down south of Sri Lanka. In our each Sri Lanka holidays, we enjoy couple of road trips around Sri Lanka. Most of these trips are to visit family relatives in different areas of the country.

When I arranged another road trip to Kataragama, time was really limited as I had to return to Singapore in few days. So, we planned it for 2 days making it a trip with few stops. On our first day, we travelled till Kataragama and returned back to Colombo at the evening.

We were reaching Hambantota saltern area.The surrounding was spacious and with natural views.

All inside the vehicle were tired. It was so silent inside the vehicle. Suddenly, I found the magical moment. We were in Hambantota, one of the major cities in Southern Sri Lanka. We were passing the Hambantota Saltern (Hambantota Lunu Lewaya).

Sri Lanka : Watching Sunset at Hambantota
We were passing the Hambantota Lunu Lewaya.

The Saltern or Hambantota salt production area is spacious and spreads over a large area of lands making it the best place to watch sunset without many obstacles. I always admire sunset views.If I get a chance to watch sunset,that will make my day forgetting all the tiredness.


While we were enjoying sunset views, we also had a break from our long hour journey. And after all I could capture another collection of sunset views from Sri Lanka making it a memorable road trip.

Finally,we watched the best sunset over the Hambantota Lewaya.The windmills add beauty to the view.

These days I travel with my kid.So,instead of DSLR camera,I always use my phone to capture the moments.Although these are not the best photographs technically,I know these are the best travel memories for the life! 🙂

Do you like to watch sunset? Please let me know how you enjoy such spectacular moments!








We spent another holiday in Sri Lanka during last November. After sharing photos and details of our road trip to Anuradhapura, now it is time to share photos and stories of this Road Trip to Kataragama,Sri Lanka.
We started from Colombo, however we spent first few days with some of our relatives live in that area. It was a nice time and I totally enjoyed my time there.My parents are from Southern province of Sri Lanka,so we always have great time there with our relatives and childhood memories.

Do you know what is above plant?It is a green gram plant. (mung bean).Below are fruits of Ugurassa (flacourtia indica),Those are not yet ready to eat.


We could breathe fresh air in spacious lands and surrounding together with good food with just harvested fresh vegetables and fruits. I also could capture some beautiful flowers.


Our next destination was Thissamaharama, and we started the journey early in the morning.
Thissamaharama is a town in Southern Province of Sri Lanka and in Hambantota district.Our this visit to southern parts of Sri Lanka is after about 4-5years or more than that. Almost all infrastructure of that area was developed and specially we could see the changes to the roads. Unlike earlier, we could reach our destination
in few hours.
Road Trip to Kataragama,Sri Lanka


One of the interesting view along the road is Hambantota Lewaya (Inlet).



We also passed the place where ‘Kalu Dodol’ stalls are. Hambantota is popular for this sweet called ‘Kalu Dodol’ and we decided to stop there in our return.
Another popular food item is Curd made of Buffalo milk. It is a common sight in this area, buffaloes and curd


Straying buffaloes are a common sight  in this area.I also captured some of them along the roadside. 🙂


We could see lot of birds and animals along the roadsides. Peacocks were a common sight. However, I captured most of these photos from inside the vehicle while traveling, so I was unable to capture any bird or an animal.Instead I could capture few photos of beautiful trees and bushes along the road.


After few hours travel,we reached to Thissamaharamaya and the first place we visited was Thissamaharama Temple, which was built by King Kawanthissa in 2nd century BC.


My next post will be about this ancient temple.Come back again and enjoy this series from Southern Sri

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