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New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour

Sydney is renowned for hosting one of the largest and most spectacular fireworks displays. Spanning the Harbour from Bradleys Head and Taronga Zoo and all the way out west heading towards the Gladesville Bridge, the city of Sydney embraces this event as the population heads to the foreshore for a prime viewing position. More than a million spectators and revellers cram the foreshore at various designated areas and zones. Some are family friendly and alcohol free, some are ticketed areas to restrict the number of people in a particular zone and other areas are a free for all. Without doubt, the most exclusive would be on a New Years Eve cruise. Any Boat, Sydney’s largest and most reputable charter agency has the city’s most exclusive yachts available for you to choose from.

Private New Years Eve Cruises

What does a private New Years Eve cruise have to offer? Well for starters, a lot more privacy and comfort and exclusivity. Your skipper will pick you up and drop you off at a pre-arranged location. In addition to that, most vessels have an all-inclusive food and beverage package. So, all you have left to do is turn up and enjoy the evening. Some do have the flexibility of having BYO. The team at Any Boat in Sydney have recommended the following private charter vessels for you to consider:

  • Element – A super yacht that calls Sydney home, Element is still available for the evening. Capable of holding 36 passengers for the night, Sydney’s fireworks display will be so much more exciting when you’re on the main deck of this vessel. At AUD $45,000, she’s not cheap but that does come with an all-inclusive food and beverage package.

  • John Oxley – A grand old darling of Sydney Harbour, John Oxley has been meticulously maintained. Suitable for up to 30 guests, Alcohol is BYO however; there is a BYO food package for AUD $35,000 or the catered package for AUD $40,000
Ticketed New Years Eve Cruises

If you have a smaller group and don’t want to charter out a whole vessel for yourself then ticketed new years eve cruises are a great option. Tickets have sold quickly for this year’s cruises with boats like Galene and Silver Spirit already sold out. Any Boat’s recommendations for ticketed cruises are:

  • Starship Sydney – Priced at AUD $675 a ticket, Starship is great value. Included in the ticket price is food, drinks, entertainment and access to the Harbour of Lights Parade. You will be able to enter parts of the Harbour that most other people can’t. Holding a maximum of 950 guests, it is sure to be one of Sydney’s biggest parties.

  • Jerry Bailey – Similarly priced at $699 a ticket and also part of the Harbour of Lights Parade, Jerry Bailey will be a little more intimate as tickets are limited to 160 people. Included in the ticket price is food, beverages and entertainment.


Change the Shape of the World

Furthering your education can be a powerful way for you to get a grasp on your own life. It can be easy to feel lost in the world nowadays. The internet has made communication easier than ever and that means that people are more aware of each other than ever before. It can be as amazing as it is overwhelming. In order for you to find your place in the current state of things, you might be interested in finding a career where you have control over the form the planet takes.

Following the path to obtain either your USC GIS or your USC MCM might be exactly what you need. When you advance your knowledge on topics related to science or communication you will find that you are entering fields that can have a profound impact on the world. There are many reasons to consider these areas of learning for your future.

Lay of the Land

A GIS, also known as a GIST or focus on geographic information science and technology, can be an incredibly helpful degree to obtain. When you begin on your track with this program you will be learning all about the way that the geography of the planet shapes human civilization. This is far from a history path as you will be using all of the knowledge to the past to shape the future of the world. By learning all about the way science and tech play into geography you will be putting yourself ahead in a dynamic area of study.

Those who pursue this degree often wind up working in positions that have to do with surveying land, digital maps, cartographic creation and distribution, and that is just the beginning. This is a field that is always growing and does not seem like it will be stopping anytime soon. As the world continues to change, geography must be taken into consideration for everything from urban planning to environmental conservation. It is incredibly important that bright minds continue to add to the research and find new ways to apply the knowledge of this field to the world.

Bridge the Gap

Geographic exploration might be useful but there are also plenty of exhilarating ways that you can help to change the world when you follow the path for your USC MCM degree as well. An MCM, or Master of Communication Management, is another academic path geared for the current shape of the world. Working in fields related to communication is incredibly important. This is an area that helps people to reach out via the internet, television, film, radio and the media in general. Your MCM will help you to stay on top of changes made in these fields.

Though the world has shifted a great deal in a small amount the field of communication has definitely changed more than others. In order for you to be able to get ahead, it is a good idea that you know all about how the world is changing its communication tactics and what tech is involved with the process. Following this path for your future will help you to learn everything that you need to know to master the art of connection in the digital age and be able to manage a team of others in bridging communication gaps.

Start Changing the World

There is no time like the present to find your purpose in the big, noisy world. Look into how either a USC GIS & USC MCM might be the right degree for you to obtain for your future. Once you have done this you will be ready to face tomorrow with a newfound sense of purpose and start changing the world in ways that you never dreamed possible.

A Vacation in Brisbane Without Spending Much Money

While it is impossible to go on a vacation without spending a single penny, you can go wherever you want without spending a lot of money. Contrary to common belief, traveling is not expensive. Backpackers and budget travellers have proven that it is possible to travel in a limited budget.

One popular destination among budget travellers is Brisbane. It sounds counterintuitive to visit a first world metropolitan and save money, but it is the truth. So how do people enjoy Brisbane without spending much money? Here’s how:

Try Couchsurfing             

Couchsurfing is a new trend among millennials who want to save money when travelling. Here they find locals who offer their home for free. It is scary at first, but there are plenty of reputable websites that could help you meet friendly locals. To ensure your safety, check for red flags before booking with the host: their profile has to be filled out, it has to have profile picture, it has real reviews and they must be easy to contact.

Book a Cheap Car Rental in Advance

There are plenty of cheap car rental in Brisbane and you can easily nab a discount if you book online before your arrival. Traveling around Australia via a car hire is common among travellers because it saves them time and money from taking public transportation. It is also convenient and comfortable to explore if you drive a car.

Find the Best Cheap Eats

Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia, so it is not surprising that there are plenty of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine in different price ranges. As a budget traveller, pick the ones that offer the best but cheapest food. You think it is impossible? Try searching for Roll’d in QueensPlaza or Izakaya Kotobuki in Albert St. that are famous for Asian dishes. Papparich in Wintergarden or Buffalo Bar in Mary St. offer hearty meals in affordable prices. You can also get takeaways from Ben’s Burgers, New Shanghai and Le Bon Choix to satisfy your cravings. These foods are scrumptious, so try not to over eat and over spend, okay?

Visit Free Tourist Destinations

There are plenty of free things you can do in Brisbane. Aside from a scenic walk around the City Botanic Garden and the Roma Street Parklands, you can also check out the free concert every Sunday at Customs House. The Gallery of Modern Art, The City Hall and the Museum of Brisbane are also great free travel destinations. If you want to spend a laid-back afternoon, The Sunshine Beach and the South bank are ideal for you. Here you can grab something to eat, wait for the sunset and just watch locals.

Never limit your experience on the amount of money you brought. Not because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your vacation. The list just shows a few ways to save money when visiting Brisbane and if you follow them, you will have a wonderful time in this city.

I love to watch sunset and sunrise. In our recent visit to the East Coast Park Singapore, I was eagerly waiting for watching sunset. I know sunset over the sea is really beautiful. I was dreaming. We were waiting and waiting till our kid start showing signs of tiredness. And finally around 6.30 pm we returned home. We couldn’t watch sunset. 🙁 But I could capture few moments of sky and its changes before the sunset. Hope you like to see these photos.

Sky Before the Sunset
Sky Before the Sunset

The above capture is from the side of the sky which we ware waiting to see the sunset.I’ve watched sunset at the East Coast Park before few years ago and I can remember how beautiful it was.On this day,it was just changes of colour on the sky and we had to leave home before the sun sets!

Sky Before the Sunset

Sky Before the Sunset
This is the other side of the sky.Stil it is blue….Seems it is not ready to accept the sunset 🙂
Sky Before the Sunset
Sky is getting dark
Other side of the sky is still blue..
Sky Before the Sunset at the East Coast Park Singapore
Sky Before the Sunset at the East Coast Park Singapore – This side is still blue,but we could see clouds and patterns.

Do you love to watch sunset?Please share your comments below.



Alive Museum Singapore

Alive Museum is our recent wonderful experience with Singapore attractions and I have lot of photos to share. Although these photos look fun, Singapore Alive Museum is not a place just for capturing beautiful and funny moments with amazing 4D arts. Instead, spend time to admire those artists and their creativity. So, you will have more memorable time than just taking pictures.

Alive Museum Singapore
Alive Museum Singapore – Kids will sure have interesting time there!

I just wanted to share that because I saw some comments across the web saying that Alive Museum is not worth a visit comparing the ticket prices. Well , with our experience, we really love each and every minute we spent at the Alive Museum.

Alive Museum Singapore
Alive Museum Singapore – You can take some scary pictures there!

But, if you only consider Alive Museum as a place to take photographs, you may end up with boring few hours inside the museum. Just imagine taking photos and posing with each and every art pieces there! Actually at the end, I was not so amazed with such routine.

Alive Museum Singapore
And some loving and caring moments too! (Help these baby penguins! 🙂 )

But, when we started admiring the artwork and creativity, we could find lot of many ways to spend our time there with memorable experience. Instead of just using the photo points shown in front of the artworks, we also tried different angles and different poses which finally gave us some memorable photo moments.

Alive Museum Singapore – It will take you to a world of fantasy! We had a flight with this bird 🙂 )

Some 3D artworks are really amazing and those could take us to a dream world. I specially like the Live. Laugh. Love zone as that area is full of lovely art.

Alive Museum Singapore
Lovely moments at the Alive Museum Singapore

Overall our experience there was good and amazing. If you wish to visit there, avoid the crowd. When we were there, it was not much crowded, so we could capture moments freely without disturbance.

He wanted the big ice cream! Alive Museum Singapore is a family friendly place which you can enjoy with whole family.

If you have few hours in your Singapore tour, don’t forget to add Alive Museum to your Things to do in Singapore list! You need around 2 hours to cover the Alive Museum leisurely.

Alive Museum Singapore
And don’t forget some funny moments at the Alive Museum Singapore! See who is taking my picture using his phone and who drives the bus? 🙂 🙂


3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-372 Suntec City Mall Tower 4, Suntec City, 038983

Opening Hours:

Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)

Promo code for Alive Museum discounted tickets

Currently there is a promotion going on. This would be a great promotion price for you to visit Alive Museum. Use this link and enjoy 40% off from your tickets.(for a limited period only)

Note: Please check the Alive Museum website before you visit. The museum may be closed for private events.

Do you have any photo story to share this week? I still have more photos from Alive Museum, so still my stories are about our amazing experience there!

Disclaimer: We received tickets to visit the Alive Museum.



los angeles things to do

A luxurious vacation in Los Angeles is incomplete without a stay at a luxury L.A. hotel. Deciding on the luxury hotel to stay at while in L.A. is the first part of your vacation planning. You want to stay in a hotel that has the accessibility to the hottest attractions of the area.

The Los Angeles Life Style is a luxurious experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. Every year, millions of visitors are drawn to its numerous attractions. Surfers and sun worshippers are drawn for the luxury hotels in Santa Monica’s oceanfront. Families head for the attractions of Universal Studios and Disneyland. For the serious fashionistas, they are drawn to the exclusive designer shops along Rodeo Drive. For the film buffs, they head for Hollywood. Whatever your plans for vacation might be, you will surely find a variety of unique luxury hotels in L.A.

Following are 5 best extreme luxury hotels in Los Angeles:

  1. The Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows

Beverly Hills, rates start from ~$530/night

The epicenter where California luxury meets Hollywood cool continues to rule the L.A. luxe hotel scene with an ideal combination of amazing location, luxurious accommodations, personal service, and delicious food.

Paul Williams Suite is a major attraction of this hotel. The suite includes a grand piano and a lot of amenities; two vital elements for the ultimate luxe staycation. The Paul Williams Suite has the priciest stay in L.A., starting at $3500+ per night.

  1. The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, rates start from ~$575/night

With a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms and only steps away from luxurious shopping on Rodeo Drive, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is famous for its rooftop pool cabanas, each one similar to a mini-hotel room featuring a fridge, ceiling fan, flat screen, and couches. Its Peninsula Villa is a major attraction, which rates nearly $10,000 per night

  1. Hotel Bel-Air

Bel Air, rates start from ~$500/night

Surrounded by mega-mansions and tucked away off Sunset Boulevard, the Hotel Bel-Air has always offered a discreet luxe experience as compared to various other options of the city. Serious ballers stay at the Presidential Suite of Hotel Bel-Air, which is its own self-contained mini-mansion. Presidential Suite features its own private Jacuzzi, private swimming pool, patio, and garden.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey, rates start from ~$400/night

If you are interested in including some yachting in your staycation, The Ritz-Carlton is the perfect choice for you. Famous for its excellent Spa del Rey with splendid waterfront sights, The Ritz-Carlton is ideal for a detox staycation with miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails neighboring the property.

  1. The Hollywood Roosevelt

Hollywood, rates starts from ~$300/night

The Hollywood Roosevelt is close to some of the most happening nightlife of the city such as Hyde, The Nice Guy, No Vacancy, The Argyle, etc.The hotel is famous for its luxurious accommodations and partying. Visiting on weekends is recommended because it is the perfect time to experience the most exclusive and hippest summer pool scene of the city.

East Coast Park Singapore is definitely a playground for residents and its visitors. As a family friendly beach park in Singapore, East Coast Park is a place for many activities to spend a day with family and friends. Few months ago we spent a day at this beautiful beach park of Singapore and finally here is my travelogue with some of the captures.

East Coast Park Singapore

The East Coast Park stretches over a spacious area together with beautiful coastline which makes it more unique. With lot of huge trees around, this park is definitely a hit for anyone who loves nature.

East Coast Park Singapore

Other than relaxing and spending time on the beach, you can definitely involve in different sports and activities in this really active beach park in Singapore. We visited there with our toddler, so we mainly focused on activities which a toddler would like.

East Coast Park Singapore

Our day at the Park was full of sand playing, playing with sea waves, running along the beach and collecting seashells which our son enjoyed.

East Coast Park Singapore

Other than such beach activities to do with a kid in East Coast Park, below are some popular things to do if you visit this beautiful park.

Things to do at the East Coast Park Singapore


Camping is one of the popular activities at the East Coast Park.However you need to apply for permits and there are designated areas for camping. Check more details from NParks website.(Link is at the end of this post)


If you want to plan a day out while enjoying BBQ, then East Coast Park is one of the popular locations in Singapore. You need to book a BBQ pit before you plan your day. For east coast park bbq pit booking you need to check Nparks website.(check the link at the end of the post)


You can bring your own cycles and enjoy your day till you sweat. At East Coast Park, there are also bicycle rental shops which you can rent a bike!



East Coast Park Singapore

Sandcastle building

East Coast Park Singapore

This is different from the playing with sand with our own moulds. There is a designated area for sandcastles and you can rent equipment for sandcastles. One of the best activities to do as a family or team!


East Coast Park Singapore

At the jetty area people enjoy fishing. If you like such activity, then East Coast Park is the place to go.


East Coast Park Singapore

There is a food centre near the main entrance area which you can easily find dining options. Other than that there are also restaurants and cafes available. Dont forget to try some seafood while you are in East Coast Park!

East Coast Park Singapore

Watch Sunset

East Coast Park is a place which you can find different views of nature and if you are a photography lover, you will spend the whole day capturing moments. Sunset is a must watch!

East Coast Park Singapore

However, on this day we visited, we couldn’t watch real sunset as we returned home bit early. We could watch the changes of the sky just before the sunset.

There are many more activities which you can do at the East Coast Park Singapore. Don’t forget to prepare before you reach there. That will sure make your day exciting!

How to get there?

Please check NParks website for details of how to get there and how to book BBQ pits/camping.

Have you been to the East Coast Park Singapore?

Do you like spending time at the beach?

Do you have any photo story to share?Please share below.








Turn Your African Safari Into An Unforgettable Experience

Africa is a vast and ecologically diverse continent so it can be a bit daunting to plan a safari holiday for the first, or even fifth time. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  1. Choosing your destination

Every destination is unique and safaris come in different shapes and sizes. Some are great for first time visitors, while others are better suited for people with particular interests or families. Whichever destination you choose ensure that you receive all the proper vaccinations.

There are many factors dictating your choice. The important things to consider are the reserve size, wildlife diversity and density, seasonality, accessibility and lodging. So think about what you would love to see. Is it the Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania? How about touring the breathtaking semi-desert wilderness of Damaraland to see the world’s largest black rhino population or the famous free roaming desert elephants? In stark contrast we have the lush waterways of the Okavanga Delta in Botswana just teeming with life. What if it’s your first time? Then South Africa, famous for its wildlife diversity, would be a good choice. South Africa offers a little bit of everything and ideal for family vacations. It is home to the world famous Kruger National Park, where you can see the Big 5, hippos, cheetahs, crocodiles, giraffes and many wonderful and unique birds.

There is not one perfect safari experience. It is up to you. But asking the right questions and doing the right research could lead to the start of an unforgettable journey.

Turn Your African Safari Into An Unforgettable Experience

  1. What do you need to pack?

So everything is planned and booked. Your dream vacation awaits, but before you can get there you need to decide what to take along. Most internal flights in Africa have a 12 – 15kg luggage allowance so the key is to find the middle ground.

First and foremost is choosing the right clothes. Here’s where all that handy research comes in handy. The region and season are huge factors, but prepare for the unexpected by packing a lightweight waterproof jacket (preferably one that folds into a small bag. A long sleeve collared shirt is perfect to protect your arms and neck from the sun, while keeping you cool. Fast drying materials (like lightweight cotton and wool socks) are a must. You don’t want to have to deal with wet clothes that couldn’t dry overnight.

You might be under the African sun, but come sundown the temperatures can drop suddenly. So take care to bring some thermal layering for the evening or for early morning game drives.

Choose neutral colors to help keep cool and blend in to the environment. Bright tones tend to frighten the wildlife and dark blue is known to attract Tsetse flies. Don’t over pack since most lodges and camps provide 24hr laundry services.

Accessories are next on the list. A sun hat, small bag and sunglasses are essential. Toiletries are personal choice, but do remember your prescription medication, sunscreen and insect repellent/afterbite. Most important is your choice of shoes. You always want to be comfortable. For most cases a pair of light trail shoes are more than enough, but some activities will require hiking boots with proper ankle support. And don’t forget your flip-flops for the end of the day!

  1. Self Drive vs Guided Tours

There are many options when it comes to African safaris. Do you get down and dirty at a bush camp or mix in a little luxury at a lodge. First time visitors and families might want to opt for guided tours. Being under the experienced supervision of an educated guide means you get to sit back, relax and get the most out of your wildlife experience. For the luxury option there are lodge-to-lodge migration safaris, which allows you to stay a variety of lodges or camps. Most lodges offer both private and group guided tours.

For those who are a little more experienced there are self-drive safaris. If you wish to get away from it all then this is for you. You are able to move at your own pace and truly immerse yourself in the African wilderness. But this independence comes with greater risk and responsibility. So be well prepared. Remember this isn’t a zoo. You’re in the wild where anything can and will happen.

If you want the self-drive experience without the responsibility of all the planning then why not try a group self-drive. You still drive your own vehicle, but you are part of a convoy headed by a guide. This gives you the safety of a group and allows you to take advantage of the guide’s knowledge of the area, weather and wildlife.

  1. A day in the sun…

Your guide will be key to a successful wildlife experience so follow their advice. You may drive for hours without seeing any animals so be patient and don’t rush the guide. Events are often spontaneous and you will have to rely on your guide to spot them. If you have something you’d really love to see then let the guide know early on. If you want to see some truly awe inspiring moments, like the lions at sunrise, then early game drives are not to be missed. Listening to your guide’s stories, tips and facts allows you to fully appreciate the experience. And don’t forget to put on sunscreen!


  1. Capturing your precious memories

We all want to try and capture those memorable, life changing experiences in our lives forever. We want to share it with our families and friends. Take pictures, but remember to listen, to feel the bush surrounding you. Take it slow. Be patient and allow yourself to be immersed in the experience. It’s not always about spotting animals; it’s about becoming a part of the wild.

You guide will tell you when it’s acceptable to take pictures and when to remain still. Make sure to bring a good camera with a zoom lens if you want to take great pictures. Keep your camera ready. Listen to your guide. Things happen very fast on safari so make sure you understand your camera and it’s settings. You will end up taking thousands of pictures so be sure to bring additional memory and batteries. Also try and back up your photos when you have the chance. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing all your vacation pictures.

African bush life is slow and beautiful; so forget the hustle and bustle of your city life. It’s time to relax under the African sun.




Singapore Orchard Road is popular as an iconic shopping destination in Asia or in Singapore. However, beside the luxury shopping inside the shopping malls in Orchard Road Singapore, do you know there are many art sculptures to see along the Orchard Road?

Other than the hotels along the Orchard Road or luxury shopping malls along the Orchard Road, there are number of sculptures and artworks installed outside the malls and hotels which make Orchard Road is a unique destination in Singapore. Recently I was in Orchard Road and instead of visiting the shopping malls; we walked along the road into some stretch.

Below are some interesting artworks and sculptures we found along the Orchard Road and there are many more to view. These are artworks and attractions I found along the Orchard Road and basically from ION Orchard to PARAGON and its surrounding.

We started our walk from the Tangs which is one of the popular shopping mall in Orchard Road.The building itself is beautiful and below is one of the lion statues at the entrance of Tanga shopping mall.

Then we walked along the Orchard road towards Paragon shopping mall.Below are some of the captures of artworks we found on our leisure walk along the Orchard road.

Dancing Sculptures

Not only statues and sculptures,we also enjoyed the landscapes along the road.

When we return towards the ION Orchard,we also found beautiful flower arrangements which is a promotion before the Singapore Garden Festival.

This ice cream hut is unique and good way of refreshing.

Below is a capture of famous ION Orchard shopping mall.

Below colourful art piece is named as ‘Urban people’ which is one of the popular sculpture along the Orchard Road. You can find this just in front of  ION Orchard shopping mall and is a popular attraction along the Orchard Road.

Urban People, Kurt Laurenz Metzler, 2009
Urban People, Kurt Laurenz Metzler, 2009
Doggy 240 -Artwork by Julien Marinetti in 2014

Well,you can do lot of window shopping too. 🙂

Orchard Road Singapore
Shopping along the Orchard Road Singapore


Do you have any photo story to share this week?Please link below.









Selfie Stick Review

If I ask you what to pack in your travel bag, be it a day out or a few days overseas trip, there are many things in any common travel check list. Any travel packing list includes travel documents and other accessories and equipment to enjoy your time in the destination. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a good camera are the most important things you should not forget to pack in your travel luggage.

However, time has changed. Over the few years phone cameras are more popular than other cameras. Selfies are the most fun way to capture moments in any location which shows the excitement. Considering other photos, selfie captures are unique way of telling the story of the holiday or day out you spent.

Hard time taking selfies

But, you need to know some tips on taking perfect selfie if you really like to have cool shots that others will admire. Well, for me, I am not perfect with selfies. I always end up with selfies which I don’t like to share with others in social media or over the blog. Why? Have you noticed your selfies which you have taken with phone camera end up with funny facial expressions? I’ve seen many such selfies in facebook which my friends share. 🙂 I feel those selfies are not worth sharing over such social media because those selfies are really ugly when you change the facial expressions at the time you press the phone button. 🙂 These selfies show how hard it to take a selfie.

Selfie Stick Review
We had hard time taking this selfie using phone and ended up with this funny photo! 🙂

Sometimes, selfies end up with the big hands of you than sharing the background of the place.

How to take a perfect selfie?

Answer is simple. Instead of trying different selfie tips and tricks for a better shot which again ends up as a funny picture, use a selfie stick! A selfie stick is the great way to capture professional looking selfie which shows the beautiful background together with the members in the photo. When you own a selfie stick, you are with endless opportunities to take beautiful and creative selfies.

Selfie Stick Review
Don’t forget your Selfie Stick in your travel essentials!

That is why with any other things in your travel check list; you must pack a selfie stick with your smart phone in order to spend a fun and exciting time in any place anywhere!

Monopod Selfie Stick Review

As I tried taking selfies with a latest selfie stick and as my results are really awesome, I thought it is helpful for introducing that selfie stick through this blog post. When you read the features of this selfie stick, I am sure you want to own one and you want to take better selfies than before!

Selfie Stick Review
Monopod Selfie Stick Review

Few years ago I tried another selfie stick and reviewed it here.But,now after some years,this selfies stick comes with more advanced features.If you compare the both,you’ll know what I mean!

This selfie stick comes with a shutter release button. That is the best feature of this selfie stick which helps you to capture more beautiful selfies. You no longer need to worry about pressing the camera button or using the timer. My experience with this selfie stick is really awesome! It is seriously user friendly!

Features of the Selfie Stick

This selfie monopod is the only selfie stick which you can find in Singapore which has a shutter release button. It also owns below features to help better selfie experience.

Shutter release button on this Selfie Stick makes it easier to take selfies!
  • Easy one touch shutter release button will help you to take better selfies.
  • It is 100 cm long once extended. This is claimed as one of the longest selfie monopods around.
  • It is only 100g and ultra-light weight. Easy to carry anywhere.
  • No charging required.
  • There are foam pads that help to protect your phone when you use the selfie stick.
  • This selfie stick is compatible with all smartphones.
It is easy to adjust and rotate the phone bracket.
  • It is easy to use and easy to adjust according to the photo view you want. You can adjust the Phone bracket   through 270 degrees of rotation which allows you to be creative with your selfies.
Selfie Stick Review
Anti-slip foam pad of the selfie stick provides protection for the phone.It prevents scratches on the phone from the strong grip.
Our Experience and Review of this Selfie Stick

We really enjoyed taking better selfies and I experienced all the above mentioned features of this selfie stick. It is really easy to carry anywhere and even it fits well in my handbag. Below are some of the highlighted features which we like in this monopod selfie stick.

My toddler son is so happy because he could easily press the shutter button for these selfies! 🙂
  • Shutter release button is on the handle and it is really easy to take pictures without using the timer.
  • Tapered phone bracket holder is really good to hold the phone more securely. So, we don’t have to worry about falling down of the phone while planning our selfie.
  • 1 m long stick is really helpful to take selfie with more people in the picture.

Overall we are happy with this selfie stick. In our future trips and days out I will definitely carry this in my bag.

How to buy Monopod Selfie Stick?

If you are interested in buying a selfie stick, it is better to buy a selfie stick with latest features such as shutter release button on the handle. As this selfie stick comes with such latest features, you can read more and buy from Monopod Singapore.

When you buy your selfie monopod with Monopod Singapore, you will get below benefits other than the selfie stick which has all latest features.

  • You will get 7 days return/refunds period.
  • There is a 3 months guarantee.
  • Standard free shipping with other shipping options.

Read more information about this selfie stick by visiting Monopod Singapore.

Coupon Code to buy this Selfie stick with discounts

As NDP is also right around the corner, you would love to capture your selfies at the NDP celebrations with family and friends. Monopod Singapore is happy to give a discount on your selfie sticks to all readers of Leisure and Me.

Simply use LEISUREANDME at check out to enjoy 10% off all Monopod Singapore products, in addition to free shipping.

Also there is no minimum to spend when you use the code LEISUREANDME.

Please visit Monopod Singapore to read more details!

Enjoy your holidays and NDP celebrations with flattering selfies!

Disclaimer : We received this Selfie Stick for review purpose.However,all opinions  are my own.

Do you like taking selfies?If so,do you use a selfie stick?

Which is your favourite selfie from the above?Selfie just with a phone or selfie with a selfie stick?Please share your thoughts.





















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