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Top 5 Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Also known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is dotted with rich bio diversity. Uganda is known as a major backpacking, camping, road trip, and adventurous destination! No matter your travel style, there is something to draw you to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. The country is filled with incredible natural beauty from the Rwenzori Mountains to Scenic Murchison Falls, rainforests to sand beaches etc. Together with friendly and welcoming people, Uganda is a great destination for a family holiday. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Uganda with your family;

Uganda Offers Great Game Viewing Opportunities

Top 5 Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda

Watching wildlife is one of the top adventure activities that travellers with families seek for in Africa. Uganda protects many wild animals within its 10 well protected and fantastic national parks. Some of the best protected game reserves for game viewing include;

  • Murchison falls National Park in North Eastern Uganda: This is one of the most scenic national parks – home to the Scenic Murchison Falls. This is the best place to see giraffes, elephants, hippos, antelopes etc
  • Lake Mburo National Park, in Western Uganda. This is the closest park to Kampala. Lake Mburo National Park is the best place to see elands and zebras. There are also many Acacia birds within the park.
  • Kibale National park, home to 13 primate species! This is the best place to see chimpanzees in their natural home. The park is open all year round and there are 3 sessions for chimpanzee tracking every day.
  • Queen Elizabeth national park, Western Uganda. Located on the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best place to see tree climbing lions, mongoose, hippos, etc. The park also protects 606 bird species and is a great place to see birds in Uganda.
  • Kidepo National Park: Located in North Eastern Uganda, Kidepo is a wonder destination. Experience the wilderness of Kidepo National Park, the only place where you can see cheetahs in their natural home.
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the only place to see Rhinos in Uganda.

Other exciting destinations, Mount Elgon National park, Semuliki National park, Mgahinga National park, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) formerly called the Entebbe Zoo, Pain Upe Game Reserve, and more. These parks and game reserves protect a variety of animals and different tourist activities including gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking water activities, bird watching, nature walks, game viewing and many more. Top family adventure that can be done in Uganda’s national parks include game drives, visits to the water falls, mountain climbing, boat cruises or launch cruises, the guided nature walks, foot safaris, as well as bird watching.

Adrenaline Adventures

Top 5 Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda

Uganda offers variety of adrenaline adventures! High on the list of the top adventures that include; white water rafting, mountaineering, bungee jumping, zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking, and more.

The most popular is white water rafting adventures that is carried out along the River Nile in Jinja, Eastern Uganda. During your family safari, you should not miss exploring the eastern part of the country! Within Jinja, you also have an opportunity to visit the Source of the Nile, the world’s second longest river.

Cultural Experiences

On a tour in Uganda, you have an opportunity to interact with the local people! Explore the different cultures of the people of Uganda.  While on your safari to Uganda, you can experience cultural tourism at its best! Meet the very friendly people and engage in different activities that include hunting, milking, preparing food and more. Uganda is a multi-cultural country with a variety of cultures with each having distinct and unique languages, dress code, traditional practices, songs as well as the cultural dances. A cultural safari to Uganda will offer you a chance to adventure and experience the culture at large. Also get a chance to taste the fresh vegetable and fruits that include mangoes, oranges, guavas, cabbages, water melons, as well as spinach.

Visit the Source of the Nile

Uganda is also a home to the true source of the Nile which is the longest river in Africa. The river is found in Jinja, Eastern Uganda and the visitors can spend the whole day enjoying different water activities on the Nile. Some of these activities include; boat cruises, swimming, jet cruising and canoeing. You can even go fishing with your family in the waters of Lake Victoria that is the second largest water lake in the world.

Gorilla Trekking

Top 5 Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda

Gorilla trekking is the main highlight of any safari in Uganda. It’s the main reason why most people travel from their home countries to Uganda. Uganda has two national parks that protect the endangered mountain gorillas; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

On a gorilla safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you will take nature walks into the tropical rainforests in search of the mountain gorillas. Tracking these beautiful primates within the forest is one of the most thrilling adventures you can ever take in Africa! You will take photos and observe their way of life in the forest. The gorillas share their 95% of their DNA with the humans and meeting them in the wild is a previllege given that there are as few as 900 individuals left in the whole world. Please note that children below 15 years are not allowed to track the gorillas.

Planning to visit Uganda? Learn more about Uganda from the Uganda Guide, a comprehensive online guide with informative tips and advice, things to see, things to do and more.

Emotional Support Animals

The benefits of service dogs are undeniable and improves the quality of life with those in need of such support. However, an emotional support dog is not the same, legally, as a registered service dog. This can cause issues in what hotels and other businesses allow them to do.

Now, emotional support animals are perfectly likely to be a part of prescribed treatment plan. Unfortunately, this does not extend the protections and privileges of a service dog to an emotional service dog. A prescription is not enough, and ADA guidelines define a service animal quite clearly to include Guide Dogs or Seeing Eye® Dogs, Hearing or Signal Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs, sensory signal dogs or social signal dog, and Seizure Response Dogs. It defines the duties and capabilities of these animals very clearly, all of which can be found on the ADA website.

What does this mean for staying in a hotel with an emotional support dog?

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are simply not covered under the ADA or most state laws. Because of this, few hotel companies extend the same protections to emotional support dogs as they do to service dogs. If there is a complaint about your dog (and all too often there are, even if the dog wears a vest and even if the dog is a registered service animal), there will be no legal protection and the hotel can refuse to accommodate you, even if your emotional support animal is a part of your medical treatment.

The best solution to this issue is to find a pet friendly hotel. Pet friendly hotels are perfectly happy to accommodate both you and your dog, whether they are an emotional support animal or not. Many of these hotels provide rooms specifically meant to accommodate animals. They furniture in the room might be more ruggedized, or at least prepared to deal with animal-induced wear and tear. The hotel will note, either in their internal documentation or on a sign for the door, that there is a pet in the room.

Often, the hotel will require you to remain in the room while the maid cleans to comfort your dog in case your dog doesn’t care for strangers. Don’t take offense to this, as it is an issue of liability for the hotel and the only way they can offer pet friendly room without legal issues.  Watch a movie or read a book while the maid cleans and enjoy the chance to take a break with your dog.

Some hotel chains that offer pet friendly rooms include the Red Roof Inn, Extended Stay America, Best Western, Westin Hotels, and Sheraton. Several of these companies have weight limits. 40 pounds is common, while a few offer accommodation for dogs up to 80 pounds.  It’s always wise to check on a hotel’s website or even call the front desk to see if they are pet friendly. Make sure you inform the hotel during booking that you are bringing your emotional support dog.

A number of hotels that offer pet accommodation will not allow you to leave your dog alone in the room. This is for a lot of reasons, among them damage to the room and possible sanitation issues.

Other hotels ask that you place your dog in a crate when you leave the room, so be sure to bring one when you travel. This is often more comfortable for the dog, as it gives them a place of safety to go in an unfamiliar environment. If you plan to leave your dog alone in a room and the hotel allows it, make sure you take them out to relieve themselves before you leave and give them a toy to chew on while you’re gone. Take care of your dog and your dog will take care of you!


Reasons to Visit the Galapagos Islands

With magical views, beautiful sandy beaches and exciting marine life, the Galapagos Islands is a paradise for anyone who loves travelling. If you love to experience the wonderful wildlife or if you love to experience the magical moments at the beach then Galapagos Islands are the best destination for you. Located in Ecuador, The Galapagos will make your next holiday amazing with the activities and attractions it has to offer for all the visitors.

In this post I gathered the top and best 5 reasons to visit the Galapagos Islands although there are many other reasons. When you read these 5 best reasons to visit the Galapagos Islands I am sure you will add these islands to your travel bucket list or you will start planning your trip to Galapagos right now! It is the same with us. We love to visit these amazing islands of the world whenever we get the chance! Anyway don’t forget to get advice from the Galapagos Local Experts a trusted source when you plan your Galapagos tours because they know the best spots to visit including the hidden gems!

Here are the top 5 reasons to visit the Galapagos Islands.

5 Reasons to Visit the Galapagos Islands
5 Reasons to Visit the Galapagos Islands
1. Beautiful beaches

If you plan any island tour I know beach activities are one of the main activities in mind. In the Galapagos Islands you will find the beautiful beaches that you cannot refuse. Sandy beaches, turquoise waters and different shades stretching over the islands will amaze you making it a remarkable holiday!

2. Wonderful Wildlife

Reasons to Visit the Galapagos Islands

From flightless cormorants to giant tortoises you will find wonderful wildlife in the Galapagos Islands. If you love to explore the islands and its wildlife, Galapagos are the best places to start your adventures as these islands are filled with amazing and unique wildlife. You will encounter each moment as magical, while spending your time among the adventures that this archipelago has to offer!

3. Diversity of landscapes

In the Galapagos Islands, each island is different from the others. Cruising from one island to other is the best ever way to explore and spot the unique features for each different area. You will find different but amazing beaches in everywhere you go, and you will also experience the best cruising time when you plan your trip, make sure to consider booking a reputable and recommended cruise tour, you can do so with best Galapagos cruises

In one island, you can find solidified lava fields, in another island it can be a plain land full of cactuses; you will find every minute a unique experience in the Galapagos islands whether it is with a Galapagos cruise tour or with a hotel based trip.

4. Explore the Marine life

The Galapagos Islands are not all about beautiful beaches, wildlife and landscapes. You will find amazing marine life there from turtles to sea lions. Do you want to see sharks or swim with turtles? Then snorkeling is the best activity that you should plan in Galapagos. When you contact Galapagos local experts they will show you the best spots for snorkeling experiences and explore the different possibilities with you to make sure you get to visit the right places of these amazing archipelago.

5. Indulge in best seafood

If you love lobsters, you can eat lobsters every day when you are in the Galapagos Islands. If you love different seafood dishes you will sure have such time in Galapagos. After all you will never forget the food that you have in these wonderful islands!

Finally, the Galapagos Islands are magical! You will find lifetime experiences in these amazing islands when you plan your next holiday make sure to consider this highlight of South America!

For the best experiences in Galapagos you can get the help of Galapagos Local Experts as they know the islands better than its guests. With a selected Galapagos Islands Tours you can easily cruise from one island to another and run a circle of the main spots. There are many Galapagos Cruises available making it easy to arrange your getaway to these beautiful islands of Ecuador!

Sri Lanka: Dogs, Cats and a Holiday

These days I am spending another holiday in Sri Lanka. Although I planned few short trips to Indonesia and Thailand, finally we had to fly to Sri Lanka at the end of October due to a family emergency. This is earlier than our usual year-end Sri Lanka holiday. Also this time we don’t travel around the country, instead we stay with parents. While spending time at home I also get opportunity to talk with neighbours and to spend the time in Sri Lankan way.

Sri Lanka: Dogs, Cats and a Holiday

So, here come dogs and cats. Truly they are not from my parents’ home. But, in Sri Lanka, it is common to see such cats and dogs in many homes. Sometimes these cats look lazy and sleep everywhere freely. Dogs look lazy and sleepy, but they start barking even for a really soft sound.

Sri Lanka: Dogs, Cats and a Holiday
This cat sleeps whole day and his favourite place is the kitchen of it’s home.

Instead of a travel destination, I hope you like to see some of the cats and dogs from Sri Lanka in different actions!These are captures from Sri Lankan homes.But,if you really love to watch other animals and wildlife in Sri Lanka,there are many places to visit including Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

Sri Lanka: Dogs, Cats and a Holiday
I found this cat sleeping on a chair forgetting others in the living room.

But, I just want to mention that most dog and cat owners keep their pets clean.

These photos are just to show lifestyle generally forgetting hygiene and other such things.

Sri Lanka: Dogs, Cats and a Holiday

Do you like such pets?



Best things to do in Australia for a memorable holiday

Sydney is known as Australia’s most well-known cities, and it’s for obvious reasons. New South Wales, its capital is a thriving metropolis that boasts a vibrant scene, world-class hotels, restaurants, gorgeous beaches, and great experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

In this article, we’ll list some of the favourite Sydney experiences that you shouldn’t miss on your first (or next couple of visit).

Visit the Rocks

The Rocks is a network of Victorian streets with a flurry of pop-up shops and creative street performers, which makes it a hit destination for tourists of all sorts. Visit during Friday for the food market and get yourself smokey barbeque skewers. Head over to the Glenmore pub to experience the Tasmanian brewed James Boag beer and see stunning views of the harbour and of course, the iconic Opera House.

Sydney experiences

Get wet at the beach

We mean that in the literal sense. And hey, admit it. Sydney’s beaches are one of the reasons you’ve actually come this far. Kick off with a splash at one of Australia’s – the world’s most famous beach – Bondi! The beach flaunts amazing waves, powdery sand, and fantastic sun, Dry off on a sun-soaked stroll along Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk. Take a break at the fantastic Tamarama Beach. After, keep walking until you reach the saltwater baths at the far end of the half-moon shaped Bronte Beach.

Stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens

The amazing outdoors is one of Australia’s most prized treasures, and Sydney has nature right at its centre. The Royal Botanic Garden is found in the city centre, a perfect and shady place for strolling and gawking at lovely fauna and flora. Don’t forget to visit Mrs Macquarie’s Chair located at the northeastern tip.

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney experiences

This activity is almost always ceremoniously done by everyone who has visited Sydney. It might be a cliché, but if it’s your first time here, it’s worth every bit your effort. You’ll be rewarded with a majestic view of the Harbour. Try the sunset tour for a truly exciting experience. You won’t need superhuman strength for the climb but you’ll need a head for it.

Location: Cumberland Street, Sydney

Learn how to surf

The tourist scene in Sydney is a fantastic experience all year round. The most touristy area is on Bondi beach. The biggest swells roll in during winter, so if you’re a novice you’re better off watching the experts go at it. It’s an easy ride in the summer, though.  You can have quick and easy surfing lessons in schools lining up the beach.

Stay in the Astral tower

The Astral tower is a top-rated hotel accommodation in Sydney you shouldn’t miss. It features modern comforts of luxury accommodation fit for all occasions. You have the option of staying in a deluxe room, a Royal suite or even a lavish penthouse. Indulge in a plethora of modern facilities including a fitness centre, an indoor/outdoor pool, buffet restaurant and access to The Star’s wide range of dining and nightlife venues.

The tower is just ten minutes from anywhere within the CBD, so you can go from here to any destination in this list.

Location: 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Parting Note

There you have it! Here’s a challenge: Why not try to visit them all on your visit? Bets on, mate!

Jurong Bird Park

When you travel you experience lot of magical moments, you meet many nice people, you eat the world’s best food. Finally these are your best memories for the whole lifetime. And with the advancement of the technology, you will end up having thousands of photos of your whole trip making it an amazing holiday to remember!

What do you do for your photos after the holidays? Do you print those into an album? A travel photo album is one of my favourite ways to keep memories documented other than the travelogues I share in this travel blog. Be it for a travel blog, travel photo album or even for sharing over social media, you need to do some post editing for your images to improve your photography.

Then,how to improve your travel photography in 3 easy steps?

How to Improve Your Travel Photography in 3 Easy Steps

If you are a professional photographer, this post is not for you because you know how to edit your photos professionally. However if you are a traveler just like me, some simple edits will improve your photos dramatically.

Here are 3 basic things that you can to do to improve your travel photos even if you are a beginner. With a photo editing toolkit that allows easy editing features, you can easily enhance your travel images!

1. Adjust the Brightness and Contrasts

Jurong Bird Park

Most of the times we experience that the photos don’t look beautiful when we transfer those images to the computer! Images don’t look vibrant as they were in the camera. They look dull and dark. This is where you need to play with the brightness of images. In any photo editing program, you will find the tools for brightness and contrast adjustments. By adjusting the brightness you can improve the photo exposure giving a good look for your images.

2. Crop the images

Jurong Bird Park

Composition is one of the important factors for a good photo. If you think the photo need some adjustment in composition, one of the ways to do that is by slightly cropping your images. This will zoom the images and you will be able to improve it to the better.

3. Adjust and Balance the saturation

It can be a cloudy day or a rainy day that you couldn’t capture the images with proper lighting. You may not find the beautiful and vibrant colours in your landscape photos that you experienced in your trip. I know this is a sad moment when the photos look dull. But, you can easily adjust saturation of photos and give some new look for your images.

But, be careful when you adjust the saturation. Sometimes, your photos will look artificial if you don’t balance the saturation properly. So, always adjust saturation with care and improve the quality of colours.

Above are the 3 basic things that you need to do for your travel photos before you use those for any purpose. Although there are many other ways to enhance your travel photography by using photo editing techniques, these basic tips will help you to improve your photos dramatically.

How do you improve your travel photos? What are the post editing photo techniques that you use for your travel photography? Please share your experiences.






Reasons Why Maldives Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

With crystal clear seawater, luxury family resorts and magical sunset views over the beach Maldives is one of the wonderful destinations in Asia that any tourist dream for. It is same with us too. While planning our dreamy holiday in Maldives after the year-end holiday in Sri Lanka, I want to share why Maldives deserves to be on top of any travel bucket list right now.

After you read these reasons, I am sure you will add this amazing and romantic destination to your bucket list without thinking more. Truly Maldives is a paradise on the earth that you should not miss!

Reasons Why Maldives Should be on Your Travel Bucket List1.Turquoise Waters

If you say it turquoise waters or blue waters, Maldives is a fantastic destination for a dreamy vacation. Be it a romantic holiday or honeymoon getaway, you will find the best views around you. Crystal clear seawater and ocean views will create you magical experiences in Maldives making it a memorable holiday for the entire lifetime!

Reasons Why Maldives Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

2. Amazing Marine Life

You will sure have seen marine life photos of Maldives before. Aren’t these made you wanting to visit Maldives in anytime you can? If you look for a magical Snorkeling destination on this earth, Maldives is currently on top. Any trip to Maldives would not be complete if you don’t add marine life experiences for your travel plan.

3. Luxury Resorts

Popular as a destination for a romantic getaway, Maldives is full of luxury resorts in each island. Can you just imagine spending your time in a white sandy beach surrounded by beautiful sea views while dining at your favourite restaurant! Swaying palm trees and windy atmosphere will make you feel relaxing making it a luxury holiday at any of the beautiful resorts in Maldives!

Reasons Why Maldives Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

4. It’s easy to plan your holiday

Planning a tour to any new destination require lot of time and experience. From booking your flights, accommodation and planning your activities in your destination need some expertise to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Other than flights and hotels you also need to plan your airport transfer. However if you plan your next holiday to Maldives, trip planning will not be stressful. There are many Maldives Tour Packages available which provides all inclusive packages that suit for your budget. You only need to select your preferred tour package to Maldives before you book. You even don’t have to worry about your itinerary when you book your tour package!

5. You don’t need visa

Well, although some citizens enjoy visa free travel for many destinations around the world, there are many other countries that need to check visa requirements before planning any trip. I know how painful this is as we miss many last minute holiday opportunities simply because of time required for visa pre-approval process. But, you don’t need pre-approval of visa to enter into this beautiful destination on earth. At present, all nationalities will get 30 days free visa on arrival to enter Maldives!

Now you know the reasons why you should add Maldives to your travel bucket list right now. Planning your Maldives tour is painless and you will experience the luxury of a relaxing holiday. There are many activities to do without getting bored. It’s a truly amazing destination!







When you think of Napa Valley, the wine country, it doesn’t really scream “family vacation” does it? You’re more likely to think of a romantic getaway than a summer break. But here’s why you’re wrong and how to explore the beautiful region with children in tow. You may be surprised just how family friendly Napa Valley really is.

What to See

If you’re thinking about visiting soon, book now for the end of November. Napa Valley is the most beautiful in the late fall, when the fields turn to rich hues of burnt orange, vibrant red and magnificent purple, depending on the exact variety of grape. You can enjoy the views from a hilltop winery or get immersed amongst the color for some beautiful vacation snaps. It’s not all in the nature though, the region also boasts unique architecture in some of the wineries like Darioush and Castello Di Amorosa.

Top 3 European Wine Destinations

Turn sight seeing in to a fun activity for everyone by taking the tour on bikes and going the scenic route along the Silverado Trail. This small highway winds up the valley and is prettier and less busy than the typical highway 29 route.

What to Do

You may think that wineries aren’t the ideal place to take kids, but there are a few in the region that cater for just that. They can enjoy the ropeway at Sterling Vineyards or feed the fish at Robert Sinskey Winery. The Napa Valley Wine Train even has family friendly BBQ nights on their open-air Silverado Car.

Napa Valley things to do

Napa Valley is also a foodie’s paradise and something the whole family can get on board with. Grab a bite at recommended Brasswood Estate in St. Helena, offering a bakery and a bar + kitchen with an Italian-style menu.

When you’re not eating or drinking, take advantage of the many hiking trails in the hills, or make a trip to Calistoga’s public pool which, in the summer, caters to families. It includes a kids pool, complete with fountains and a diving board – what more could you want? Small communities in the area also have some amazing playgrounds, so you’re never far away from a boredom busting idea.

Where to Stay

When it comes to accommodation, make sure to pick a family friendly place. A lot are aimed at romantic stays and honeymooners, so rather than going for a cute B&B, choose a larger hotel. A pool is an obvious bonus, allowing you time to relax, have a drink and finally get round to reading that novel. For example, the Marriott Hotel in the heart of the valley offers an outdoor pool, whirlpool and even a fire pit to relax around at the end of the day.

If you still think you’d rather visit Napa Valley without the kids then by all means, hand them over to the grandparents and book a romantic getaway for two. But plenty of kids grow up here, and why should yours miss out on seeing the beauty of the world?






Frangipani-Royal-Palace-hotel-review-Phnom Penh-Cambodia

Exotic destinations, inviting food choices and peaceful moments are the rewards of traveling. Magical destinations and friendly people we meet make remarkable moments in our life.

Yes, Traveling around the world is really interesting and exciting. Travelling allows us to find new places and it also allows us to explore other cultures. However wherever we travel or whatever comfortable places we stay, finally we come to our home sweet home. So, we can’t forget having relaxing and comfortable time at home from waking up in the morning to sleeping at the night time. During this few hours of daily life we struggle with life challenges, but whatever the life is we need a good rest at night to face the life on the next morning. This is why having a comfortable bed is always important!

But, having a comfortable bed doesn’t mean that you need a luxury looking bed frame covered with luxury bedding. Instead you need to buy a good quality mattress and comfortable pillows to help you a good sleep. Of course, you can easily arrange a luxury looking bedroom in a budget and enjoy a comfortable sleep same like you dream in luxury resorts.

3 things you need to know before buying your mattress
It is easy to arrange your bed room to like a hotel room when you plan it!

With that in mind, I thought of sharing this post which I like to share the 3 things you need to know before buying your mattress. When you own a good mattress, it is easy to convert your room into a luxury looking comfortable bedroom same as a hotel room.

What are the 3 things you need to know before buying your mattress? Answer is simple. Before any other things such as price, brand, durability and reviews you need to check Firmness, size and material of the mattress before you decide. Why Firmness, size and material are important things to consider before buying your mattress? Here are the reasons.

Check Firmness

Firmness is really important when you buy a new mattress. But always don’t select your mattress by reading the manufacturer’s label which says extra firm, medium firm or firm. Such measures can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Instead, test the mattress for it’s comfortless. Most mattress shops allow testing before you buy. If you buy mattress online, check the recommendations before you buy any mattress. By reading consumer reviews, you can always get some idea about the mattress quality and firmness. While a firmer mattress is not the best option to select, a softer is not good either. Therefore select your mattress that is firm and comfortable for a good sleep.

3 things you need to know before buying your mattress

Check the Size  

You know that already. You need to check the size of the mattress before buying. You need to fit your mattress to your bed frame. But, if you think in this way, it is wrong!

Instead of matching a mattress size to your bed frame, think of having a comfortable sleep. If you look for mattress that can fit two people, you need to buy at least Queen Size. If you look for family bed, it can be King size. In this way you will have a good sleeping space than squeezing. You can easily refer to a mattress size chart to know the dimensions of your mattress that you need to buy. Also don’t forget the fact that you need to buy a mattress that is longer than the tallest person who is going to sleep or share the bed.

Material of the mattress

You will find that there are mattresses made of different materials available in the market. It can be a foam mattress or mattress with spring and coils. You need to check the material and quality of the materials before you buy. When it comes to material of the mattress, many people forget to check the material of the mattress cover. They only check the layers and foam inside the mattress. However, don’t forget the material of the mattress cover too as that will serve as the outer layer of the mattress.

When you pay more attention to these factors such as Firmness, size and material, then you can easily select a good quality mattress that is also durable. Don’t forget that most people spend most of their lifetime on bed. Having a good sleep is vital for a healthy life. It is important to get the sleep you need. So, the mattress has a really important task on our health.

Do you change your mattress after few years of using? May be it is time now for you to think of the mattress or change it if needs!








Auto Travel Made Easy

During his work in the travel industry in Montenegro, our founder Kirill Antoshin became increasingly aware of the rise in the number of tourists looking to rent a car. He was called on to assist many people in working their way through this process and noticed the lack of sufficient resources for auto travel. He decided to remedy this problem, and in 2010 he established Auto Travel Company.

Our business operates with the goal of assisting the auto tourist in his travels through Montenegro. Besides providing extensive information and advice about local auto travel, we operate as a nerve center for car rental. Our website compiles the rental offerings of numerous companies. These companies list their cars at the usual prices with no addition of agent’s commission or fees, so you have the combined benefits of convenience and economy.

Auto Travel Made Easy

Our service stands head and shoulders above our competitors. As we seek to serve our clients, we try to streamline and personalize the car rental process. We are the only service which offers three features that resolve commonly heard complaints from travelers:

  • The ability to choose a specific car rather than merely a “class” of car.
  • The finalization of a reservation immediately rather than after hours of delay.
  • The payment of only part (15-20%) of the total charge when booking, rather than paying in full.

Our goal is to relieve the stress of renting a car so that you can keep your mind on your trip and not on the problem of transportation.

We also try to make the procedure of picking up your car as simple and straightforward as possible. This begins when we bring your car to you. Your rental manager will meet you at the airport or another predetermined location and take you to your car. Together, you will carefully inspect the car and record any flaws in the condition. After signing the rental agreement, you will pay the remainder of your fee, and then you are free to explore the glories of Montenegro.

As an auto traveler, you will find our website to be an invaluable resource. We provide extensive information about the practical details of road travel, such as what you need to know about the traffic laws of Montenegro as well as about the police, the traffic fines, and the details of crossing the border. We suggest various destinations and routes, tell you about the use of cell phones, and discuss how to access the internet. We even give you detailed information about all the aspects of traveling in Montenegro with children.

If you plan to travel around Montenegro by car, there is a lot you will need to prepare. We will help you to get started on your holiday with ease and comfort. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your trip, and we believe this begins with being well equipped and well informed. is a resource no car traveler in Montenegro should do without.


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