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saving money on air travel

Planning a holiday is always an exciting idea. A relaxing holiday is one of the best ways to escape from the stressful and busy daily life. But it is also a costly affair. From air tickets to hotel accommodations there are many items includes which anyone need to pay higher rates.

Among all the costs involved in travelling, air tickets can be the most expensive item which sometimes avoid you from planning a holiday. If you travel as a family with few family members, flight tickets can be a considerable amount. This is why you need to be smart and save money on your air tickets. You can easily use these savings to other travel expenses such as hotel rooms and attraction tickets making your holiday more meaningful.

As I am planning my next holiday in Sri Lanka during the next school holiday, I found that the flight tickets are really expensive for that season. Air tickets are always expensive during the school holiday season because many families try to fly during this time. This is why I thought of sharing this blog post on saving money on air travel which can be helpful for anyone who looks for tips on saving from flights.

How to save money on air travel?

Here are my tips that you can easily save money on your air tickets. Try these. You will sure be surprised with the savings!

Travel during off peak season

saving money on air travel

Low season or off-peak season is the best time to find bargains. Usually air ticket rates are really cheaper during the off season than during the peak season. Whenever possible avoid Holiday season such as Christmas time where the destination is crowded. School holidays are another time period which you will find expensive air tickets. If you cannot avoid such seasons due to leave availability or any other reason, try to plan your holiday during the weekdays avoiding traveling in weekends. Flight rates are much cheaper during the weekdays than in the weekend.

Use airline coupons and discounts
saving money on air travel
After searching, I found promo code for our flight to Sri Lanka

Coupons and discounts are my favourite way to save money on any online purchase. This is same with flight tickets too. Once you decide the dates to fly and after checking the flight rates from different flights available, check for coupons and discounts available. In this step you can search for coupons for your favourite airline. By using airline coupons and discounts you can further save money from your total expenses. Sometimes airline coupons can save you around 15-20% of your total flight expenses which can be a considerable amount of money.

Use flexible dates on your flight search

Although you have dates planned for your next trip; try searching the flight rates with the option of flexible dates. In this way you can see available flights for your holiday destination with the flight rates. By comparing this price table, it is easy to book the tickets with the best rates.

With flexible dates option,you can find flight rates for a period of time.It is always easy to compare the rates with different dates.

I always use this tip when I search for flight rates. Whenever possible, we change our dates of flying to save some extra money from our air tickets.

Use one-way tickets from different airlines (Flight combinations)

Sometimes one-way tickets can save you money. Instead of booking round trip tickets from the same airline, try different combinations using the airlines for the destination. You will find the best combination for the destination which can involve more than one airline.

Above are my favourite ways to save money on air tickets. Other than above we also travel by budget airlines which offer different options to save money. For example, in our recent trip to Phnom Penh, we booked our tickets from Jetstar which is a low cost airline. How did we save money? We didn’t book for luggage. As we were on a short holiday, we could travel with our baggage saving some money. Although we booked food that time, in our next trip we will consider avoiding that option too for short duration flights.

How do you save money from your airline tickets?

Kadupul flower

Popular as one of the most expensive flowers in the world, Kadupul Flower is a rare flower which perishes after few hours of blooming. These flowers perish before the dawn, making it more precious too see in natural!

Kadupul Flower captures from Sri Lanka

Kadupul flower
Kadupul flower with a bloom

As I love gardening and flower photography, I never missed my chance of capturing these kadupul flowers during my recent Sri Lanka holiday! For me Travelling is all about experiencing new things including flora and fauna in different destinations. This is why I have many flower captures in this blog. So, this time I am all in for writing this post about one of the rare flowers in the world!

Kadupul flower
Kadupul flower – side look

Kadupul flower is a legendary flower native to Sri Lanka which is also popular as the Queen of the night! It is not easy to watch these flowers, reason is simple. Kadupul flowers are with really short lifespan. Other than the short lifespan, these flowers bloom during the night time. So, you need to wait till midnight to see the flowers if you see some blooms on the plant.

In my parents’ home garden there are some Kadupul flower plants. But, until recent I was not lucky enough to see a kadupul flower in real. Whenever it was blooming, I was not in Sri Lanka.

During my recent holiday to Sri Lanka, I was lucky enough to see these beautiful and priceless flowers in real. It was timely. I saw some blooms in our Kadupul plant, so I was waiting everyday till mid night to see the flowers blooming. Not only me; we all were waiting to see the kadupul flowers!

Bit from legendry stories about Kadupul flowers:

As per legends, Kadupul is the legendary flower of the Nagas. In Sri Lanka It is believed when the Kadupul flowers bloom the Celestial Nagas come and offer these flowers to the Lord Buddha. I read about different believes in India and China with the same plant and flowers.

Kadupul flower

The plant:

Botanically named as Epiphyllum oxypetalum, kadupul plants are kind of cactus which is easy to cultivate.

Anyway, these flowers are with really strange but really attractive fragrance. It is difficult to explain. With the pure white appearance this is really a miracle at the mid night!

I’d love to see these flowers again in real experience the fragrance! Have you seen these flowers?

If you love gardening you can also check these flower plants here.



Top 5 Things to Look For In a Holiday Cottage
1. Excellent Location

Finding the perfect location for your accommodation is a major factor when deciding what holiday cottage to book.  You may want a place by the sea with coastal views and winding roads, or perhaps you would rather look for a more centrally located cottage closer to towns and cities and urban life.  Some popular coastal towns include Lyme Regis, Kingsbridge and Polperro, however if you’re looking for country setting near towns and cities then try Exeter or Honiton.

2. Attractions to Visit

Top 5 Things to Look For In a Holiday Cottage

Having a multitude of attractions right on your door step is a real bonus, whether you’re looking for an action packed holiday full of fun and exploration for the whole family or a more relaxing get away break with wine tasting and laying on the beach, it’s important to find a place where you can maximise your holiday time and have all you want close to you! Town and city life or rural country living, whatever sights take your fancy you can find a great place to stay in the South West at Lime Cottages.

3. Outstanding Accommodation

So, you know where you want to stay and what you want to see and do.  Now you need to find somewhere excellent to stay.  Whether you’ve chosen to stay in Devon or Cornwall, top off your holiday with the perfect, relaxing accommodation that has all the modern necessities and amenities found at home, from Wi-Fi to a wonderful garden to relax in or perhaps even a hot tub!  Finding the perfect holiday cottage with excellent views, ample parking and great connections are all the little things that make for a memorable holiday experience that you won’t forget.

4. Pool or Hot Tub? The Key Question!

Something out of the ordinary maybe what you need to put you into the holiday mind-set of relaxation and happiness.  A Hot tub is not to be sniffed at! Just imagine winding down after a day venturing with a glass of wine whilst sitting in your hot tub. Perhaps you’d rather get some exercise in before the day starts, in which case a swimming pool could be the perfect option for starting the day!

5. Excellent Reviews

Finally and most importantly, checking for good reviews is essential, so you can check up on how other people’s experiences went and how they were treated by the holiday cottage owners to make sure that you can arrive with peace of mind that everything will be great!

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back after Devastating Wildfires

After the terrifying Gatlinburg wildfires now Tennessee welcomes its tourists back to the beautiful mountain destination!

Gatlinburg is a place for outdoor adventures and family fun. It is popular as a tourist hotspot because of the outdoor activities that Gatlinburg has to offer for its visitors. You will find a range of activities to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge from fishing, golfing and camping to hiking and many other adventures. All these are fun way to explore the nature and to spend time outdoors!

But, everything changed overnight! The horrific Gatlinburg wildfire could change the way people live there. Last year November, it was a nightmare to the residents of Tennessee, Gatlinburg!

Gatlinburg fire and the life after that

It was a scary night. The small fire could explode to a scary and worst ever fire in the beautiful smoky mountains! Gatlinburg fire could change the lifestyle of Tennessee residents overnight!

It was horrible just after the Gatlinburg fire. Pigeon Forge, one of the main tourist attractions in Gatlinburg affected with the fire too. The damages to the residents and properties were immense. Those who could save life and escaped from the fire could see their once homes were still with ashes and rising smoke when they came back on the next day. That was completely devastation!

But, such a horrible fire couldn’t stop the people in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge! The strong and hardworking residents living in this area fought back with the fire and damages. They worked hard to get into their usual lifestyle. And how are the results?

Gatlinburg and Cabins in Pigeon Forge open for business after Gatlinburg Fires!

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back after Devastating Wildfires

Yes, it is the best news for anyone who loves Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge attractions! Gatlinburg is again a tourist attraction with the most beautiful views and the adventures in smoky mountain area! After the most horrible and devastating wildfires now Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge ready to welcome back tourists to explore the smoky mountains!

Smoky mountains in Pigeon Forge and things to do in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back

Although damaged by the Gatlinburg fire, you can’t forget the beautiful smoky mountains in Pigeon Forge. This is the best attraction for anyone who thinks of planning a family holiday in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Among the things to do in Pigeon Forge you can’t forget Hiking, scenic drives and waterfall trails. If you love extreme adventures then you have options such as whitewater rafting and zorbing adventures. These are extremely fun activities to enjoy your time with family and close ones.

Don’t forget the Dollywood the only theme park that includes the southern charm! Dollywood is the perfect fun place to hang with children of all ages with unlimited fun and entertainment with the best sceneries of Great Smoky Mountains!

Finding accommodation in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back

If you think of accommodation in Pigeon Forge, don’t forget the beautiful cabin rentals popular in this smoky mountainous area! You don’t have to worry about Cabin Rentals after the wildfires because Gatlinburg is all set to welcome the tourists for endless fun. From dining places, crafts and souvenir shops to other entertainment are all set together with the main attractions. All you need to do is book your best cabin rental to enjoy the entire vacation among the breathtaking views of smoky mountains!

Why Cabin rentals instead of hotel accommodation?

You may wonder thinking why cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge are better than staying in a hotel.

Reasons are simple. Most of the time, hotels are with the focus of providing you the basic lodging for a higher room rate. You will not feel the beauty of the smoky mountains and the lush greens when you stay inside a hotel room. For similar rate of a decent hotel room you can easily rent a family owned cabin in Pigeon Forge which gives you the feeling of living in a dreamy world!

Also when you book directly from the owner, you don’t have to pay for hidden booking fees which make your cabin rental rates are affordable and even lesser than the hotel charges. There are many cabin rental options are available from luxury cabins to pet friendly cabins. If you want to spend your family vacation together with your pet, then why don’t you select a pet friendly cabin in Pigeon Forge? That will be an awesome experience among the smoky mountains!

How to book your cabins in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg?

If you are thinking of choosing the best cabin rental for your stay, you don’t have to worry. Pigeon Forge cabin rentals are all about beautiful views and comfortable accommodation. Think of your travel plan before you decide on the best cabin rental in Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg.

As Pigeon Forge is considered as the perfect and central location for most of the tourist attractions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee; choosing a Pigeon Forge cabin can be the best idea to reach the attractions without spending much time. When you stay close to Dollywood and Pigeon Forge, this will be your best cabin experience waking up with the beautiful views of smoky mountains! You will never ever forget these moments in your life!

As a summary:

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back after Devastating Wildfires!

If you are thinking of planning your family holiday in Gatlinburg, don’t worry about the recent Gatlinburg fire. Life is usual as before. Gatlinburg is ready to welcome its tourists. And don’t forget the beautiful cabins in the area. Cabins in Pigeon Forge are also ready and open for business after Gatlinburg Fires!

Family Friendly African Destinations

Arranging a trip to Africa with family is the best idea for exotic holidays. Dive into a parallel tropical life and change yourself forever.

Visit Africa Once, and Your Life Will Change Forever

Africa. Which associations comes to mind when mentioning this continent? Paradise, ocean, tropics, fruits, animals, harmonic rest or poverty, lack of water, lack of medical treatment and education? This continent can be a threat as well as a paradise. To explore it you’ll have to cope with all of your written assignments, so if you’re interested where you can write my paper for me, don’t waste your time.

Which places are welcoming and friendly? Where can you take your kids? How to arrange a trip without unpleasant surprises?

1.  The Seychelles

Family Friendly African Destinations

This is a well-known tropical paradise, not overloaded with a touristic flow. Seychelles are the dream destination for everyone who loves crystal water, white sand, moderate sun, astonishing sunsets or sunrises, and tropical ocean fauna. Here you can:

  • Swim along with dolphins
  • Make friends with turtles (your kids might be interested)
  • Sleep under an uncountable amount of stars
  • Shower under a waterfall
  • Eat tropical fruits
  • Eat local seafood
  • Snorkel in the crystal water with fishes and other underwater inhabitants
  • Ride a bike

This is a harmonic paradise where you can be safe and happy with your family. The place worth coming with children. This is not only about the paradise lounge atmosphere, but also about educating your kids, showing them different types of life forms, learn them to love the surrounding environment, make them meet a new way of life and enlarge their worldview.

2. Zambia

When someone mentions tourism in Zambia, he means visiting Victoria Falls. This is a 127 meters high waterfalls which not only amazed by its power and size but also changes something inside. The place worth visiting. This feeling of standing in front of an unimaginable amount of water, which falls continually already for an incredible period makes your brain accumulate thought very fast.

On the way to this place, it is possible to meet wild nature in national parks, which are located all around. Make your children communicate with wild nature.

For adrenaline seekers, there is an incredible option to get a dose in Zambezi Eco Adventures. Here you will learn to fly. This is also a great chance to control your fear.

3. Tanzania

This is the only place in Africa where you can find snow. The place is for mountain, climbing, and hiking lovers. A trip to Tanzania is nothing about a lounge. Here you won’t have time to relax. This is a place where you can observe and learn the safari rules. Wild animals are locals here. When you and your family are adventures seeking adventurist then grab your kids, a skilled group lead and go for it.

Tips for a successful Tanzania Safari

After a hard climbing day, there is a warm and welcoming Unguja or a Zanzibar Island where you can lay on a white sand of an ocean shore with a fresh coconut cocktail and meet a new turtle for a nice company.

4. Kruger National Park

The continent is full of national parks. South Africa is a place where you can meet more animals than people. You kid will love the ride. Meeting giraffes, elephants, all types of big cats, crocodiles, monkeys, zebras, and plenty of birds alive is different than watching Discovery channel.

African Safari

You are a guest in a wild nature’s home. This is a chance to experience a close connection with all these types of animals like never before. This is another thing that changes a person from inside.

5. Kenya

Right after Tanzania, it is possible to go to Kenya and continue exploring Amboseli National Park. This is the next point to continue your exploration of safari wild lifestyle. When you and your family have a desire to go back to civilization, then Watamu is the right place to go. Here you will find five-star hotels for all tastes.

The good idea is to have a dinner with a fresh seafood and fruits and talk about the experience gained during the day. Ask your family about the thoughts, emotions, and feelings they experience and compare it to yours. This is a family time. Adventurer experienced together to make you close to each other for many important reasons.

6. Mozambique

Another paradise for diving, enjoying crystal azure water, explore ocean inhabitants, do yoga and lay on a beach. Find local yoga trainer and try it. This is not the same that is taught in fitness centers. Do it together with your family and share the expression afterward.

7. Namibia

Namibia is an excellent chance to explore how the desert looks like. This is not the place to feel happiness or excitement. It depends on your own personality. The fact is this is the right place to gain new traveling experience, explore your reaction of the state of mind to different surroundings, bring new thoughts and emotions which cannot be reached under any other conditions.


Why Bali is a great Travel and Leisure Destination

Bali is an island and a province of Indonesia, often referred as the island of the Gods. It is a popular tourist destination which has seen a significant rise in numbers of visitors’ since1980s. So if you are pondering what’s so special about this Asian island or planning on visiting someday, the answers are not far fetched that’s why tourism-related business makes up to 80% of its economy.


Why Bali is a great Travel and Leisure Destination

Bali is one the world’s top tourist destination due to her mesmerizing sites and archeological monuments. The island is home to numerous wildlife, lakes, forests, waterfalls, paddy fields, temples, retreats and beautiful ancient villages. Bali is part of the Coral Triangle, i.e. the areas with the highest biodiversity of marine species. In this area alone, over 500 reef building coral species can be found. For comparison, this is about seven times as many as in the entire Caribbean. The island numerous rain forests support the existence of various species of animals. The island biodiversity was better preserved with the establishment of the West Bali National Park a natural conservation with pure ecosystem managed by the zone system for multiple research purpose involving education, tourism and recreation.

Cultural Heritage

Bali has a rich cultural heritage which has been preserved for centuries, with beautiful architectural Hindu temples serving as spiritual, cultural and historical significance center for many. The Indonesian International Film Festival is held every year in Bali. Bali is also renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms, such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handcrafts, and performing arts. Local and international cuisine is available at resorts, restaurants or local diners, be rest assured you will be delighted.

Beautiful Beaches

Bali is a great travel destination because of its attractive surroundings (both mountain and coastal areas), diverse tourist attractions, excellent international and local hotels, and the friendliness of the local people. According to BBC Travel released in 2011, Bali is one of the World’s Best Islands, ranking second after Santorini in Greece. Kuta Beach, Pandawa Beach is a few of the famous tourist locations in the northern part of Bali, which own beautiful calm sea water, blackish chromatic sand and the sea with its dolphins. One of the favorites is the Lovina Beach, famous for dolphin watching.

Interesting Sites

Bali has several significant holy sites dating back to the 14th century. The Ubud Monkey Forest, iconic Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple (Mother Temple), Ubud Art Market, Bali Safari and Marine Park, Kintamani and Mount Batur are few of its enthralling wonders.

Also, the Banjar hot water spring is a natural hot wellspring from the ground and it is believed it heals diseases it is opened to the public. The Bali Safari and Marine Park is the island’s largest animal theme park and home to over 60 species of animals. Bali’s volcanic mountains have contributed to its exceptional fertility and its tall mountain ranges provide the high rainfall that supports the vastly productive agricultural sector. South of the mountains is a broad, steadily descending area where most of Bali’s largest rice crop is grown

Whether is a trip for research, leisure or spiritual divination,Bali is waiting, go explore her wonders and hospitality you will be elated.

Metodo Anti-Theft Bags

Travelling is interesting and exciting. We dream about spending relaxing time in a new destination among all the good things around. Beautiful sceneries, good food and leisure time are the most wanted things in our travel dreams. But, have you ever thought about travel safety? As a family who travels frequently, we always worry about travel safety when we plan our trips.

We experienced the fear of keeping our belongings safe during our recent trip to Phnom Penh. As we were advised to keep our belongings safe we even didn’t take our smart phones out. I was always worried about my bag when we were visiting the attractions. But this was not possible when we were in crowded areas such as local markets. I missed many photo opportunities as I was thinking of the bag and the belongings inside.

Don’t forget that most of the pick pocket incidents occur in the crowded areas during day time!

Finally, I came across a solution!

An anti-theft bag can be the perfect solution to spend a worry free holiday!

But, as there are different anti-theft bags in the market, how to find the perfect one which can really help to travel safely? It all depends on the features of the anti-theft bag!

Metodo Anti-Theft Bags will give you peace of mind!

Recently I came across the Metodo anti-theft bag and it has many features that are really helpful to keep the belongings safe. As I am interested in having such an anti-theft bag, I hope it is a good idea to share the features of this bag with you all. So, you know what to buy for your next holiday!

Metodo is a cut resistant bag which makes it a perfect bag for travel with peace in mind. It is stylish and versatile. Why I am highlighting about the style in a post that we are talking about travel safety? Do you like to carry a huge bag with no style at all for the sake of travel safety? So, before checking its features as an anti-theft bag, I also checked the available designs and style.

Metodo anti-theft bags come in beautiful 3 designs. You can find it as medium cross bag, the large cross bag or as a larger backpack. All these bags are stylish and come with the features that are anti-theft!

Features of Metodo Anti-theft bags

Metodo Anti-Theft Bags

  • Certified Level 5 Cut Resistant

Metodo Anti-theft bags are made of material which is Certified Level 5 Cut Resistant UHMWPE (Highest Level by EN388 European Testing Standard).

Level 5 Cut Resistant material costs 40% more than the Level 4 UHMWPE material. Most of the Anti-theft bags on the market are made of the Level 4 cut resistant standard material. However Metodo stands out from the other brand as a secure bag which uses Certified Level 5 Cut Resistant UHMWPE material for the product!

  • Slash Proof on All Exposed Sides

Metodo is an anti-theft bag which is slash proof in all sides. Most other bags in the market are not cut resistant in all sides. Some backpacks are with a panel or two of UHMWPE combination which doesn’t make those as perfect anti-theft bags with cut resistant feature.

However Metodo comes with most costly material on all exposed sides.

  • Many other unique features

Metodo backpack comes with many other features that make it a perfect solution for anyone to travel safely. It includes an integrated TSA combination lock, two side pockets for bottles and umbrellas which are necessary for traveling, ports for USB and audio.These features make this bag user friendly!There are many other features that you should check in their KickStarter Campaign page!

  • Early Bird Rewards

With all above features, you can easily preorder your perfect Metodo anti-theft bag! When you preorder you will receive the Early Bird rewards which include the RFID pouch and attractive savings.

How to buy your Metodo anti-theft bag?

Metodo is available for pre ordering. You can check more features and details before ordering including the videos of Anti-Theft Cut Resistant Bag Cutting Tests.

Grab your own Metodo Anti-theft bag on KickStarter when it is just out from the factory!

Self Driving Cars Change the Way We Travel

Even as this article is being written, there’s exhilarating news from the world of automobile technology. Ford is the latest entrant into the great and exciting world of self driving cars with plans to start self driving fleet services in a few areas. These cars will be aided by well laid out route maps and will cater to the growing demand for these cars.

What is a self-driving car?

Also called an autonomous or a driverless car, a self-driving car has the ability to drive itself using the environment and conditions outside without any human intervention or suggestions. The driver can take control of the vehicle at any moment if so required.

Self-driving cars powerfully harness technology that helps them make decisions. Just like you’d use GPS to find your way in your used subaaru wrx, the car uses GPS to take you to your destination. It uses sophisticated control systems to ascertain its surroundings and the obstacles that there might be along the way. Dashboard features helps it keep in touch with the other aspects of the car as well.

This technology promises huge benefits.

For one, it can bring down the number of accidents because it eliminates human error. That means fewer injuries and deaths. There is create better flow of traffic and fewer traffic jams for commuters to face. Self-driving cars lend themselves easier to bulk vehicle requirements and also bring down the parking woes drivers face. What’s most heartening is how it can enable the differently abled and the disabled to enjoy the driving experience. This can mean a more independent life for so many people and change the way we travel.

Self Driving Cars Change the Way We Travel

On the other hand, anything that uses technology can run the risk of becoming a target for criminals. In particular, hackers. From the time you get into your car without using a key, through sensors, to the duration of your ride, your vehicle is connected to the internet, leaving it open to any number of attacks. When your entertainment unit in the car is also connected to the net through a Wi-Fi hotspot, the hazard continues. When you download a game or an album, a video or a movie, you also invite people to take over your vehicle and use it to their advantage.

When it comes to a fleet of self-driving cars the problem is further compounded. Imagine a group of school buses straying away from their intended path. It is a scenario of nightmare proportions for parents and others.

There are other issues as well, the most obvious being a not always reliable technology. If it gives up on a deserted highway, in during late hours, in an unsafe part of town, it can have catastrophic results. There has to be additional spending on building a road network for these cars, so a rise in costs and taxes can also be expected. It might not be easy to convince public transit sector employees of its benefits; a large number of people stand to lose jobs.

Thus, self-driving cars can change the way we travel only if we iron out the issues they come with today.

Tips to Ensure Your Internet Safety When Traveling Abroad

Travel, especially abroad, presents a significant amount of risk for personal property and information. Being security conscious allows you to mitigate that risk. While it is not possible to provide absolute internet safety/privacy without the necessary expertise and equipment, certain measures could still increase the value of protection considerably.  So, here are some tips to ensure your internet safety AND privacy when you are traveling abroad.

Device theft protection

Theft of devices is one of the most common internet and information security risks that you have to deal with when traveling abroad. Precautionary measures such as using theft proof backpacks, keeping your devices on your person and such could reduce the possibility of theft. However, you should still ensure that your devices are password protected to limit access in the event of theft. Similarly, you should consider reducing the amount of time it takes before your screen locks when the device is inactive.

Tips to Ensure Your Internet Safety When Traveling Abroad

Verify WiFi Networks before connecting to them

Open WiFi networks are a hacker’s honey pot and you should steer clear of them. If you have to use an open network, ensure that you have software that detects hacks and intrusions as well as malware. The best network to use is one provided by the hotel where you’re staying or any other institution that has a secure network. Even so, double-check the correct Network SSID before connecting to the network. Hackers may create a network with a Network SSID that’s close to that of the hotel or institution so as to dupe users.  Hence, the only true way to stay safe using wifi abroad is through a premium VPN, as it creates a tunnel for your data to travel through.

Turn off automatic connectivity features

If your devices allow for automatic connection to WiFi or Bluetooth upon recognition of an open network, then you should turn these features off. You should go a mile further and ensure that your connection requires authentication before connecting. More so, you should turn off automatic file sharing features or features that allow full read and write access to your devices.

Tips to Ensure Your Internet Safety When Traveling Abroad

Clear passwords, history, cookies and cache from your browser

Often times, we allow our browsers to save passwords and other personal information to allow for easier use and access to important sites. However, this creates a huge risk particularly in the event of theft or even hacking. Before traveling abroad, make sure that you clear your entire browser, or protect your user account with passwords, encryption or even two-factor authentication.

Avoid accessing vital sites on public devices

If you have to use a public computer, avoid accessing sites with vital information such as banking sites, social media sites, and others. Public sites should be used in accessing generic websites that do not hold your personal information.

Invest in an antivirus

A lot of antivirus software has updated internet security features that protect your device against hacks, malware, the collection of information by websites and much more. Ensure that you invest in a credible antivirus that offers a significant amount of internet security.


These easy steps do not require any technical expertise and could go a long way in improving your internet security and privacy. Keep in mind that these are not the only applicable steps and you should work towards finding more comprehensive methods of protecting your information from prying eyes.

Coffee around the world

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. There are many coffee lovers who love to sip coffee and enjoy their relaxing time among the good aroma and taste. However in different parts of the world there are different ways of making coffee and enjoying it. While coffee shops are more popular there are also popular brands which produce the best coffee around the world. You can even learn about coffee culture and preparation of a good cup of tea from websites.There are coffee hubs such as Coffee Cicerone which shares all the necessary information about coffee helping you to get the best experience with your cup of coffee.After reading such posts I thought of sharing this post about coffee culture around the world because it is really interesting how people enjoy their cup of coffee in different ways.

Coffee around the world
Coffee plant
Coffee Culture in Sri Lanka

As a Sri Lankan, I enjoy my coffee as a hot beverage. However in Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea is popular than coffee. But do you know that before tea was introduced, Sri Lanka was popular for its Ceylon Coffee? Anyway in Sri Lanka, generally coffee is considered as a beverage that drinks when there is a stomach problem. People don’t drink coffee daily. As coffee can make you constipated, it is just a drink that is served rarely or when someone is with bad stomach. Sounds funny right? 🙂

Coffee around the world
A cup of coffee prepared in Sri Lankan style (plain coffee with sugar)

In Sri Lanka,traditionally coffee is prepared plain with sugar making it a cup of ‘kopi’ or when milk is added it is called ‘kiri kopi.’


When I came to Singapore, I was amazed by watching how people drink coffee. I could always see a cup of coffee on my colleagues’ tables while they work. They drink lot of coffee throughout the days.These coffee are full of aroma which could make me too a coffee lover!

In Singapore there are many coffee shops which anyone can buy high quality coffee beans and coffee powder freshly ground.There are also places to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

Coffee around the world
A cup of Kopitiam Kopi (coffee with condensed milk as sweetener)

In Singapore you can find different coffee preparations including Kopi (coffee with sweetened condensed milk), Kopi-O (coffee with sugar but without milk) and even as Kopi Peng (iced coffee).Places like Kopitiam are popular for tasting a traditional cup of coffee while spending time watching around or talking with friends.


In Malaysia I found similar coffee culture to Singapore. Their traditional coffee preparation is similar to Singapore versions. Kopi or Kopi-O is most popular as traditional way of serving coffee. But, there are still popular coffee brands which serves coffee including international styles.

Coffee around the world
Even in McDonalds,you can find your cup of coffee!

Living and travelling frequently to destinations in above 3 countries, I found that it is interesting to experience coffee in different ways. Below are some other countries which enjoy coffee as a favorite drink.


In Morocco you will find spiced coffee brewed with spices such as nutmeg, sesame seeds and black pepper


Turkey is another country popular for its unique ways of preparing coffee. Roasted Coffee beans are   finely grounded. Then they simmer coffee before serving. Turkish coffee is served without filtering.


Spain coffee is served as espresso drink prepared with condensed milk to add sweetness.


In Austria coffee is prepared with sugar as a sweetener. However they also add an egg yolk, and cognac to their coffee.


In Australia, coffee is a popular drink. They add enough milk and prepare coffee as a cappuccino or a latte

Above are some of the interesting ways people drink coffee around the world. How about you? How do you enjoy your cup of coffee?


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