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Are you Planning to Travel in Debt?

It is unlikely to think that people who are in debt do not wish to travel. However, you do need to have proper planning to travel to your favorite place without causing any negative impact on your debt payouts.

Yes, one of the most significant things about vacations and travelling is balancing your expenses, saving and debt payments. There are a lot of people who have incredible vacations but they end up coming broke to their houses. However, you cannot do this or else your debt trap would transform into bankruptcy.

Are you Planning to Travel in Debt?

But surely, it doesn’t mean that you cannot ever travel with debt

If you’re under student loan, home loan or consumer debt and do not have any real plan to clearing it out in the near future, then surely you cannot afford to go out on a tour. Though it is a little sad statement but you surely need to learn to separate money for your self-expense.

But, if you have a good debt payout program and an efficient debt consolidation loan strategy, then an actual holiday is waiting for you.

With the right division of money and optimum allocation, you can easily extract some of the amount and secure for your travelling expenses.  For instance, if you have an income of $10,000 per month and you need to pay $3100 for your debt, then after keeping some of the money for your daily expenses and fixed expenditure, you can save the rest for your travel. This way you wouldn’t get a complete burden of your tour expenses on one month. Short and little savings can also add up to a major amount and allow you to cover your bulk expenses.

Are you Planning to Travel in Debt?

Holidays have an intrinsic value

Those people who like to travel, they know that holidays hold an intrinsic value. It helps in keeping you active and excited for your life ahead. They add charisma and interest to your life. If you try to eat locally, opt to stay in a hostel, motel or shared apartment rather than 5-star, you could save a lot more even on your outings.

The major questions which arise when you wish to save for travelling along with covering your debt are:

  • How can you save, draft a budget for travelling, along with your debt payouts?
  • What are the guidelines to cut down travel costs?
  • How can you carry out both the things side by side with ease?
  • What should you do to make your travel easy and peaceful without worrying about your debt?

Check online to get answers to the above questions. If you’re really looking forward to travel, then you just have to save enough to go out and surely you will grind away your debt with ease. Seek for best debt consolidation loans that suits your condition and you will have no problem in solving your debt issues. Do not overstress your pocket. Think rationally and then plan your trip accordingly. This way you shall not have trouble managing your expenses.


Tips for booking Hotel Accommodation in India

The tourism industry has played a key role in improving the country’s economy. The availability of abundant tourist destination centers in the country sees a number of tourists flocking the country for their vacations. The country has a number of historical destinations to visit. Goa, Kerala and Digha are some of the best tourist destinations of India. As such, it is important to understand some of the best destinations in India that can ensure one gets value for their money.

Taj Mahal 

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
This is a white marble mausoleum that is found in Agra. It was built in remembrance of Mumtaz Mahal Shah Jahan’s third wife. This marble has received wide recognition because of the significance it has to Muslim in India. In terms of art, many people believe that Taj Mahal is the best and finest example of the Mughal architecture. It is a combination of Persian, Islamic, Ottoman, Indian and Turkish architectural styles means that it is regarded as the world’s masterpiece heritage. It is because of this that UNESCO considered it as its World Heritage Site in 1983. This site is a major attraction center for tourists in India.
Corbett National Park

Corbett is India’s earliest and oldest national park. It was established by a legendary tiger hunter known as Jim Corbett and has played a key role of attracting several tourists to the country. Located in Uttarakhand, the site offers a tourist attraction only three hours from Nainital. The fact that it has five zones means that tourists get the perfect opportunity to experience various environments within the same park. Jhirna, the park’s largest zone is always open all through the year. It is very easy to spot a tiger in this park. The abundance of other fauna and flora in the park is also very high. However, charges are very high for foreigners.

Elephanta Caves

These caves located in Elephanta Island are considered as a network of sculpted caves. The island has two groups of caves; Hindu caves and Buddhist caves. The ancient caves are dated back to the 5th century and until now, the original builders are not known. They have attracted many tourists, contributing to the economic growth of the country.

Kanha National Park

Although India boasts a number of National Parks, few can offer a relaxing experience similar to Kanha National Park. Located in Madhya Pradesh, this park is widely known for being the setting of a novel, The Jungle Book. Most researchers in India prefer this park and as a result, many endangered species are saved here. Swamp deer and tigers are easy to spot in this park. Its rich variety of animals and birds is its major attraction component.

Visit Goa
Goa is another beautiful destination of India where you will find attractive and romantic beaches to spend the day. While Goa is full of different attractions you can easily find the best activities to do during your stay with your choices. If you look for a romantic getaway in Goa, beach locations can be ideal. If it is a family holiday, you will find many ideas from spending time on beach activities to visiting temples. To find the best attractions and things to do in Goa, click here. You will find the best things to do in Goa, India!
Humayun’s Tomb 
 The Best Tourist Destinations of India
Photo Credit:
This tomb is located in Delhi and is where Emperor Humayun was buried. Bega Begum, who was Humayun’s first wife commissioned the tomb. In India, the tomb is highly valued for its historical value. It has played a crucial role in attracting tourists and as such, earned the country the much needed foreign exchange.
The Best Tourist Destinations of India
Beautiful Kerala
Because the country has several tourist attractions, the country receives several tourists in a year. The hospitality of the locals also plays a crucial role. However, in order to tour the country, it is important for one to get an Indian Visa.




Safety and security in Phnom Penh Cambodia

If you are planning a trip to Phnom Penh, then you also need to know some safety tips same as your concern to the attractions and things to do in Phnom Penh. Recently we visited Phnom Penh, however we had really safe and memorable trip there without any single issue. Although we spent our evenings along the riverside and inside the restaurants, we also prepared with travel safety tips specially for Phnom Penh. As we travelled with a kid and as a family, we always considered safety tips and also received some advice from the hotel staff we stayed.

Here are some possible risks in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and how you can prevent those by preparing for such situations. These all are as we heard from the hotel staff and some of the tuk tuk drivers we talked. Hope these tips will be helpful for you to enjoy a pleasant holiday among all the things to do in Phnom Penh!

Prepare for Bag snatching

Bag snatching is common in city area and as we heard these things can be happened by a passing by motorcycle. In Phnom Penh, you will find lot of motor cycles. Sometimes it is unbelievable when we saw traffic by motor bikes. To keep your things safe, never wear your bag on back. Keep your bag inside when you travel by a tuk tuk. Also keep the valuable items locked in the safe in your hotel room when you visit out.

When you walk for a little distance or if you enjoy a walking city tour, wear your bag, camera and other accessories on the shoulder which is not on the traffic side.

Keep your smart phones inside

We also used our normal digital camera for photographing the street views and we did not want to take our smart phones out.

Hire tuk tuks with safe

Phnom Penh safety

Always try to hire tuk tuks with the help of your hotel staff. We usually hired tuk tuks which are parked in front of the hotel we stayed. Also keep some idea on taxi rates. Usually tuk tuk rates are $2- $4 for short trips across the city.(in February 2017) When you have some idea on the rates, you don’t have to worry about paying higher rates for the tuk tuk drivers. It is possible that tuk tuk drivers will ask you some higher amount or they will also ask more money when you complete your ride. Before you get into the tuk tuk, remember to agree the rate. Also if they ask more money when you complete the ride and if it is an amount of few dollars, better to pay than arguing. Bargaining is common in Phnom Penh. If your tuk tuk driver asks for $4, you can bargain with them for a $3 ride. Anyway after all it is all about $1-$2 discount and better not to argue with them much. 🙂

We had tuk tuk rides around the city of Phnom Penh during our Phnom Penh itinerary and we didn’t face any problem.These are some tips to keep in your mind to spend a safe holiday in Phnom Penh.

Hire taxis for night time

If you want to enjoy night life or if you plan travelling at night, always taxis are better than tuk tuks and motos. There are taxi companies which you can contact or you can always seek the help from the hotel staff. When you alight from your taxi, always be aware of the surrounding for your safe.

Safety Tips to Visit Phnom Penh - Cambodia
Street views from Phnom Penh – Cambodia
Learn about travel safety before you travel

Read more about travel safety and be equipped with tips and ideas to prevent security issues in Phnom Penh. You can also check online travel safety training course and learn more about how to behave in a situation if you become a victim. It is better to know more about accommodation safety, about facing the challenges in a new place and how to face for natural disasters before you travel. This will be helpful to you not only to travel Phnom Penh but to travel anywhere in the world.

Don’t buy things from the kids or don’t give money to them

We also found kids selling items in front of Royal Palace. It is a really pity thing to see. However we found lot of advices which asks not to buy from kids. Behind these kids, there are adults who do the business using the kids to get attention.

Also there are campaigns in Phnom Penh which raise awareness about orphanages. ‘Don’t create more Orphans’ is one of the slogan I came across. Think twice before you donate to orphanages. Check properly and decide. Work with reputed institutions if you plan for donations during your stay in Phnom Penh.

It is advised to support families not for orphanages. It seems some orphanages recruit kids to attract donations. Although I am not so sure of such kind of activities in Phnom Penh, I came across articles and banners which spread the message of ‘don’t create more Orphans’

Buy Traveller’s insurance

In Cambodia, there are international hospitals. However medical facilities are not up to international standards everywhere. As I found the medical facilities are limited and evacuation cost can be extremely high. So, in order to cover your costs in an emergency it is always a better idea to buy traveller’s insurance which can cover at least the basic emergency situations which can happen.

Above are some of the travel safety tips and possible scams which you will face in Phnom Penh. However, if you know how to behave and if you have some idea of possible incidents, you are always safe. We had really safe and enjoyable trip in Phnom Penh and we would love to visit Phnom Penh and other parts of Cambodia again!




The Ultimate Guide to Buying Round The World Tickets

Travelling will always be one of the most satisfying ways to de-stress from life. It is something that initiates the discovery of your inner self while enjoying the marvels of the planet. And if you’re on your quest to venture the unknown, you might want to consider Round The World tickets or commonly known as RTW tickets.

This travelling option can be a great way to explore the world, especially for those who don’t want to feel the burden of instant flight bookings or those who depend on fixed travel itineraries. Not only will you appreciate the pre-booking of all your tickets, you can also save heaps of money because of discounts and freebies. However, RTW tickets are not for everyone as these tickets come with certain conditions that may limit you from your trip. Thus, it is best to know how RTW tickets work and consider its advantages, as well as its disadvantages, to make your travelling escapade more meaningful and memorable.

How do RTW tickets work?
The Ultimate Guide to Buying Round The World Tickets
The Huffington Post

RTW tickets are airline alliance tickets that can be used with one airline, along with their partners. The airline alliance features a partnership between other companies to make booking and travelling on plane more convenient for travellers. These particular tickets are ideal for people in long-term travel with specific travel dates.


Booking an RTW ticket needs to be carefully plan ahead of time. There are certain rules you need to abide, and conditions you need to follow. Most RTW tickets are priced between $2, 000 to $10, 000 USD and could go as cheap as $1, 500 for a two or three-stop ticket. Some companies give the passengers the chance to change the dates and time for free, as long as there is no change in destination.


Though it is good to book with the airline directly, it is better to book through a third party to get a nicer deal. Some of the notable agencies that could help you are STA Travel, Airtreks and Flight Centre. These third parties not just deal with one airline but also other alliances, giving you a lot of options and finding the best price to save money.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Round The World Tickets
Late Departure

RTW tickets are great for travellers with fixed mindset when it comes to travelling. Those who prefer detailed schedules than spontaneous trips are ideally the perfect match for RTW tickets as they can save not just time, but also money. Buying tickets separately can be very expensive, especially if booked just hours before the flight. You will also have access to over 1, 000 destinations without breaking a sweat. The partnership of the airlines enables you to travel around the world with comfort and convenience. Aside from the accessibility and ease, frequent usage of RTW tickets will also let you accumulate points, giving you the chance to upgrade your passenger status and enjoy some special rewards given by the airline alliances.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Round The World Tickets
The Huffington Post

Although RTW tickets are much cheaper than separately-booked tickets, these come with numerous conditions you need to abide with. In general, these tickets are not meant to be changed, though there are some airlines who allow altering the dates. Most of these tickets are apportioned to only limited number, so changing the dates may cause delayed travels. Aside from the strict stipulations, RTW tickets entail set of schedules you need to follow at all times. Spontaneity and extensions may not be your buddies, creating certain restrictions to your trip. There are always places along the way that may capture your heart, and makes you decide to stay longer. However, with these particular tickets, you have limited chances of rebooking without dealing some consequences.

Top 3 Airline Alliances

Oneworld is one of the prominent airlines that offers RTW tickets to passengers. The company features three different levels of miles in the economy, business and first class. Some of positive takes about Oneworld is its no maximum mileage limit and number of continent base that could reach up to 16 segments, which means 16 flights. Every segment is the same, whether it’s a 3-hour flight or 12-hour journey. Thus, you can maximize the long-haul flights. However, just like most airline alliances, all stopovers in a particular country are included in the segment counting, though there are no costly overland penalties.

Star Alliance 

Star Alliance highlights its diverse selection of passes that ranges from 26, 000 miles to 39, 000 miles increments, along with its 15 segments. The miles will let you travel to at least three continents— the more miles you have in your ticket, the more places you can explore. However, the longer miles, the more costly it goes. The airline also requires travellers to start and end his travel in the same country, and does not allow backtracking of routes as it counts against the mileage total.

Sky Team

Another popular choice for RTW tickets is the Sky Team, which emphasizes  its Round the World Planner. This planner helps you create your most convenient routes and gives you alternatives prior to booking your tickets. The airline can also be cheaper and easier than other companies on fleet when it comes to changing dates. However, the date changes are subject to checking, giving you restricted options. With 15 segments given, you have the freedom where to start, but your plane route must included one transpacific and one transatlantic flight, together with one flight between Areas 2 and 3. You can book your first route, then leave the consequent dates open.

The Bottom Line

In the end, RTW tickets may be good for some, but definitely not for all. Some may swear by its goodness, but some may also not appreciate its restrictions. Choosing these special tickets largely depend on your personal preferences. You need to plan ahead of time if this option is the right one for you. Consider not just the money you can save from pre-booking, but also your convenience and comfort. Consequently, don’t just rule this nice option out and figure out the best for your trip.

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zip line course

Zip line canopy tours of Blue Ridge is just a few minutes’ drive from the red apple cabin. The owner’s dogs will greet you as they follow you all most the whole trip. The large log lodge that the tour meets in, is beautiful, and has a small shop inside where you can purchase shirts and your pictures that the guilds take of you flying through the trees. There you can find your inner thrill seeking self as you fly over the Smokey Mountain tree line and over lakes filled with trout.  There you can pick from a one or two hour tour. I say go Big, we went for the 2 hour tour and were so happy we did, it included about twice as many zips. Our guilds were very well seasoned and provided comic relief for those who were nervous… I will say, bring a light coat, you are up so high, and the winds really pick up. All of our equipment was provided and a short informational demo at the start of the tour was most helpful. I will say, eat some POUND cake before you go, cause if you do not weigh much you have a hard time getting to the end of the line. However, the guilds will laugh and come rescue you! The grounds that the zip line course is on are surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and lies within acres of the Chattahoochee National forest.

zip line course

Our group was made up of about 12 people, young and old. All there to help each other stay untangled and help with the ropes. Be ok with getting close to others, because the landing docks are small and you come flying in pretty fast. There are a few flights of stairs you will have to climb, but you are after all looking out at some of the most beautiful countryside, so take your time and take it in, because once you start your zip you can reach speeds of 35 MPH and everything goes right by.

We always stay at the Red Apple Cabin when we vacation in Blue Ridge. This log cabin on top of Prince Mountain is only five minutes by car to the zip line course and less than fifteen minutes to downtown Blue Ridge Georgia.

I think my favorite part of the tour, are the three-foot bridges you must walk across. They are a somewhat shaky experience but lend for some great laughs and give you that sea leg feeling when you are done for the day.

This trip I did with my 13-year-old daughter, as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loved it, had no fear and wants to return. I think I was more scared for her, sending my daughter down a zip line above the trees was a little nerve racking, but the guilds assured us all of all the safety measures before we even started the hike up the hill.

The Zip line Canopy Tour group also offer an offsite rope course, river rafting, tubing, kayaking and paddle boarding. I have yet to do the rope coarse, but hear it’s a trill and even has had grown men tearing up, can’t wait. I hear that the tour has a haunted Halloween zip line tour, sounds spooky and fun. The best time to fly through the trees is, dare I say, Fall! The colors of the autumn trees are amazing in November, and I can only imagine the beauty they would lend to your zip!

Best of House Swap

It is no secret that nowadays tourism is a favorite activity of millions of people. It is noteworthy that there are more and more options for vacation in another city or in a foreign country. For example, so-called hospitality networks have recently become very popular with experienced travelers.

What Is Hospitality Network?

The term “hospitality network” means a kind of community of like-minded persons who are ready to provide other club members with their homes at no cost in exchange for the same help.

The first progenitors of hospitality networks appeared long ago in 1949, but at that time such networks didn’t achieve great popularity. In the age of information technologies, hospitality networks have been brought to life: modern and more convenient services implemented on the Internet have appeared.

One of the most popular networks is CouchSurfing, an American project due to which, by the way, all such services are called “couch surfing” now. Unfortunately, the official website of the CouchSurfing project is difficult for a new user to perceive.

Best of House Swap

CouchSurfing Analog

Here is the question: “Is there any analog for CouchSurfing?” Yes, and this is the service called Swap-House ( website offers localization in English and Russian and it is not overloaded with unnecessary settings.

Advantages of the official website of Swap-House over CouchSurfing include:

  • simple registration
  • large number of members from all over the world
  • description of the house includes not only the photo of the owner, but also pictures of the house itself (you will agree, everyone wants to see the place where he is going to overnight).

Among the advantages mentioned above, it should be also noted that Swap-House combines 2 popular services at the same time:

Hospitality Network

It is that CouchSurfing mentioned above. People invite a tourist from another city/country and can not only provide him with a room or a bed, but also keep him company and show him local sights.

Home Exchange

If you have watched the film named The Holiday with Cameron Diaz in the lead, you already understand what it is. Club members from different countries exchange their houses during vacation.

To sum it up, Swap-House will be of interest of those users who are going on a trip and want to save on housing considerably. One of the two services combined on the website allows to find the best version of accommodation.

Have a pleasant journey and meet new acquaintances!


If you look for things to do in Phnom Penh or places to visit in Phnom Penh,I hope this post is helpful for you as I wrote this after our experience in recent Cambodia,Phnom Penh holiday!This is the list of top things to do in phnom penh although there are many other activities available.

Besides checking out Phnom Penh’s many rich historical and cultural sites, there are many other things to do in Phnom Penh. For example, there are many shops where you can buy many unique and exciting items. For food lovers, there are many places to enjoy a unique dining experience. And, for those who want to indulge them at a spa, Phnom Penh has numerous exciting spas that offer excellent service. Best of all, Phnom Penh has a very vibrant nightlife.

Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel
Don’t forget the Local Delights from Cambodia

If you are looking for exciting things to do in Phnom Penh, then make it a point to set aside a couple of days to explore the city and all that it has to offer. The Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda are obviously at the top of everyone’s wish list. There are also places like Toul Sleng Genocide Museum and the infamous Khmer Rouge Killing Fields. Other places of interest include the National Museum and the Russian Market.

Besides visiting these places you should also enjoy the traditional performance called Plae Pakaa/Fruitful, which you can see at the National Museum. The Angkoria-era ruins are another item to include on things to do in Phnom Penh. Though these ruins are not exactly in the city, they do lie pretty close by and hence can be included in your itinerary.

If you wish to explore the city, then you can hire a tuk tuk easily. Having a city tour on a cyclo is another option. Among all these options you can even enjoy walking tour around the city to get a better close-up look at this amazing city of Cambodia. As Tuk tuks are commonly available for really cheap rates, it is always easy to hire a tuk tuk driver who is also a guide to take you to places like Toule Sleng and the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields.

Phnom Penh itinerary-tuk-tuk-rides
We always loved city tour by Tuk Tuks.That’s the easiest transport mode in Phnom Penh.

Among the many things to do in Phnom Penh, below are the major attractions and must visit places in Phnom Penh.

Things to do in Phnom Penh ,Cambodia
Visit The National Museum
National Museum phnom penh
National Museum Phnom Penh – Inner Courtyard

The National Museum houses some very important Khmer artifacts. In fact, there are more than 5000 objects there including the statues from the Angkorian era. Be sure to also check out the Leper King statue and the gigantic eleventh century Vishnu statue, which is made out of bronze. Admission to the National Museum costs 5 dollars and the museum is open from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening everyday.

Read more about National Museum Phnom Penh

Admire The Royal Palace

Pnom Penh itinerary

The Royal Palace is situated on Sothearos Blvd on the riverfront side between 240 Street and 184 Street. This palace is considered as the home to the King. This is the venue where various court ceremonies take place.  Royal Palace is the symbol of the Kingdom of Cambodia. So, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the Royal Palace when you are in Phnom Penh.

After King Nordom and the French protectorate relocated it to Phnom Penh from Oudong in 1866, the Royal Palace has become an excellent symbol of the Kingdom. The Silver Pagoda (Wat Preah Keo Morokat) is attached to the palace and is a very unique pagoda. Cost of admission to the Palace is about 6.25 dollars.

Spend time at the Wat Phnom
Phnom Penh things to do
Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is renowned for being the place where the capital city of Cambodia (Phnom Penh) was first founded. According to legend, Lady Penh successfully fished a floating Koki tree from the river. The tree contained various Buddhist statues. Lady Penh built a hill (penh in Cambodian language) along with a tiny temple (wat) at this site. Cost of admission to Wat Phnom is one dollar per person.

Glance the Independence Monument
Phnom Penh attractions
Independence Monument

The Independence Monument was established on the 9th of November 1962 to celebrate the country’s independence from foreign rulers. Well-known architect Vann Molyvann constructed it. Today, it is a symbol of the people who died while fighting for the independence of their country.

Walk along The River Front

Phnom Penh itinerary

The River Front is home to many important cultural sites. It is also home to numerous pubs and restaurants as well as shops that each overlooks the place where the Tonle Sap, Mekong and Bassac Rivers converge.

Walking along the river front can be exciting in the evening while indulging in a restaurant along the river Front area. You will find many food choices and pubs in this area. Having accommodation near to River Front area will be great as most other major attractions are in walking distance to river side.

Don’t forget the River Cruises
Things to do in Phnom Penh -Cambodia
River Cruise in Phnom Penh

It makes sense to take a river cruise on the Tonle Sap River. Most cruises last for between one and two hours and provide you with an opportunity to view the picturesque Royal Palace as well as the city’s skyline.

A sunset river cruise can be really interesting. During the holiday which we were in Phnom Penh, we enjoyed all these views and it was really exciting experience in Cambodia!

Visit Choeung Ek Memorial or The Killing Fields

The Khmer Rouge killed large numbers of Cambodians and dumped their dead bodies at the many killing fields that are scattered in different parts of the country. Before 1975, Choeung Ek was a cemetery that held dead bodies of Chinese people. However, it became a killing field and became the site where more than 17000 people including children were executed. Cost of admission to the Killing Fields is 6 dollars.

Although you will not get excited by visiting the killing fields of Phnom Penh, it will be a place to find the recent history of the country.

Visit Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

Before 1975 Toul Sleng was a high school but after the Khmer Rouge got power they converted it into a jail and interrogation facility. Here inmates were tortured and subsequently executed.

Shop at Central Market, Russian Market and Night Market
Phsar Thmey (Central Market) of Phnom Penh,Cambodia
Phsar Thmey (Central Market) of Phnom Penh,Cambodia

The traditional markets in Phnom Penh include the Central Market, Russian Market and the Night Market. There are many other markets too which you can explore to find the local lifestyle .These markets are open from sunrise to sunset. Other than these places make sure to check out the traditional dance performance at the National Museum.

Visit Wat Langka

Wat Langka lies close to Independence Monument and is one of the original pagodas of the country. This temple is also a place for ceremonies and events. If you visit the independence monument, don’t forget to visit this Buddhist temple which is located just few meters away.

Experience the Buddhist Culture at Wat Ounalom
Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia

Wat Ounalom is a sprawling wat (pagoda) that lies in the very center of the riverfront district and is home to a number of golden temples and large sized stupas. Also popular as eyebrow temple, this Buddhist temple is a must see attraction in Phnom Penh.

Read more about Wat Ounalom

Above are some of the must see attractions in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There are many other attractions and activities that you can do during your holiday in this capital city of Cambodia. As we travelled with our kid, we also visited Kids City Asia which is the best kids attraction in Phnom Penh. We stayed in Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel which is friendly, comfortable and located near to most of the attractions.

Have you been to Phnom Penh,Cambodia?Check our Phnom Penh itinerary if you plan a holiday in Phnom Penh!

Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel
Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel -Phnom Penh

Accommodation plays a major part in any trip. With comfortable accommodation, you will sure enjoy your holiday. It was same for us when we were in Phnom Penh few weeks ago. We were lucky to spend 3 comfortable nights at Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel Phnom Penh with our 3 years old son. Why I mentioned about the kid? Parents who travel with kids know why your accommodation should be kids friendly when you travel with kids. When the kid enjoys the place, parents automatically get the comfortable and relaxing holiday experience. I guess I am correct!

Phnom Penh itinerary
From the flower arrangements of Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel was another holiday and we planned to visit Cambodia. As mentioned in our Phnom Penh itinerary, we spent 3 nights in Phnom Penh visiting the major attractions. As Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel is strategically located near most of the major attractions in Phnom Penh, we could easily visit those places daily without getting much tired or without wanting to travel much distance.

Where to stay in Phnom Penh?

Where to stay in Phnom Penh?This was our one of the first concerns at the time we were planning our Phnom Penh holiday.Among the many hotels in Phnom Penh Cambodia,finally we decided to book Frangipani Royal Palace hotel based on the reviews and views of the rooms we found over the web.Our decision was not wrong.It is one of the best hotels phnom penh cambodia which is comfortable and cozy!

Our Stay in Delux Double Room of Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel
Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel
Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel Lobby Area

We booked our Phnom Penh accommodation through Agoda. However, as always we were in doubt until we saw the actual location. The day we entered into this hotel in Phnom Penh, I was truly amazed with the beautiful interior. That is my concern always. I always look for calm and relaxing spacious places to stay during any of our holidays. Then for my husband, it was the location and services. Yes, I check for such things too.

When we entered into the hotel, the staff greeted us and welcomed with a drink. That was really helpful to satisfy our thirst after few hours flying and travelling. Then the room! That’s the exciting part for any holiday!

The Room
Frangipani-Royal-Palace-hotel-review-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Delux Double Room of Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel

The room! Yes, it looked like Royal! The blend of red and white colours created the room a Royal looked romantic and it looked energetic. At first sight I was attracted to it. And for our kid, it was a spacious room to run around.

Cleanliness was up to satisfied level. The bathroom in our room was clean, tidy and with pleasant look. The view from our room is just fantastic as it was faced to Wat Ounalom. I could watch sunrise early in the morning and beautiful city view with lights at the night time.

Check the current rates.


Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel

Our room rates came with breakfast. So we enjoyed breakfast from the hotel each day. The staff is really helpful and friendly. As my kid is talkative, he started talking with staff during these breakfast sessions making our trip memorable. 🙂

Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel
Local Delights from Cambodia

Breakfast Buffet was with different food choices including local food from Phnom Penh and other choices. Overall we are satisfied with our experience in Phnom Penh in Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel!

Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel Review
We were spoiled with different food choices! 🙂

During our last night, we had dinner from the hotel restaurant. The restaurant at the roof top is excellent for having dinner with views of riverfront.

Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel
Dinner at Roof top restaurant is an ideal way to enjoy the city view!

If you visit Phnom Penh, this hotel is ideal to spend the night as it is located in walking distance to major attractions of Phnom Penh. The national Museum of Phnom Penh is less than 5 minutes’ walk. The Royal Palace is also in around 6-7 minutes walking distance. Other nearby attractions include the Riverfront area and Wat Ounalom which is less than 10 minutes walking distance.

Other than these attractions, there are souvenir shops and other temples around the hotel area. We could hire Tuk Tuks easily whenever we visited the other attractions such as Wat Phnom. The cost for Tuk Tuk to other city areas was around $4 from this hotel.

Other facilities and services
Phnom Penh itinerary
Roof top pool area

Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel is equipped with basic amenities which you look for in any comfortable hotel room. Other than that, this hotel is with a pool on roof top and also a spa.

We want to highlight the friendly staff. They were absolutely friendly and we were greeted with their best smile and service. This was our first time in Cambodia. So, this friendly staff gave us a hint of hospitality and friendliness of local Cambodian people. You will sure have memorable time there while talking with the staff during your stay if you visit Phnom Penh!

How to book Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel?

We booked our hotel room through Agoda.

You can also check Hoteltopia for the current rates.Check current rates of Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel.

This hotel is also available on AirBnb. Use this link to book and save up to $50 SGD travel credit.

Disclosure: We stayed at this hotel and we booked the room via Agoda.This review is based on our actual experiences and thoughts.Also this post contains affiliate links.


Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia

Located facing the riverfront area along the Sisowath Quay, Wat Ounalom is one of the Buddhist temples that you must visit in your trip to Cambodia, Phnom Penh. As one of the major attractions suggested for things to see in Phnom Penh, this Buddhist temple attracts majority of the visitors to Phnom Penh as a place for learning about the Buddhist culture.So, it was same for us. During our recent Phnom Penh trip, we didn’t forget to visit the Wat Ounalom in an afternoon.

Wat Ounalom – Why is it popular as Eyebrow Temple?
Wat Ounolam Pagoda/Stupa
Wat Ounolam Pagoda/Stupa

This temple is also popular as eyebrow temple.Named as King Ponhea Yat in Khmer, the language of Cambodia  which means ‘Eyebrow Temple’ ,this Buddhist temple has a historical value.As per records,Wat Ounalom was built in 1443.The stupa of the temple contains an eyebrow hair (ounalom) of Lord Buddha which makes this temple a sacred place.

Our visit to Wat Ounalom and interesting things to see

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia

The day we visited Wat Ounalom was a bit sunny afternoon. The temple was not so crowded. So we could spend time watching the beautiful sculptures and statues. The temple building is with beautiful architectural features and decorations with highlights of the golden temples.

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
This temple is a home for the Buddhist patriarch and serves as one of the major Buddhist center of the country. It is also known as the oldest Buddhist foundation in the city of Phnom Penh.
Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Buddha Statues at the temple grounds

We visited the temple and we could meet and talk with some Buddhist monks too. That was a great opportunity for us as we could talk about Buddhism and close religious relationships between Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Inside the shrine room

If you visit Phnom Penh city,don’t forget to visit this beautiful temple.It also provides beautiful views of riverfront when you are in the top level of the Buddhist temple.

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
View of riverfront from the top level of Wat Ounalom,Phnom Penh
Helpful tips to Visit Wat Ounalom
Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Cyclos at the entrance of the Wat Ounalom

Location: Samdech Sothearos Blvd Central Phnom Penh

Entrance fee: Free attraction. No entrance fee. However, you can donate money for the temple if you like.

Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00

Please wear appropriate clothes when you visit this temple.(Shoulder covered, long dress at least upto the knee).Please read this post on how to visit a Buddhist Temple.

It is Located at the riverfront area which you can easily walk in the same trip to riverfront.

At the gate of the temple, there are people who ride cyclos. After visiting the temple, you can hire a cyclo for a city visit if you like such a ride.

There are tour guides available who also owns tuk tuks. If you like to visit other attractions, you can easily find a tour guide who is also a tuk tuk driver.


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