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Are you heading off on the road? Read below for some of the things to keep in mind when you’re road tripping, day tripping or just heading out on a Sunday drive.

Play it safe

Tips for the Road : Remembering the Basics

We should all know the drill by know – speed and fatigue kills. Yet it can be tempting when you’re behind schedule to try to push the limit to make up for lost time. DON’T! It’s really not worth saving an extra few minutes on your journey. Unfortunately, many people forget that especially when you’re driving in a less familiar area there will be hazards that you’re not accustomed to, from slow moving locals to sharp bends in the road that sneak up on you.  For this reason stick to the limit and take breaks. One of the beauties about Australia is the gorgeous country towns, or even an abundance of road houses and rest stops if you prefer to stay on the freeways and highways.

Transit convenience

Getting around inner city areas and the surrounds can be a much more complicated exercise when you’re weighed down with luggage and unfamiliar with the area. Public transport can be confusing and may not suit your schedule. If you fall into this category car hire could be an option that saves you time and money, especially if you have a group to transport. Whether you select a car or something larger, basically every major city in the world will have some options for vehicle hire to get you where you need to be. If you’re around a particularly busy area like Sydney, you might opt for minibus hire with a driver. This makes navigating peak hour traffic and all those one way streets a lot less stressful. Many people also use drivers when they are having a day trip and they don’t want to lump one person with a long drive. If you’re caravanning or road tripping, day hire of smaller vehicles can also be convenient when you don’t want to cart all your belongings with you, especially if you have a primo car spot selected for your motorhome already.

Can I ask directions?

Tips for the Road

It may seem basic, but many of us have lost the art of map reading thanks to modern technology. In well populated areas this may not be a problem, but flat batteries, lack or reception and lack of street signs can creep us on many of us! For this reason, if you’re heading out in to unfamiliar territory, take a hard copy map that you can refer to if necessary. Along with supplies like a satellite phone, this is essential if you’re in remote areas of outback Australia where GPS signals are not always reliable. Even if you’re sticking to busier towns and road ways, having a look over of the major roads or areas you’ll be passing through on the night before will mean less time staring at a GPS and more time focusing on the road and taking in the various sites.



Amusing times: east coast fun in Australia

If you’re looking to head out to some of Australia’s best theme parks, read below for our east coast guide to all things amusement related. The Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney all have great offerings for the adventure inclined.

Queensland is the theme park capital of Australia with many local and international tourists making a regular pilgrimage to the Gold Coast. Here thrill seekers have a choice of several large parks which are all in close proximity to each other: Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet and Wild, Paradise Country, White Water World. Being spoilt for choice you’ll have to prioritise one or two or spend a few days exploring as many as you can. You can purchase individual entry tickets, but many people opt for a multi-park pass which will save money overall. Best to do tickets ahead of time and skip entry queues, especially over peak times like summer and Easter holidays.

Amusing times: east coast fun in Australia

In New South Wales you’ll find iconic sites such as Luna Park Sydney which you’ll sometimes score a bargain ‘two unlimited ride passes for the price of one’ when they run their Lunancy promotion. Amongst the Tango Train, Flying Saucer and Wild Mouse Coaster you’ll find carnival classics like dodge-em cars, a carousel and mirror maze. A central location means that you can spend a few hours here or all day and not need to travel too far to your next destination.

Still under construction, the famous Wonderland in Sydney which closed its doors in 2004 is set to reopen by 2021 on a new site. Not only is this new attraction earmarked to include some of the classic (but updated) rides from Wonderland, but will also offer resort hotels, a water park and a shopping precinct. With an operations manager from Orlando Disney World on board, watch this space for the appearance of an epic theme park that will make NSW a much more attractive destination for theme park lovers.

Amusing times: east coast fun in Australia

In the southern state of Victoria, people are often pleasantly surprised to find a good selection of both amusement and water parks, often on the same site. In terms of amusement parks near Melbourne, one of the largest of is Adventure Park which is just out of Geelong. You can easily spend a day here on both rides and the extensive water park with slides, play areas and pools for all ages. Gumbuya World in Tynong recently underwent a million dollar refurbishment to their original aging amusement park and wildlife sanctuary Gumbuya Park. Here you’ll also find a large water park and rides such as roller coasters alongside everyone’s favourite classics like the wildlife trail and the iconic Golden Pheasant that’s still there to greet visitors upon entry. Funfields is another popular choice that also features wet and dry rides, and they too have recently opened up new rides to entice visitors through their gates. They also boast a 360 degrees virtual reality ride which utilises top of the line Samsung VR headsets – give it a try!.


Why the UK is a Great Place to Visit

It would take more than a lifetime to completely explore the home nations of the United Kingdom, so when you are there on a short holiday you need to make the best of it. It is always good to visit with a good itinerary in your head as there will be a lot of travelling involved. You will also benefit from certain hacks that would save you money, be it transportation or entertainment.

The Free Stuff is the Best

Why the UK is a Great Place to Visit

Despite the fact that costs here are high, there are so many places in the UK that you can visit for free. Your experience as a curious traveller will not be compromised by a limited budget if you do your research well. Some of the best museums in the world are in London and you can step in without a fee. These include the British Museum and the National History Museum

How to Choose a Pub

The pub is an important part of social life here. Remember that in Britain, the ale is served at room temperature. If you are looking for a cool brew, that would be a lager. Some familiar selections would be Guinness, Carling, Carlsberg, Stella and Heineken, but more importantly, the good pubs have some of their own niche local beers on tap.

How to Get Around

Public transport in the UK can be notoriously expensive but with advanced bookings, you can save on bus and flight tickets (for longer shuttles). The Oyster smart card helps you access multiple transport modes across Greater London at a discounted price. If you plan to rent a car, remember that in the UK they drive on the left of the road. Walking is recommended in the cities.

Heading North

Why the UK is a Great Place to Visit

Natural beauty is in abundance in the UK, and Scotland has to be on your list. The Loch Ness is one of Scotland’s most famous lakes and places of interest here include the ruins of the Urquhart Castle and the Caledonian Canal. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, is in Scotland too.  When in Scotland, you should sample some of the famous whiskies of the region. Visit a distillery and enjoy some complimentary shots. Edinburgh’s historic Old Town will immerse you in its history and one of the popular tours here is the Mary King’s Close, famously associated with many ghost stories and similarly morbid tales. The Edinburgh Castle is another monument that will mesmerise you with its legacy and scale.

Quintessential UK Experiences

Apart from spending time at the pub, there are certain other experiences that would make you feel like a local. Not everyone watches the football in the UK, but a lot do. You may not be able to catch a Premier League game but you can always visit a stadium or two. The National Football Museum in Manchester is a great place to learn about the game’s history.

British cuisine is quite distinctive and prioritises local ingredients and simple techniques. A Sunday roast is typical fare – comprising roast beef and potatoes along with the very popular Yorkshire pudding. Kidney pudding and shepherd’s pie are typical pub food and go along well with ale and some football stories. We have all heard of the fish and chips, it cannot get more Brit than this. Scotland is known for its haggis, a preparation of different sheep organs. This one takes getting used to but connoisseurs (and there are many) will tell you it is worth a try. If you head over to Wales, you will encounter a lot of lamb preparations. The UK is full of Indian restaurants although many iconic dishes like the chicken tikka masala originated in the Isles rather than the sub-continent. Then, of course, there is tea and scones.

Finding Lodging

If you are not up for a regular hotel, a great way to experience British hospitality is by staying in a B&B. Lodging standards in the country are high, you are bound to find a clean place at a lower budget. If you are in the cities, try to stay close to train or bus stations so you can move around easier.

Travel insurance is very important when you are abroad. Make sure you have it sorted before you head off for your trip. The UK is a magnet for history and culture connoisseurs and is a life-changing experience for visitors. It also has some of the most dramatic landscapes for those ready to venture beyond the cities. Here are some very useful visitor travel tips that will ensure a perfect trip to this fascinating island.

Road Tripping Uganda with Your Family

Planning your family vacation in Africa? Road tripping is a new trend in East Africa. Many travelers are opting for road trips within Uganda given that it is one of the best family holiday destinations. With several amazing national parks, it is a good idea to take your family on a memorable holiday through some of the best game viewing places on the African continent. Here is some advice to help you get started;

Choose a Good Vehicle

One of the essential things to a successful holiday in having a good and reliable vehicle. Whether you are planning to renting a car on self drive in Uganda or a car with a driver, it is very important to choose a vehicle which is not only comfortable but also spacious to accommodate the members of the family. For a family of up to 4 people, a Land Cruiser can be enough for you and for a family with up to 8 members, a safari van can be the best choice.

You should also pay attention to the safety and reliability of car that also offers the most comfortable atmosphere for you and the family members along the way. The more exciting date, the luxury car hire is not just for vacation with your family but also works best for romantic date. A good journey can be ruined pretty easily in case the car breaks down but you can depend on car hire to be thoroughly checked and work exactly as intended.

Road Tripping Uganda with Your Family

Renting a Car with a Driver

If you fear driving in a foreign country, renting a car with a driver can be a good choice. There is a reason why renting a vehicle with a driver is of a great value if you are to have a memorable holiday in Africa. Traveling with a guide is one of the most exciting travel experience of life time. A good knowledgeable guide will save the day in locating the best places to visit for sightseeing and even offer advice on where to stay! From experience, the guides also help in making better tour plans given that they are well versed with the way activities are conducted in most places visited. With our affordable and excellent car hire services, we would like you to share your travel experiences with your dear ones together, renting a car with a driver is highly recommended for first time visitors to Uganda given that it will make you achieve more in less time.

Opt for Self Drive If You Are Used to Driving in Africa

Many car hire companies in Uganda have opened up the option for you to hire a car without a driver. If you are used to driving in Africa, a self drive tour will make your moves easier and independent. Self drive holidays in Uganda are becoming wildly famous with visitors and holiday travelers. With a self drive car, you get an extra seat in the car! Self driving is also flexible – you will discover the new towns along the way at your own time. You can enjoy the drive experience on smooth routes and highways during your holiday in Uganda.

The most important thing is that you will be able to enjoy private moments with your families without being conscious of a third party present in between you. Moreover, you will like the independence you get when you know you are responsible for your own safari. In case you love your driving and feel you will miss out during your holiday, then a self drive car hire is the best option for you to realize your dreams in Uganda.

Driving your date around in a luxury vehicle tells your partner how useful the date can be to you, it has more space for you relax and chill as you enjoy your music without any worries in the world and makes an ultimate feeling and sets the stage for a greater dinner.

Check Out for Great Deals

There are lots of offers from different car rental companies.  Choosing a reputable car rental agency will make your journeys smooth and memorable. In Uganda today, many people you can easily get comfortable and pocket friendly car rental from different recommended agencies. Do not look for cheap vehicles but look for affordable and reliable cars to use during your safari. The prices for car rental in Uganda largely depends on the rental period you are looking to use the vehicle. Shorter rentals attract higher costs if compared with rentals that exceed 1 week.

Safari Planning Etiquette

Most safaris in Uganda start from Kampala or Entebbe. This is the case with car rentals. Most car hire agencies are within Kampala and Entebbe. There are a few self drive car hire services available in rural towns in Uganda. In most cases you will need to hire a vehicle from Kampala and most agencies are flexible in delivering the vehicle to your preferred location though this comes with a price.

It is also advisable to know in time how the activities are conducted in the national parks. It is advisable to share your itinerary with the agency you are booking with. There are travelers who have missed gorilla tracking after failing to secure gorilla permits in time. For more informative tips on planning your holiday visit the Uganda Info Guide, a resourceful guide to visiting and staying in Uganda.

Beware of the Rental Conditions

The only thing you may get worried about is being aware of the costs, terms and conditions of your hire. Look at it that you follow all the guidelines set by the rental service about fuel, car conditions, mileage and you will have a great time with your dear ones. Our car hire company features as one of Uganda’s best rental agencies in Kampala providing self drive car services in the country. It doesn’t matter if you own a car or not, just simply contact us, and we shall be there to help.

Book in Advance to Avoid Surprises

While planning a family trip in Uganda, is advisable that you organize a family car hire well in advance. Most Uganda Car rentals offer great deals to travelers who book early enough! Last minute deals are available from just a few

Most countries do not have the same laws which mandate the use of child seats based on your child’s heights, age and weight and the easiest way is for you to organize a child seat rental car. It is also important that you pay attention to the best addonns to your car rental in Uganda. These include – among others the GPS, Camping Gear, Local Phone, Travel Maps, Guide Books etc.

With the above advantages and advice of par taking a family holiday, we believe you will enjoy your safari in Uganda’s remotest national parks that offer authentic African wilderness experiences.

Beautiful Places in Belize

Belize is quickly getting a reputation for being one of the hottest spots in Central America. More than a million tourists visit annually for the beaches, Great Barrier Reef, countless islands and natural beauty. But not everyone wants to relax in a hammock and spend all their time in one of the luxurious overwater bungalows in Belize. With the variety of ancient ruins, natural wonders and national parks dotted around the island, it’s easy to indulge in a different type of tourism. Here are the top non-beach places to visit in Belize.

The Mayan Ruins

Modern-day Belize formed avitalcenter in the former Mayan civilizations who once thrived in Central America. Millions of Mayans lived inside today’s borders and a small percentage of the population identify as their descendants in modern Belize. Hundreds of ruins litter the landscape of which some are excavated and others not. The typical architecture includes pyramids, tombs and ancient cities.


Tourists tend to visit Caracol and Xunantunich. Caracol dates back almost 1500 years with its archaeological complex consisting of more than 40 monuments along with the iconic Canna Pyramid at 43 meters (143 feet). The pyramid still holds the title as the tallest building in Belize today. Admission is US$8. Xunantunich sits on a hill near the Mopan River and is the easiest reach. Other important and accessible ones include Lamanai and Altun Ha. The best way to visit the Mayan ruins is to join a tour.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Belize Barrier Reef System is the second largest in the world after Australia’s and the largest in the western hemisphere. Inside, the shallow water is clear stretching along the Caribbean coastline. Snorkelers and divers from CayeAmerbris can visit the reef and witness the vast variety of corals with their endless shapes and colors in the depths below. Belize’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the highlights of visiting the country and a must for any tourist whether you have an interest in snorkeling and diving or not.

The Great Blue Hole

A giantsinkhole near Belize’s coast has been a diver’s paradise for years. The Great Blue Hole stretches more than 300 meters (984 feet) in diameter and reaches a depth of 124 meters (407 feet). Divers come in large numbers to experience this gigantic natural wonder, which belongs to the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. As you descend into the depths, a plethora of tropical fish from all colors of the spectrum will appear in front of you. There are a few sharks and other large marine life in the depths too. Diving into the Great Blue Hole makes a great experience in Belize but should only be attempted by those with experience.

Half Moon Caye National Monument

The biggest attraction on Half Moon Caye is found at Lighthouse Reef Atoll’s southern tip. The beaches form nesting grounds for exotic species of aquatic animals and birds. Loggerhead turtles scuttle across to bury their eggs. Hawksbills and the red-footed booby nest here too. If you want to experience nature up close and personalto witness one of the miracles in the animal kingdom, head to this caye. Before you see the nesting, check out the nearby visitor centerto learn more about the wildlife, ecology and their mating cycles.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Beautiful Places in Belize

The Wildlife Sanctuary near Placencia is one of Belize’s largest protected areas. And it has a large population of jaguars earning the alternative name as the Jaguar Reserve. If you get the chance to visit, expect to see lots of birds as you hike along the trails. Don’t set your hopes on seeing the rare felines though. Sightings are extremely uncommon. For more active and adventurous travelers, it’s possible to climb Victoria Peak at 1120 meters (3670 feet). But the trip takes at least four days.

Glovers Reef Atoll Marine Reserve

The vast coral formation in the ocean combines steep reefs with some of the Caribbean’s best diving experiences. Glover’s Reef extends almost 35 kilometers (22 miles) in length making it a perfect spot to spend a few hours either snorkeling or diving. Endless fish of all shapes, sizes and colors swim through to give visitors a once in a lifetime experience.

Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve

The Bacalar Chico National Park is listed under UNESCO and houses hundreds of different species of animals, birds and plants. Located in the northeast of Ambergris Caye near the Mexican border, the reserve has started to attract more and more tourists. Apart from the birds, the national park may have several species of wildcats including jaguars. The only way to access the park is by boat and then hikealong the trails to reach the park.

Five Blues Lake National Park

The forested area approximately two hours southwest of Belize City has a beautiful lake in the center surrounded by several hills. The deep blue of the lakes makes perfect spots for photographs and to enjoy the vast array of wildlife and birds who call the park home. Few tourists visit and you may need to join a tour. But, the effort is worth it for the unexplored natural beauty.

Enjoying the Historical and Nature Wonders of Belize

Exploring Belize beyond the beach is a must. A short distance from your tropical paradise and white sandy beaches are national parks, protected areas in the sea and ancient Mayan ruins. Joining a tour and visiting some of the wonders in this article is a must on your trip to fully experience the very best of Belize.


Formentera hotel

The holiday period is the best time to have fun and unwind with your loved ones. When you choose the right place, you are assured of a unique experience. Since everyone is used to a sophisticated lifestyle in the city, coming to Etosoto Formentera will enable you to appreciate nature and its offerings.

If you are coming to Formentera for the first time, you must have heard about the serenading beauty and astonishing beaches that surround the location. Etosoto is located in a strategic area that brings you closer to nature. There is no better location to enjoy the splendor of nature’s beauty! Moreover, the island is renowned for its neat and clean beaches; the accommodation is built in such a way that provides with uninhibited access to the waters. It will offer a more unobstructed view of the beach side with fresh air making you sleepy when you need to catch some sleep.

Since everyone is used to a sophisticated lifestyle in the city, coming to Formentera will enable you to appreciate nature and its offerings.

Formentera hotel

All our rooms are built in such a way that provides you with uninhibited access to the waters. Thus, the interior designs have been carefully done to ensure proper illumination of light. You are expected to be treated to an outstanding display of lush and opulence in a simple way as each room has the touch of glamour written all over it. Lovers of music will find the presence of a keyboard in the room fascinating as we believe listening to lovely tunes can lighten your mood and make you feel better.

Holidays are times when family members want to strengthen the bond and have more time for each other. That’s why at Etosoto, the rooms are spacious and well-equipped with the proper features that will help you create memories of special holidays.

It’s time to experience the real definition of hospitality and simplicity.
 Welcome to Formentera. Welcome to Etosoto.

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24 hours in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a busy and attractive city in Asia. Among the hustle and bustle, you will be surprised to see the many attractions in Seoul that will make your visit memorable.

If you are in Seoul for a really short 24 hours, then below are the must-visit attractions that will fulfill your desire to explore South Korea and its culture! If you look for a complete itinerary for Seoul, then check out this helpful Seoul city guide.

24 hours in Seoul, South Korea
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace

Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace was the royal palace for the Joseon Dynasty. This is one of the major attractions in South Korea, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore this historically valuable destination. Although you need to pay a small fee for admission, it’s worth visiting. Spend at least two hours in the Gyeongbokgung Palace premises to explore all the courtyards, gates, and pavilions and enjoy the architecture.

Stroll Along Insadong Street

In Insadong Street, you’ll find a range of products from expensive souvenirs to daily essentials. A walk through Insadong Street will give you the opportunity to take a peek at Korean arts and crafts while indulging in nearby cafes and restaurants. If you love handicrafts and arts, then this is the perfect place to admire the work of Korean crafters. Don’t forget to buy some great souvenirs to make your visit to Seoul memorable!

Explore Samcheongdong

As one of the unique places in Seoul, which lies between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace, don’t forget to visit Samcheongdong even if you’re rushing with few hours left in your Seoul visit. This is the best place to view Bukchon Hanok village, which is the name for Korean traditional houses. This is the ideal place to admire the antique beauty of Korea. And this is the perfect place to shop for accessories from Korea. With many nearby shops, art galleries, and cafes, you’ll find that your visit to Samcheongdong is really relaxing and comfortable!

24 hours in Seoul, South Korea

Visit Dongdaemun Market

A visit to any new city isn’t complete if you don’t go to a local market and learn about daily life. In Seoul, the Dongdaemun Market is the perfect place to visit and find almost anything. From traditional markets to shopping centers, Dongdaemun Market is a shopping district that you must not miss during your short stay in Seoul.

Walk Along the Cheonggyecheon Stream

In the evening when you’re almost tired from visiting many attractions around Seoul, calm down and relax by walking along the 11-kilometer long Cheonggyecheon Stream. Although you don’t have to walk the entire path, a walk along the Cheonggyecheon Stream is the best way to end your day. On the way, you’ll see murals, colorful streets, and fountains. Relieve your tiredness and relax along the Cheonggyecheon Stream while enjoying the city views of Seoul.

These are the best attractions to see in a short trip to Seoul. Even if you only have 24 hours, these places are amazing attractions that you must experience in this beautiful city of South Korea!

A Day in Johor Bahru

We enjoyed a day trip in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 31st December making it as our year end trip for 2017!

It is a new year, new goals, new beginning and new destinations to travel. Last year was so busy for us, but we could travel to different places whenever we had free time. Although most of our trips were to Sri Lanka to see parents, it was also a great time to visit attractions in Sri Lanka!

A Day in Johor Bahru
Christmas Decorations at the City Square Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

While we cannot forget our trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia during 2017, we also made few trips to nearby Johor Bahru, Malaysia for short getaways. It was the same on December 31st which we decided to visit Johor Bahru for a day trip. If we leave early from Singapore, it is easy to return back to home after spending a day in Johor Bahru. In such trips, our most of the activities include shopping, dining and play activities for the kid. Always these short trips are good for family bonding time!

A Day in Johor Bahru
Christmas Decorations with Sesame Street theme at the City Square Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

As always, we travelled to Johor Bahru by bus. Our first visit was to City Square mall which is a huge shopping mall in Malaysia, Johor Bahru. Usually, in City Square Mall we find lot of free attractions for the kid.

A Day in Johor Bahru
Lot of cute items on sale at the City Square Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

He simply loves to spend time among the decorations, pose with favourite characters and shop some toys for him. As it was holiday season, City Square Mall was decorated with the theme Sesame Street! Isn’t it a fantastic idea to entertain the kids?

A Day in Johor Bahru
City Square Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

Kid was so happy to see the Big bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster who are his favourites from the Sesame Street Show.

Christmas Decorations at the City Square Mall - Johor Bahru,Malaysia
No more photos please!! 🙂

After spending time in City Square Mall, we headed to KOMTAR JBCC which is another shopping mall in Johor Bahru. It is the best place to entertain the kids as there are many attractions just for kids.

A Day in Johor Bahru
Christmas Decorations at the KOMTAR JBCC Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

Near the Angry Birds Activity Park area, there are lots of other activities including Kiddy rides. Although my kid didn’t want to play at Angry Bird theme park yet, he loves spending his time on Kiddy Rides.

A Day in Johor Bahru
Near the Angry Birds Activity Park, KOMTAR JBCC-Johor Bahru,Malaysia
A Day in Johor Bahru
Angry Birds Activity Park, KOMTAR JBCC-Johor Bahru,Malaysia

It was same this time too. After spending some time on Kiddy rides, we again started shopping for new items.

A Day in Johor Bahru
Play area near the Angry Birds Activity Park, KOMTAR JBCC-Johor Bahru,Malaysia

From kids school supplies to my handbags, outfits we could buy interesting items from shops. From Indian food to Chinese food, there are many places to indulge in food while spending time in Johor Bahru. But, my kid’s favourite place to visit is Mc Donald, simply because of the Happy Meal and the toy he gets!

After a day full of fun and excitement, we returned home at night. Still, we will visit Johor Bahru again for the New Year 2018.We love to spend a day or two there while indulging on delicious food and spending time on salons and spa!

How did you spend your December 31st?


Things to Do During Your Vacation in Sydney

Sydney, Australia – a dream destination for many people. Tourists who have been in the place come back often because they were charmed by the beauty of the city. A few days worth of visit is never enough but of course, you should make the most of it especially if it is your first time. In this article, we will discuss top things that you should include in your itinerary for your visit in this mesmerizing city.

1. Visit Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city and in the world. Its picturesque beauty will capture your heart in an instant. You can do so many activities here like swimming, sunbathing, surfing or if you love to party then you should visit some events in the beach especially during holidays like Christmas and New Year.

2. Take a tour from Bondi to Cooge Coastal Walk

From Bondi, you can take a walk to its six-kilometre stretch of coastline and beyond you will get to reward yourself with a ice cold beer from Cooge Pavilion’s rooftop bar.

3. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Things to Do During Your Vacation in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most iconic landmark in Sydney and the entire Australia. But besides taking a selfie with the Harbour bridge in the backdrop, you can also be more adventurous and join the express climb. The experience and the view will be so worth it.

4. Kayak in the Sydney Harbour

Another way to enjoy the Sydney Harbour Bridge is by kayaking in the harbor. The water is very smooth and the kayaks are very stable that you do not need to worry about paddling around.

5. Visit the Sydney Opera House

Things to Do During Your Vacation in Sydney

Another icon in Sydney is the Sydney Opera house. If you have enough budget, you can watch what’s playing but if you are on a tight budget then you can go for a tour to know more the history of the place.

6. Take a plunge in Camp Cove

The turquoise water of Camp Cove is more than inviting to take a plunge. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, paddleboard or go swimming with your friends and family.

7. See the Art Gallery of NSW

If you’re into arts then be sure to include in your itinerary a visit in The Art Gallery of New South Wales. It features significant collections of Australian, European and Asian art.

8. Visit Taronga Zoo 

Australia is popular for different animals that can only be found in the place. See animals like komodo dragon, koalas, zebras, elephants, chimps, platypus and many others when you visit Taronga Zoo.

9. Swim like a pro in Bondi Iceberg’s Pool

Another destination you should not miss is the Bondi Iceberg’s pool. It is one of the most photographed ocean pool in Australia. Well, why not, the place is gorgeous. If you want to become a member of the oldest winter swimming club in Australia, then you must swim three Sundays a month for a period of five years.

There are so many activities to do in Sydney that your schedule will surely be jam-packed. So it is best that you book a cozy hotel accommodation to help you relax and recharge at night. You can check out top rated Sydney hotels and see what fits your schedule and of course budget.

Make your Sydney vacation memorable by doing the activities we discussed in this article.



Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye

It is the end of another relaxing holiday in Sri Lanka. Finally it is time to say Goodbye to Sri Lanka, parents and friends. I always experience this moment with full of different feelings mix with sadness. On the other way, my kid is eager to reach Singapore and meet his father. It seems he is missing his father as only we both spent another one month in Sri Lanka while my husband returned back to Singapore after few weeks.

This time our holiday started at the end of the October. Although we had great time in Sri Lanka, my kid caught with fever giving us few sleepless nights. That was a new experience for us and alarmed to prepare for such sudden medical issues in our next trips.

While enjoying time with parents and friends, we also visited few places. Anuradhapura pilgrim tour is one of the best experiences I remind always. Other than that, we had shopping and dining experiences making it time to experience Sri Lanka.As always I spent time experiencing the views of nature and flower photography.Check some of my captures of white flowers from Sri Lanka during this Sri Lanka holiday.

Departure from Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
The Buddha Statue at the Katunayake International Airport,Sri Lanka

At the Colombo, Katunayake International Airport, we had good time in every process including check in. (I’ve done online check in to save time). As I travelled with my kid, I was bit nervous. I knew I had to travel with Emirates which is not a good experience for me in any tour. Knowing that, we again booked our return ticket for the itinerary from Sri Lanka to Singapore with Emirates flight simply because of the arrival time to Singapore. It supposed to arrive to Singapore at around 9pm night time. Also we used a combined ticket using Sri Lankan airlines to our departure from Singapore to Sri Lanka and Emirates to arrive Singapore from Sri Lanka. This combination saved us few bucks from both my and my kid’s flight tickets.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
Christmas Decorations at the Colombo Katunayake Airport

It was the time for Christmas celebrations and year-end holidays. Although Colombo airport was not crowded, it was decorated for Christmas. My kid was happy to see Santa at the airport and he was excited to capture a photo.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
My kid met Santa at the airport! 🙂

But, I was nervous with next few hours traveling with him. I wanted to feed him well before the flight because I always experience late meal at the Emirate flights.

Sleeping passengers at the Airport

Why passengers sleep at the airport seats occupying 4 seats? 🙂  I wanted to find two seats together as I was looking for a place to sit with my kid. But, almost all seats were occupied. In other seats, some passengers were sleeping or using their smart phones while in sleeping position. (Occupying 4 seats for 1 passenger)

As Katunayaka Airport is not with bigger seating areas, I found it nervous and stressful as I cannot feed the kid before the flight.

At the Gate

Finally, we were at the gate ready to board. Not sure it is allowed or not, I started feeding my kid with his lunch and also a cup of milk. We were ready to board. But, the flight was delayed. Now, the kid started playing, singing and all sort of things he can do with the energy he gained after having his meal!

Finally, flight was arrived. I was nervous to experience another 3-4 hours in an Emirates flight with a kid. We always had good experience with Emirates as a couple or as a single traveler. But when we started traveling with the kid, I always had stressful moments in Emirates flights. Not a good experience at all.

Most of the previous trips I did not get desired assistance from the Emirates cabin crew. It was same in this flight too which was already late to depart from Sri Lanka. Not only the kid, I was tired too when we boarded to the flight.

Anyway, finally we reached to Singapore around 1 hour late than the previous estimated time.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
At the Changi Airport , Singapore

And the kid! He was the happiest to see Singapore after a long holiday in Sri Lanka. Although he was really silent at the Sri Lanka Airport, he was a happy kid in Singapore airport. Singapore is the country he was born and growing. It seems he feels like he is in home while I was still in mixed feelings of saying Goodbye to Sri Lanka!




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