How Essential Oils Can Boost Your Body Building

When we think about supplements that are going to help a person while they are body building, we are usually thinking about protein, creatine, energy supplements and potentially steroids. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that you can also use essential oils to help when you are on a weight training journey.

We are going to talk about some of the essential oils that help when you are body building, and why they would be a useful addition to your supplement list. Here are two of the best examples.

1. Unani

Unani is an essential oil and natural healing supplement that comes from the Asian subcontinent. People in countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have been using Unani for many years, even if they do not use it specifically for body building. But we have been doing a lot of research into this product, and we have found some great benefits that would be useful for someone who is weight training.

The main reason why we recommend Unani is because it is a health supplement that is going to help with recovery and healing. A lot of people think that you just need protein to grow your muscles and energy supplements to get you going before a workout. But what so many do not realize is that how you are recovering will play a key role in whether you gain muscle or not.

That is why they always recommend you take rest days, as you need time to let your muscles grow and recover. Unani will help with this process in a big way. When you are massaging this oil onto your body, you will find that your muscles are more relaxed, while you are also getting better blood circulation.

2. CBD Oil

An interesting fact about our muscles and weight training is that we have catabolic hormones in our body. These are hormones that are naturally meant to break down muscle mass, but problems can arise if we have too many of these in our body. But the good news is that CBD oil is known to limit the amount of catabolic hormones in our body. That means you will experience much less muscle mass breakdown, and your weight training will go much better.

It is not just about lifting weights if you are looking at the benefits of CBD oil. For those who want to lose weight and become healthier, CBD oil can be very useful. Just take a minute to look at and you’ll see for yourself. It is said that if you are taking CBD oil as a part of your diet, you will have a much easier time. CBD can help regulate the blood sugar in your body, meaning you will have less blood sugar spikes which can leave you feeling fatigued or constantly hungry. You will also have less cravings when you are on your diet.

These essential oils are such an easy way for you to ensure that you are getting more out of your workouts.


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