Medical marijuana travelers often have a keen sense of adventure. However, every one enjoys a little help from their friends. You can list your destination and save money by staying with some one you are comfortable with or get an extra benefit by letting someone stay with you. When you trade favors for a place to stay you can create a special bond and memory.

We encourage you to check out your host and location carefully; take advantage of checking the person out on line and do a video conference to insure that the sleeping arrangement meets your needs. The benefits of gaining local insights and sharing knowledge can make your experience more memorable. Hotels do not allow pets or smoking; our members do. Plus some one who shares your medical concerns is more sympathetic to your needs.

We like to reward our members with discounts on selected item that appeal to them. We are organizing a travel box by subscription to enhance the experience and be informative. We welcome your comments on our website and look forward to sharing your memories with you at Cannabiscouchsurfers.Com


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