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Hiking in the Land of Beautiful Horses, Turkey

In the centre of Turkey’s Anatolia is a unique place known as the ‘Land of Beautiful Horses’ or Cappadocia. The area is rich in history and each of the many valleys have their own rock-hewn churches and geological abnormalities, while quaint rural villages, which make up the region, have their own stories to tell. Cappadocia tours take visitors to many points of interest in the magical Lunar Landscape but the best way to really discover Cappadocia is on foot.

Hiking in the Land of Beautiful Horses, Turkey

Start with an Easy One

Goreme is the main transport hub of central Cappadocia and is therefore the most popular place to stay while visiting the region. Fortunately many hiking trails begin from the outskirts of this Anatolian village and a fairly easy one runs from Goreme, along a 4 km trail at the base of the steep slopes of Pigeons Valley to the village of Uchisar. The route passes by hundreds of man-made dovecotes, many of which are still inhabited by nesting pigeons, and interesting rock formations before entering a tunnel to the base of Uchisar castle. The hike should only take 1 to 2 hours therefore you should still have energy to climb to the top of the castle for a stunning panoramic view and enough time to grab a bite to eat in a local cafe restaurant.

Hike Between Fairy Chimneys

Love Valley has by far the most and the biggest ‘Fairy Chimneys’ in Cappadocia. The interesting mushroom like formations have taken their unusual shape from thousands of years of wind and water erosion on the soft volcanic tuff, however locals prefer to give them a more romantic name as stories say that below the Cappadocian moonscape live a community of fairies who of course need chimneys to release the smoke from their underground homes. Whichever story you believe, a 2 hour hike with your camera through Love Valley will give you plenty of opportunities to take photos with these odd shapes and fascinating landscape. This trail also runs between Goreme and Uchisar and can be combined with Pigeon Valley to make an 8 km circuit.

Hiking in the Land of Beautiful Horses, Turkey

Discover Cave Homes

10 km from Goreme is one of the most historically interesting of Cappadocia’s Valleys, home to the Zelve Open Air Museum. Marked trails pass through Zelve valley and you can hike from 1.5 km to 8 km into what was once one of the largest cave communities in the area. Walking through you can still find stone age dwelling and early Christian rock churches. The trails continue into the neighbouring Monk’s Valley, which is also filled with Fairy Chimneys. Monk’s valley also had religious significance and it is where many hermit monks chose to built their homes. As you walk, take a moment to glance inside some of the stone pillars and you can find steep staircases leading into conical rock bedrooms where monks used to live in almost complete solitude. Some of these elevated homes are as much as 15 metres above the ground.

An Old Greek Town & Selime Monastery

It is said that Ihlara Valley once hosted 100 rock-cut churches and over 4,000 cave dwellings. The first part of the trail is quite popular, descending 360 stone steps from the village of Ihlara and following the Melendiz River to Belisirma where the old Greek village clings to the slopes of the valley above a handful of colourful riverside restaurants. Most organised day tours stop here so the remaining 7 km through Ihlara Valley to Selime Village  and Monastery will be both peaceful and pleasant. The trail passed under pistachios trees and between vineyards along the river, eventually arriving at the rock-hewn monastery which once served as a caravanserai to travelling tradesmen on the Silk Road.

Hiking in the Land of Beautiful Horses, Turkey

Detour to the Open Air Museum

Most visitors to Cappadocia head directly to the Goreme Open Air Museum on a North Cappadocia tour and even if you prefer independent travel this UNESCO site certainly shouldn’t be missed. This museum is not like your standard ‘four walls and glass displays’. Instead the site extends over a vast space between green slopes, rock formations and colossal boulders. The area contains 11 refectories with the best preserved rock-hewn churches of the entire Cappadocia region, complete with stone tables and benches and original frescos from the times when early Christians took refuge here. The museum is only 1.5 km from the village of Goreme and sits between the entrances to various valleys therefore taking a detour to the unique museum will still leave you plenty of time for hiking in the Land of Beautiful Horses.

things to do in Marmaris

Located in Mugla Province of Southwest Turkey, Marmaris is a beautiful port town which is very popular among the tourists from around the world. With breathtaking coastal views and with lot of activities to spend your time, a holiday in Marmaris will never be a boring holiday! Instead you will come back home with lot of great memories and excitement with rejuvenated life.

Although there are many activities which you can engage in Marmaris, here are 3 best ways to explore Marmaris with adventurous tours. The best is that you can easily find Marmaris Excursions for all these adventurous ideas.

Marmaris Horse Safari

3 best adventurous ways to explore Marmaris

Instead of visiting around Marmaris just by watching the attractions or spending time eating the best food which Marmaris has to offer, why don’t you take a horse safari? Horse riding is an excellent way to enjoy any holiday with excitement of having different experience. If you are in a family holiday, then children will enjoy horse riding together as a family. They will enjoy every second of their time in Marmaris and that is what you want in your family vacation in Marmaris!

Marmaris Quad Safari

adventurous ways to explore Marmaris

If you want to spend your time in Marmaris with the best adventurous experience, then don’t look at other things to do in Marmaris, because Marmaris Quad Safari is the ideal adventurous experience for you. If you travel with friends or even as a couple who love to spend time in adventures, then explore Marmaris in a Quad Safari tour. Your entire day will be full of fun, excitement and thrill!

Marmaris Pirates Boat Trip

Just imagine being pirates for a day! This sounds like fun and exciting experience for a memorable holiday with different experience. In Marmaris you can spend your day in a Marmaris Pirates Boat Trip exploring the views of Marmaris. With available facilities in the boat such as food and drinks together with games, you will have wonderful time while watching the best sea views of Marmaris.

If you travel as a family, don’t worry, there are Marmaris Pirates boat trip packages which include kids’ activities too.

I hope you will have the best holiday in Marmaris!

Must visit cities in Turkey

With beautiful beaches, historical towns and luxury cozy hotels, Turkey is one of the best destinations for an enchanted vacation. Among lot of attractions to visit, you will sure find your stay there is not enough to explore the beautiful cities if you only visit Turkey for 2 or 3 days. Therefore, try to plan your holiday for at least one week for a memorable experience and I would recommend you to check Turkey shore excursions, as it is the best way to explore this beautiful destination with lot of beautiful beaches and ancient coastal towns.
In this post, I listed the most popular Turkey shore excursions to experience the culture, attractions and beauty of the country for a satisfactory experience of a Turkey holiday.

Here is my list of popular Turkey shore excursions!

Istanbul shore excursions 

Your visit to Turkey will not complete if you do not visit the attractions in Istanbul. As a city with historical attractions and with frequent flights, Istanbul is popular among the tourists around the world.

Topkapı Palace (Topkapı Sarayı) and Aya Sofya are must visit attractions in Istanbul while Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) and Basilica Cistern have many things to surprise tourists in every way.

Most Popular Turkey Shore Excursions
Topkapi Palace – Istanbul

After spending a day visiting historical attractions and museums in Istanbul, don’t forget to visit Grand Bazaar which is a covered massive market where you can easily find souvenirs from Istanbul to bring back with you. Check these Istanbul shore excursions before you plan your Istanbul holiday.

Kusadasi shore excursions

Popular among holiday travelers and those who love cruise vacations, Kusadasi is another major attraction in Turkey. With lot of things to do and attractions to see, you will find your holiday is not enough to cover all interesting places in Kusadasi.


If you love to explore the Greek history, then Kusadasi is the exact place to begin. Take one of the popular Kusadasi shore excursions from Kusadasi to Sirince village. You’ll find there are many historical attractions to view including the stories connected with the towns.

If you travel as a family with kids, don’t worry, Kusadasi has many things to offer any traveller including solo travelers to families with young kids.

Izmir shore excursions

Izmir is the third city we recommend you to visit in Turkey which is popular for its stunning coastal views. We cannot forget talking about nightlife when talk about Izmir. Other than nightlife and coastal views, there are many attractions in Izmir which make any traveller busy in his entire holiday.

Izmir Clock Tower
Izmir Clock Tower

Ancient City of Ephesus, the Great Theatre, Library of Celsius and Temple of Hadrian are popular attractions and it is best to visit around Izmir in a shore excursion. You will sure excite with the well preserved historical towns of the world that has stories linked with each and every ancient sites. You can simply check Izmir shore excursions and book your preferred tour to enjoy your holidays in Izmir with lot of unforgettable memories.

With these tips, I hope you will have exciting and memorable time in Turkey.

Bodrum Peninsula Has So Much to Offer

It is difficult to imagine a more idyllic setting. The photographs that travel companies have used for years to promote summer sunshine are real. But why would you go to a desert island in the Pacific when so much closer to home there is an area where there will not be a cloud in the sky during the summer months, suntans are guaranteed and the warm seas make it impossible to resist the temptation to dive in.

Better still is to enjoy those seas on a private charter where your captain will take you and your party to quiet coves, cook you the freshest fish perhaps even caught minutes ago and introduce you to the charm and hospitality of the Eastern Mediterranean. Greece and Turkey may not be the best of friends politically but their peoples on a daily basis welcome tourists travelling backwards and forwards from island to mainland. They are very happy to welcome each other and the hospitality they show each other is something that every visitor to the area will experience for themselves. You could not be more welcome.

Turkish Fresh Nuts

Bodrum Peninsula

This growing town sits on a peninsula which demands exploration. If you have a boat you can anchor wherever you like and do so. You may spend a day at Orak Island Bodrum, another in the town itself, perhaps visiting the imposing castle or enjoying a lively night before returning to your boat and sailing off to somewhere quieter. The choice is yours. With a week on the seas around the Peninsula you will never have a better chance to relax.

Bodrum gulet cruise 1

There are some obvious ports of call if you want to drop in for a coffee, beer or meal.

• Turgutreis has a lively market on a Saturday where you can stock up with food, barter for local textiles or just enjoy the atmosphere.
• Bitez Beach is a moon-shape, a bay where there are a number of bars and restaurants in the small village of the same name.
• Gumusluk is a fairly well established small town that was originally just a small fishing village. It is now a place that attracts artists and sculptors and hosts its own musical festival each year.
• Yalikavak is one of the deepest marinas yet if you have your own boat, you can drop anchor anywhere.
That is the point; your own boat gives you complete independence. You can avoid any crowds or join in if you so wish.

Bodrum itself

Bodrum has been a settlement since ancient times. It was a Carian city that the Persians captured, only for Alexander the Great to force them back as he expanded Macedonian interest as far east as India. Inevitably its importance was sustained because of its coastal location and in modern times that has been a reason why tourists have been coming here ever since regular regional flights began from the major population areas of Europe.

The airport serving this region is in Milas an inland town which is comfortably less than an hour away by road. The flights start when spring arrives and continue until winter approaches. During that time the population increases enormously and tourism is the main thing that sustains the peninsula even though, as a very fertile region, many are still involved in agriculture, and of course fishing.

Bodrum gulet cruise 3

Further afield

The Greek Island of Kos is just a few miles offshore and other Greek islands are easily accessible. I means that Bodrum has also become a starting point for those wishing to visit the Greek Islands in the Southern Aegean.
Charter boats can be hired with a personalised itinerary to do whatever their clients wish. Some are more than happy to visit the quiet coves of Bodrum Peninsula. Others may like to see a Greek Island during their holiday. It is a matter of personal wishes and those that visit the webpage can find out more. If you take the time to look at the website you will see the regular tours on offer but that is by no means exclusive. Experienced captains can make a cruising holiday an unforgettable experience. Bring your own ideas, and lean on the experience of your captain. Cruise once and you will be back.

things to do in Marmaris

Are you thinking of your next holiday? Have you started planning it or are you planning to visit Marmaris? If your next destination is Marmaris, then you need to know what the activities you can do in Marmaris are.

Well, if you are tired with the work stress and bored with same daily routines, then Marmaris is an excellent destination to unwind.

Located in the Mediterranean coast, and in Mugla province in southwest Turkey, Marmaris is a wonderful place for travellers around the world. Even it is popular as family friendly travel destination.

So, Here are some of the must see attractions and things to do in Marmaris during your holiday there.

Spend time at The Beach

things to do in Marmaris

Are you looking for a beautiful sandy beach for a sunbath or even for water sports? Then Cleopatra Island is the best location for you. Visit the Cleopatra Island and see what it has to offer for its tourists. You’ll love your time there.

Enjoy Boat Rides

things to do in Marmaris

Well, if you are a water person and really like to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of sea, then why don’t you go for a boat ride? Visit Dalyan Caunos and enjoy boat rides to the Turkey’s popular attractions. In Reed-lined River, you can see the Caretta sea turtles. Just amazing!

Visit Pamukkale

If you don’t like sea or water activities, then there are other activities too. Pamukkale is one of the popular attractions in Marmaris, which is a salt mountain. Yes, it is not made of ice. It is a pure white mountain of salt. Have a visit there and see this wonderful attraction together with the hot springs nearby.

Other things to do in Marmaris

Other than the above mentioned attractions, you can enjoy many other activities. You can join with Marmaris safaris and explore the wild life.

Enjoy the Turkish baths and you can even relax in a bar or a restaurant after enjoying many activities during day time.

Above are the only activities to do in Marmaris? No! There are many more activities you can do in Marmaris and there are lots of places to visit. Here are some more things to do in Marmaris. Read all these tips and collect your list of things to do in Marmaris. Sure, you’ll have a wonderful holiday in this beautiful Mediterranean beach-town in Turkey.

Buy properties in Turkey

Buying properties is one of the best investments today. You can live in the property, rent it or even you can sell it for a higher price. There are many ways that you can earn from your property investment. Turkey is on top of the list among the best locations for property investments. So here we want to introduce you how to select and buy your property in Turkey without much stress.

Buy properties in Turkey

Please note that although there are lots of properties for sale in Turkey, not all these properties are good for investments. There are properties which are not suitable for rental homes. Therefore before you buy your property in Turkey, it is better to check more properties and get more information regarding your new property.

Find Properties in Turkey with Kılıçlar Global

If you decide to buy properties in Turkey, then visit Property in Turkey which is a brand of Kılıçlar Global. With Property in Turkey you can easily find lot of property listings including apartments and villas. With easy navigation, you can search for properties in different locations of Turkey such as Istanbul, Yalova, and Bodrum etc. So, without wasting much time it is really easier to find a suitable property for you to invest.

Buy properties in Turkey

On the other way, buying property is not something like buying a dress or even buying a car. You need lot of investigations and you may also need lot of paper work. With Property in Turkey, you can easily get professional consultation and help until you complete your transaction. That is really helpful and advantage to have better investment experience in Turkey.

With a dedicated professional consultants and sales team, you assure to receive a friendly service and all you need to do is, visit www.propertyinturkey.co and select the properties which you are interested in. You can browse the site according to the location, type of the property or even with price range. For example, if you wish to find a property in Bursa, then you can easily check the section for property in Bursa and you’ll see all property listing of the same location.

Then contact the team at ‘Properties in Turkey’ using the contact form given below the property listing. They will get back to you.

Buy properties in Turkey

So, if you are looking for property investment options in Turkey ,check www.propertyinturkey.co and select the perfect property which suits with your budget and preferences.

Located on the central Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Alanya is a beautiful resort town with lot of fascinating views and attractions. Alanya Tours are fascinating and memorable for anyone who loves to have enjoyable tour with sightseeing and adventure activities. There are lots of activities to do in Alanya depending on your preferences. If you look for family time in Alanya, you can find many ideas to spend your time there. If you look for water activities or adventure Alanya tours, still there ae many things to do and attractions in Alanya for you.

Here we listed some of the heavily booked and popular Alanya Excursions, so that you can easily plan your Alanya tours with the most interesting activities for you.

Spend your time in Alanya beaches

Alanya is popular for its beautiful beaches with beautiful small pebbles and clean sand. Don’t miss your opportunity to relax or enjoy in any of the Alanya’s beaches during your stay. Cleopatra beach is a popular sandy beach in West beach where the main beaches are stretching into both east and west directions.

Visit Aquapark


If you are having a family tour in Alanya, then Aquapark is a must visit place. Located on the coast of Mediterranean sea, this Water Planet aquapark is a great attraction for kids. There are slides, roller coasters and other adventures for both small children and young kids making it a must visit place in your Alanya tour.

Alanya Boat Trip


Explore the Turkish River and the magical views on a whole day boat excursion! This will be a memorable and enjoyable idea for you to spend your time in Alanya. A boat excursion will be a thrilling experience if you enjoy water activities while enjoying the sceneries around.

Scuba Diving in Alanya

Scuba Diving in Alanya

Underwater life is fascinating and you will never get bored! Book a day with an Alanya Scuba Diving tour and enjoy your time in Turkey’s safest scuba diving locations. Alanya is the best place to take a safe scuba diving tour with its clean and clear waters.

Other than the above activities and attractions, there are lot of Alanya excursions which you can select such as horse Safari, Alanya rafting tour and Avsallar Turkish Night.

reasons to stay in Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel

If you plan to visit beautiful Turkey, then accommodation is your next thing to plan. When deciding on a luxury hotel for your stay in Istanbul Turkey, you may ask yourself “Why should I choose this hotel?” When we talk about accommodation in Istanbul, we can’t forget Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel. So, you don’t need to worry thinking why Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel is suitable among many other Istanbul hotels. Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons for you to stay at Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel.

Safran Restaurant

reasons to stay in Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel

Among other restaurants such as Flamingo restaurant in Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel, Safran Restaurant has been awarded “Academie Internationale de la Gastronomie” which is an internationally recognized award. This restaurant serves finest Turkish and Ottoman cuisine which you can’t refuse. With breathtaking views you will be able to spend your time enjoying food served while listening to ‘Fasıl’ music which you cannot forget for your entire lifetime.

Spa InterContinental

Rejuvenate yourself in both body and soul during your stay at Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel. Think of having relaxing spa experience under soft music and comfortable relaxing lighting. Aroma of essential oils will take you to a heaven while exotic fruit flavors add luxury of all comfort. The design and architecture of the place will make you more comfortable and tension free.

reasons to stay in Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel


Whether you want to stay in a suit, club or standard room, Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel has packages which go with your different preferences and choices. Elegantly decorated rooms will provide you comfort of staying a place like home with more facilities and comfort.

Friendly staff

Among all above reasons, this is one of the best reasons to select Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel as your accommodation during your stay in Istanbul. Even if you are looking for comfortable and friendly taksim hotels, then Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel is conveniently located.

For more details about Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel Check http://www.intercontinental.com.tr/

Dalaman Airport Transfer
Turkey, one of the attractive tourist spots is where Europe and Asia collide. It is a place where many travelers visit around the year to enjoy culture and good food. With plenty of museums and ancient sites, Turkey is an attractive place for those who love to visit historical places.
Once you visit Turkey, Dalaman is another region where you will find many attractions and things to do.In Dalaman, You will find delicious local food and plenty of places to visit.Once you reach Dalaman International Airport, there are different options for your Airport transfer and getting around the area.

By Taxi

In Dalaman, you can easily hire a taxi. Once you reach the Dalaman International airport, the taxi fleet is located at outside the arrival lounge. You need to go there and you will be guided to the next available taxi. With a taxi service, you may be able to negotiate the rate however keep in mind to keep your destination details clearly with you. It is better to have a map and location address with you because some drivers doesn’t have a clue of where you want to go.

Rent a Car

You can easily hire a car at the Dalaman airport or even you can pre-book before you arrive. This is quick and also an easy option to getting around during your holiday. Renting a car is always a good option because you have your freedom to visit any place you want. It also helps if you travel as a family with kids.Rental cars in Dalaman are in good condition and comfortable.Therefore you dont have to worry about it.
Most of the companies will pick up you from the airport and drop you to your accommodation if you contact them early. This will ease you if you drive in Turkey for the first time. However when you book your car, always it is better to check these options with the car renting company. Most companies in Dalaman operate as empty to empty fuel tank system, so the first thing you have to do is to fill the vehicle with fuel.it is really easy. There is a fuel station near to Airport and only you have to do is prepare with cash or credit card for the payments. Finally, renting a car at Dalaman Airport is easier than you might think.

Public Transport

There is a bus between Dalaman Airport to Fethiye and it operates daily. However it is better to get the information of the time table if you decide to use public transport service.
Above are some information about Airport transfer in Dalaman and how to get around. Hope these details are helpful for you to arrange your holiday in Turkey and in Dalaman.

Renting a Car in Izmir, Turkey
Turkey is a great tourist destination for anyone to spend a memorable holiday. In Turkey, you will find sunshine, sandy beaches together with lush green mountains. Izmir is one of the major cities in Turkey and you will find the Adnan Menderes Airport there. Once you reached Adnan Menderes Airport, one of the biggest problems is how to arrange your airport transfer and how to get around during your stay.

Benefits of Renting a Car

Among other options like public transport and hiring a taxi, one of the best transport options is renting a car. Benefits of Renting a Car at Adnan Menderes Airport include having your freedom during your holiday. By renting a car, you also will be able to save some quality time from travelling. Therefore renting a car at Adnan Menderes Airport would be beneficial for your vacation.You have a car and you know where to visit during the holiday.That’s it.You have complete freedom to enjoy your vacation.
It is not difficult to rent a car in Izmir. As this is a popular tourist destination, there are many services who offer the service of renting cars. You can easily pick a car from any of these services and enjoy your holiday there while travelling from place to place.
Here are few tips for you if you decide to rent a car when you are in Izmir.

Be sure to compare the rates

Once you decide a car, the most important thing to consider is the rate. Before you decide, you can compare the rates between companies and also within the same company. Some companies provide different rates for different packages. In such case, check what are the things you receive for the price you pay. Sometimes, there may be hidden costs which you don’t know. Therefore, pay attention to these factors and decide on an affordable car.

Check for the additional costs and hidden charges

Some companies may give a quotation which really looks like a fair value and very cheap rental rate. But, be sure that the package you have selected doesn’t come with any hidden cost. Sometimes there may have additional charges according to the use. Therefore be sure to read and understand the agreement well. Then you will have some idea about the charges that you have to pay.

The return time 

Return time for the car is another major thing to consider. Some companies have a dead line and if you return the car after the dead line, then there will be some extra costs. Also some companies will charge for fuel if the tank is not full at the time of returning. Their charges may higher than having full tank of fuel from outside before you return. Ask questions before you rent a car and make sure to have a clear idea on these things.
Above are some of the important things to consider when you rent a car in Izmir. Not only in Izmir, consider these facts if you travel to any other destination too.

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