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A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

We spent a day in one of the oldest coastal parks of Singapore! That is Changi Beach Park. With beautiful sandy beaches, blessings of greenery and facilities to entertainment, Changi Beach Park is one of the best places to spend a family day while enjoying the sea views.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

In 2017 we travelled more. We travelled to Sri Lanka 2 times within the year and I spent more than one month with the kid while husband returned to Singapore after a short holiday. We also had a trip to Cambodia during the Chinese New Year. In between we visited Johor Bahru, Malaysia several times. But, it seems we didn’t visit much places in Singapore during the year 2017 after our 5 days itinerary around Singapore with kids.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

When it is time to plan our Christmas weekend, at first we thought of a overseas trip. But, kid and I were just returned from Sri Lanka after a long holiday. Instead of another oversea trip, we wanted to spend a family day without many activities. A beach day is the perfect idea for such a relaxing time. So, we planned a day at the Changi Beach Park!

I’ve visited Changi Beach Park many times before the kid’s arrival. However this was the first time we visited the beach park with the kid. So, he was really happy to spend a day at the beach with her favourite sand play toys.

Changi Beach Park

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

Changi Beach park is an ideal location in Singapore for family day, picnic or to experience the sea breeze. It stretches around 3.3km long from Changi Point to Changi Ferry terminal. If you plan a visit to Pulau Ubin which is the last Kampong of Singapore, then you need to get a boat from Changi Ferry Terminal which is near to the Changi Beach Park.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore
Changi Ferry Terminal

Things to do at the Changi Beach Park

As of in any beach, Changi Beach Park is also a perfect place to spend a relaxing day with fun beach activities. Usually most of the Singapore beach parks such as East Coast Park are crowded during the holidays and weekends. But, this park is not crowded and still it retains the Kampong atmosphere and the mood.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

Below are some of the things to do in Changi Beach Park.

  • Enjoy BBQ at the Changi Beach Park with your family and friends. However you need to book a BBQ pit in advance. Check more details at Singapore National Parks website.
  • Playground is there for the kids.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

  • Sports and activities such as cycling and skating
  • Beach activities with kids (Sand play,collecting seashells,play with waves and many more)

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

  • Fishing
  • Dining – There are food outlets nearby which you can easily enjoy food.
A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore
Hawker Centre near the Changi Beach Park (At Changi Village)

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

  • Enjoy the natural views and relax

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

  • Photograph the beauty of the Changi Beach – If you visit at the evening, it is a great place to photograph the sunset. Other than sunset captures, you will find many beautiful moments in Changi Beach Park which are worth to capture in a photograph.

A Day at Changi Beach Park : Singapore

We spent a relaxing day at the Changi beach and returned home after having our dinner at a nearby dining place in Changi Village. It was a day worth to pen down as a blog post and kid enjoyed beach activities although there is a children playground which he could play.

Important Information to Plan your trip to Changi Beach Park

How to get to Changi Beach Park

Located in one end of Singapore, it takes more than 40 minutes to reach the beach park if you visit from Central locations of Singapore. You need to plan your trip to Changi Village in order to reach the Beach Park.

Some of the bus numbers are: 19, 2, 3, 89

Otherwise, you can easily hire a taxi to reach Changi Village and Changi Beach Park

Park lighting hours: 7:00pm to 7:00am

Admission: Free

Location: Along Nicoll Drive and Changi Coast Road

Things to Note:

Camping is not allowed in Changi Beach Park

As found in nparks.gov.sg , there are chances to encounter crocodiles who swim freely in Straits of Johor. If you found a crocodile, do not approach. Stay calm and slowly back away.

Do you like to spend family days at the beach? Please share your thoughts below.


Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is one of the most beautiful attractions in Singapore. I’ve visited this Bird Park few times and never get bored anytime among the beautiful and colourful birds. Recently, when one of my friends visited Singapore, I had the opportunity to visit the Jurong Bird Park again. Yes, I love to host my close friends who visit Singapore for short holidays. That is why I visit the major Singapore attractions few times a year. 🙂

Jurong Bird Park

Inside the Jurong Bird Park, you will be amazed with the wonderful collection of birds of different species. However, not only visiting and watching the birds, there are also special attractions and events which you can participate. When you are prepared, it is always easy to attend at least few of the major attractions of this bird park.

Jurong Bird Park

Here are some of the major attractions and things to do at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park. We enjoyed our day among the beautiful and colourful birds and we hope you will enjoy too!

Major attractions and things to do at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park
Visit the Penguin Coast


Wow! We entered into the Penguin Coast and kids loved their experiences. You will see nearly 100 penguines of 5 species and will never find a dull moment among them.


Watch the beauties at the Flamingo Pool

Jurong Bird Park

Our next attraction was Flamingo pool. These colourful and cheerful birds not only made us cheerful, they also created beautiful backdrops for our photos.

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park


Catch a show

Jurong Bird Park

There are several shows which you can watch with your family or the travel group. That’s one of the interesting things we enjoyed during our bird park tour.


Take a tram tour

Jurong Bird Park

Instead of walking around the Jurong Bird Park, you can ride on a tram which is really interesting. It will stop near major attractions of the bird parking making it convenient to cover the all attractions.

Last tram departs from Main tram station at 5.30 pm

Visit the African Waterfall Aviary

Jurong Bird Park

Do you know that the world’s largest walk-in aviary is in Singapore? And the waterfall in this African Waterfall Aviary is known as one of the world’s largest man made waterfalls. So don’t forget to visit the African Waterfall Aviary during your visit to Jurong Bird Park.

Jurong Bird Park

Feed the Lories at Lory Loft

Jurong Bird Park

This is my favourite activity in the birds park. Feeding Lories was really interesting and enjoyable. We bought food for Lories at the entrance of the Lory Loft and wanted to buy few more. This is one of the unique attractions in Singapore Bird Park which you should not miss!

Jurong Bird Park

Above are some of the major activities which we enjoyed during our recent visit to the Jurong Bird Park. Plan your visit before you enter into the bird park, so you can easily cover all the star attractions within one day!

Jurong Bird Park
Important tips and information for visiting Singapore Jurong bird park

singapore jurong bird park

How to get there:

Nearest MRT is Jurong MRT. You can hire a taxi from Jurong MRT. Or you can reach the Jurong Bird Park by Taxi itself.


Prepare for lot of photographs.

In a sunny day, it can be really hot. So, bring your caps and sunscreen, sunglasses for a better experience.

Get your bird park map at the entrance for an easy tour.

Jurong Bird Park timings:

Opening hours :

Bird Park opening: daily 8.30 am to 6.00 pm

Lory Loft : 9 am -5 pm (daily)

 Jurong Bird Park Entrance fee:

Please check https://www.birdpark.com.sg/ for more details.


Crane Dance at Sentosa, Singapore
Crane Dance at Sentosa, Singapore

I want to share this Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days trip as this can be helpful for you to plan your holiday in singapore.I know if you plan a holiday in Singapore then you are with doubts such as where to go in Singapore and what to do in Singapore.

Staying in Singapore, I never find a dull moment. Everywhere there is a new thing to see and experience. I’ve visited the major attractions of Singapore more than one time, but I still love to visit those again. More than visiting again and again, I love to experience the places to visit in Singapore with my friends who come to Singapore. It is always a great time for me.

When one of my besties wanted to come for a short trip to Singapore, I was really happy not only because I get the opportunity to visit the major Singapore attractions again, but also I will have a good companion to spend the time among chit chat!

Anyway, as I planned her family trip to Singapore, I just wanted to share our Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days trip. Usually a 5 days stay in Singapore is good enough to cover most of the major attractions leisurely than on a 3 days trip. So, we could visit most of the attractions during this 5 days holiday in Singapore.

Here is our Singapore Itinerary for 5 days with kids. Please note that our travel group included 2 of our families which include 2 little guys of 3 years old. So, this itinerary is mostly suitable for anyone who visits Singapore with little kids.

Let’s start the journey!

Our Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days with kids

Day 1 (Arrival Day) -Walk along the Singapore River (Marina Bay)

The first day is the arrival day to Singapore. Usually this day is suitable to visit the Marina bay attractions as Marina bay is more beautiful and comfortable during the night time. That is why we started our sightseeing in Singapore from walking around Marina bay and Clerk Quay.

Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days Trip
River Cruise at the Clerk Quay /Singapore River

The walk around the area of Marina bay and Clerk quay covers the most of the tourist attractions of Singapore. These include walk along the Singapore River, River Cruise, Merlion, Esplanade Theater, Singapore Flyer and views of Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days Trip
Singapore Merlion – Tourist Icon of Singapore


Day 2 – (Visit to the Sentosa Island)

Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days Trip
View of the Southern Most point of Continental Asia from the Palawan beach – Sentosa

We spent whole day in Sentosa Island. However, it was a rainy day. So, we couldn’t visit many attractions inside the Sentosa Island. As we were travelling with 2 little kids, we spent more time on the Palawan Beach giving them time to relax and play. Universal Studios is another popular attraction which is suitable for visiting with kids.

Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days Trip
Kids enjoyed their time at the Palawan Beach- Sentosa

The show ‘Crane Dance’ attracted us and we ended up our day with this show at the Waterfront.


Day 3 – Singapore Zoo visit and visit to a nearby playground with kids


Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days Trip
This time we could see these giants at the Singapore Zoo.In our previous visits we always missed visiting the elephants of Asia!

Visiting a zoo can be the best thing to do to entertain the kids while travelling. That is why our day 3 of the Singapore trip included the beautiful Singapore Zoo. Kids enjoyed their time among the animals. As the time permits, we visited nearby playground with kids. So, it was relaxing and kids were happy too.

Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days Trip
The famous White Tigers at the Singapore Zoo

Day 4 – (Jurong Bird Park visit and Visit to Little India)

Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days Trip
Flamingos at the Jurong Bird Park – Singapore

How can I forget the colourful creatures in the Jurong Bird Park? It should be in must do things in Singapore. That is why we visited the Jurong Bird Park with the kids. Kids enjoyed their time among the beautiful birds in the Singapore bird Park.

things to do in Singapore
Feeding the Lori Lofts was a fun experience at the Jurong Bird Park!

The souvenir shops at the main entrance were a good shopping spot for my friends to buy some souvenirs from Singapore.

Bird Park closes at 6 pm. So, we decided to visit Little India for our dinner. Visiting Little India is a unique experience for anyone who loves to explore the diversify culture of Singapore.


Day 5 – Singapore Botanical Gardens visit and Chinatown

things to do in Singapore
Orchids from the National Orchid Gardens Singapore

The last day of our trip. It is sad our Singapore trip is going to be an end. Anyway, without wasting time, we added Botanical Garden for our itinerary. With the visit to National Orchid Garden of Singapore which is an attraction inside the Singapore Botanical Garden, we could cover the most of the Singapore tourist spots.

Walking along the Chinatown Streets was really exciting!

The same day we visited the Chinatown for hunting some Singapore souvenirs. We could find some souvenirs for great price while walking around the streets of the Chinatown. Our street walk along Chinatown includes the major attractions such as The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Sri Mariamman Temple.

Well,it is time to leave Singapore.But their flight was scheduled for the next day morning.

Day 6 (Departure Day)

It is time to leave. We had great time. Not only us parents, but also the kids! Both kids enjoyed their time among the Singapore major attractions. Don’t forget that Changi Airport is with activities for kids which kids can engage during the wait. Our kid enjoyed his time at the Changi airport while spending his time with kiddy rides, reading corner and drawing area at the terminal 3.

Singapore Changi Airport is with activities and attractions for kids.Don’t forget to spend some time with kids before the departure!

Well, this was our 5 days itinerary in Singapore with friends. I sure have lot of memories and photos to share in different blog posts with more details about each attraction. Till that, I hope this 5 days Singapore itinerary will be helpful for you if you plan a holiday to this tiny island!

We could experience more activities and attractions in Singapore if this was only with adults.However,we spent our time leisurely as we were with kids who are just 3 years old.


Please bring your stroller for kids and get ready to walk a lot around the attractions.

Have you been to Singapore? If so, have you visited any of the above attractions? Please share your experiences.


Dinosaurs at the Zoo-rassic Park Singapore
Dinosaurs at the Zoo-rassic Park Singapore

Zoo-rassic park is the newly added exhibit of Singapore zoo.Few months ago we visited the Singapore zoo, but we didn’t see such attraction which is entirely dedicated for dinosaurs. However, when we visited the zoo last month, these giant dinosaurs has invaded the Singapore zoo! The zoo-rassic park reminded me the popular film Jurassic Park!

Dinosaurs at the Zoorassic Park Singapore
Dinosaurs at the Zoo-rassic Park Singapore

What to do in Singapore or what to see in Singapore are the first and most doubts for anyone who visits Singapore. However, Singapore zoo is one of the must visit Singapore attractions and there are other attractions such as river safari and night safari are related to the zoo. This Zoo-rassic park is within the main Zoo, so you don’t have to buy separate tickets as it is included in the main attractions of the zoo. Actually it is an animatronic dinosaur which move and make sounds.

Dinosaurs at the Zoo-rassic Park Singapore
They will make sounds anytime!

The day we visited the zoo was bit crowded. As the Zoo-rassic park is located near to the entrance area of the zoo,it was really crowded. So, we actually couldn’t enjoy our time much. Instead we had to walk slowly without spending much time with the exhibits.

Dinosaurs at the Zoorassic Park Singapore
Just hatched babies…. 🙂  – (Dinosaurs at the Zoo-rassic Park Singapore)

I anyhow captured few pictures while running to get out of the zoo-rassic park. The park is entertaining, especially for the kids. Dinosaurs make noises and they move too making us to believe that there are dinosaurs in this real world. But, as the walking paths are really small and narrow, if we spend time for taking photos, there will be lot of crowd behind us waiting for their turn.(as it was a crowded day)

Otherwise, the experience we had was really fun and exciting.

Dinosaurs at the Zoo-rassic Park Singapore
A scary moment! 🙂


If you visit Singapore zoo, don’t miss this exhibit!

Have you been to Singapore zoo? If so, what are your best exhibits and attractions?

East Coast Park Singapore is definitely a playground for residents and its visitors. As a family friendly beach park in Singapore, East Coast Park is a place for many activities to spend a day with family and friends. Few months ago we spent a day at this beautiful beach park of Singapore and finally here is my travelogue with some of the captures.

East Coast Park Singapore

The East Coast Park stretches over a spacious area together with beautiful coastline which makes it more unique. With lot of huge trees around, this park is definitely a hit for anyone who loves nature.

East Coast Park Singapore

Other than relaxing and spending time on the beach, you can definitely involve in different sports and activities in this really active beach park in Singapore. We visited there with our toddler, so we mainly focused on activities which a toddler would like.

East Coast Park Singapore

Our day at the Park was full of sand playing, playing with sea waves, running along the beach and collecting seashells which our son enjoyed.

East Coast Park Singapore

Other than such beach activities to do with a kid in East Coast Park, below are some popular things to do if you visit this beautiful park.

Things to do at the East Coast Park Singapore


Camping is one of the popular activities at the East Coast Park.However you need to apply for permits and there are designated areas for camping. Check more details from NParks website.(Link is at the end of this post)


If you want to plan a day out while enjoying BBQ, then East Coast Park is one of the popular locations in Singapore. You need to book a BBQ pit before you plan your day. For east coast park bbq pit booking you need to check Nparks website.(check the link at the end of the post)


You can bring your own cycles and enjoy your day till you sweat. At East Coast Park, there are also bicycle rental shops which you can rent a bike!



East Coast Park Singapore

Sandcastle building

East Coast Park Singapore

This is different from the playing with sand with our own moulds. There is a designated area for sandcastles and you can rent equipment for sandcastles. One of the best activities to do as a family or team!


East Coast Park Singapore

At the jetty area people enjoy fishing. If you like such activity, then East Coast Park is the place to go.


East Coast Park Singapore

There is a food centre near the main entrance area which you can easily find dining options. Other than that there are also restaurants and cafes available. Dont forget to try some seafood while you are in East Coast Park!

East Coast Park Singapore

Watch Sunset

East Coast Park is a place which you can find different views of nature and if you are a photography lover, you will spend the whole day capturing moments. Sunset is a must watch!

East Coast Park Singapore

However, on this day we visited, we couldn’t watch real sunset as we returned home bit early. We could watch the changes of the sky just before the sunset.

There are many more activities which you can do at the East Coast Park Singapore. Don’t forget to prepare before you reach there. That will sure make your day exciting!

How to get there?

Please check NParks website for details of how to get there and how to book BBQ pits/camping.

Have you been to the East Coast Park Singapore?

Do you like spending time at the beach?

Do you have any photo story to share?Please share below.









Singapore Orchard Road is popular as an iconic shopping destination in Asia or in Singapore. However, beside the luxury shopping inside the shopping malls in Orchard Road Singapore, do you know there are many art sculptures to see along the Orchard Road?

Other than the hotels along the Orchard Road or luxury shopping malls along the Orchard Road, there are number of sculptures and artworks installed outside the malls and hotels which make Orchard Road is a unique destination in Singapore. Recently I was in Orchard Road and instead of visiting the shopping malls; we walked along the road into some stretch.

Below are some interesting artworks and sculptures we found along the Orchard Road and there are many more to view. These are artworks and attractions I found along the Orchard Road and basically from ION Orchard to PARAGON and its surrounding.

We started our walk from the Tangs which is one of the popular shopping mall in Orchard Road.The building itself is beautiful and below is one of the lion statues at the entrance of Tanga shopping mall.

Then we walked along the Orchard road towards Paragon shopping mall.Below are some of the captures of artworks we found on our leisure walk along the Orchard road.

Dancing Sculptures

Not only statues and sculptures,we also enjoyed the landscapes along the road.

When we return towards the ION Orchard,we also found beautiful flower arrangements which is a promotion before the Singapore Garden Festival.

This ice cream hut is unique and good way of refreshing.

Below is a capture of famous ION Orchard shopping mall.

Below colourful art piece is named as ‘Urban people’ which is one of the popular sculpture along the Orchard Road. You can find this just in front of  ION Orchard shopping mall and is a popular attraction along the Orchard Road.

Urban People, Kurt Laurenz Metzler, 2009
Urban People, Kurt Laurenz Metzler, 2009
Doggy 240 -Artwork by Julien Marinetti in 2014

Well,you can do lot of window shopping too. 🙂

Orchard Road Singapore
Shopping along the Orchard Road Singapore


Do you have any photo story to share this week?Please link below.









Istana Park Singapore

Istana Park is another oasis I found in the busy city, Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore. After our visit and stay around the Dhoby Ghaut Green, then we visited this beautiful lush green garden. Istana Park is absolutely full of beautiful trees and foliage.

We entered to the Istana Park from gravel area of Dhoby Ghaut Green. However, it is located facing the main Istana Gate making it a good viewing point for Istana monthly changing of guards’ ceremony.

Istana Park Singapore
Istana Park Singapore

Below are some of the attractions inside the Istana Park, Singapore. Hope you like to have a photo walk through the park with me. If you visit Dhoby Ghaut Singapore, don’t forget to visit this park as this is one of the main attractions of Dhoby Ghaut.

Istana Park Singapore
Istana Park Singapore
Beautiful trees
Istana Park Singapore
Beautiful views at Istana Park Singapore

Istana Garden is full of green views. Even it was mid noon of the day; we had comfortable time among the trees and plants.

Istana Park Singapore
Istana Park is full of beautiful huge trees.
Flora and Fauna

Among the huge trees, there are other plants which give eye pleasing views for anyone who enter into this small stretch of park along the Orchard Road.

Festival Arch

The main attraction of Istana Park is its Festival Arch. The park fronts the main gate of Istana. At this main point of the park, the Festival Arch is located.

Istana Park Singapore
Festival Arch – Istana Park Singapore

As a 26m long structure this Festive Arch design symbolizes the railings and gate posts of the Istana entrance.(Istana is the official residence and office for the President of Singapore, In Malay Istana means ‘Palace’, it is also the working office for Singapore Prime Minister)

Butterfly trail

Istana Park is one of the biggest spots of the Butterfly Trail along the Orchard road. It is a surprise. This park is actually with lot of butterflies of different colours and sizes. They were happily roaming here and there around the flowers in Istana Park making it a pleasing sight. However, capturing a butterfly was not an easy task for me.

Butterfly Trail @Orchard Road - Spot at Dhoby Ghaut
Butterfly Trail @Orchard Road – Spot at Dhoby Ghaut

Well, instead of trying to capture butterflies, I spent great time with my son showing him beautiful butterflies.

The Pond

Among the trees, flora and fauna there is a beautiful pond in one side of the park making it more attractive. Although this park stretches in a small narrow piece of land, Istana Park is with lot of attractions to see.

Art & Dining

My Art Space is a great spot inside the Istana Park which you can spend time among the arts and dine at the same time. This place provides the facilities to learn about art and it is also a great place to chill out.

Above are some of the attractions and things to do which we found in our visit to Istana Park Singapore. Actually it is a free attraction which you should have a look in Singapore. Surprisingly all these green views are along the busy Orchard Road and on the other side, it is Penang Road.

Useful information to visit Istana Park, Singapore

If you visit during day time, sunscreen, hats and water may be useful as the Festival Arch and butterfly trail area is really hot and sunny.If you travel with kids it is good to carry a stroller or a good baby carrier for babies.I always found this as helpful for me to spend time among the attractions without getting tired.You can find more tips and learn more at kokopax.com on finding the right baby products for travelling.

Park lighting hours: 7.00pm to 7.00am

How to get there: It is easy to visit Istana Park By MRT, alight at Dhoby Ghaut station and this park lies along the Penang Road. It is next to Dhoby Ghaut Green gravel area.

Location: Istana Park, 31 Orchard Road, S238888

Selecting the best Singapore attractions was not an easy task for me. However, among lot of really amazing attractions in Singapore which any visitor must see, I selected 10 best Singapore attractions you must see in your trip to Singapore. Although there are many other attractions and things to do in Singapore, without visiting these mentioned attractions, I don’t think your holiday in Singapore is completed because these attractions are like tourist icons of Singapore. So, here is the list.

10 Singapore Attractions You Must See


1. The Merlion
Singapore Attractions You Must See
Singapore Attractions You Must See – View of the Merlion at night

Yes, the Merlion which is the tourist icon of Singapore must be in your to do list to complete the holiday experience. Located in Marina bay, facing to the Singapore River this Merlion is the best and must visit attraction when you start your holiday in Singapore. It is free and it is awesome. The giant Merlion will give you lot of photo opportunities as well as lot of relaxing time.

The best time to visit the Merlion is evening or at night as it can be really hot during the day time.

2. Marina Bay
Singapore Attractions You Must See
Singapore Attractions You Must See – Marina Bay Sands Resort at night

The whole Marina Bay area is full of attractions including the Merlion mentioned above. Take a walk at evening along the Marina Bay attractions for free or visit some of the attractions which may need tickets. Marina Bay Sands as the major resort in the area, provides the entertainment for visitors including casino and Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. Entrance for the Marina bay Sands Sky Park is around $23 for the adults and it is an awesome experience for anyone.

If you visit at night, be sure to catch the light show which is amazing. Arrive there at 8pm,so you will not miss the amazing light show and it is free!

3. Singapore Flyer
Singapore Attractions You Must See
Singapore Attractions You Must See – Singapore Flyer

When you are at Marina Bay, you can take a ride at Singapore Flyer which is really exciting. As the world’s largest observation wheel, Singapore Flyer will sure give you the best thrilling experience which you will not forget for the entire lifetime.

4. Clarke Quay
Singapore Attractions You Must See
Singapore Attractions You Must See – Clarke Quay and Singapore River at night

When you walk along the Marina Bay, you can walk towards the Clarke Quay or spend another day for Clarke Quay. With my experience in Singapore, Clarke Quay is best for night life. There are many options for entertainment including dining and adventures such as a ride with the G-Max Reverse Bungy. During the day time you can visit other attractions around Clarke Quay such as Asian Civilization Museum and Fort Canning Park.

Make sure to enjoy a boat ride along the Singapore River and notice the historical landmarks when you walk along the Singapore River.

5. Gardens by the Bay
Singapore Attractions You Must See
Singapore Attractions You Must See – Gardens by the Bay

Located in the Marina bay area, Gardens by the Bay is another must visit attraction in Singapore. Entrance to the garden is free, but you have to buy tickets for special attractions. Take a walk at Super tree Grove or visit the Green houses. The Flower Dome is the must see in the Gardens by the Bay as it houses varieties of flowers.

If you travel with kids, be sure to visit the children’s garden at Gardens by the Bay. Sure, they will like their tour, specially the water play area.

Read more about our visit to Gardens by the Bay.

Tip: Check here to book your tickets for a discounted rate.

6. Sentosa Island
Singapore Attractions You Must See
Singapore Attractions You Must See – Sentosa Palawan beach at night

Make sure to allocate one whole day to visit the attractions in Sentosa Island as it is full of activities. As Universal Studios is among the best attractions in Sentosa, you can also visit other attractions such as Fort Siloso or Palawan Beach. There are many more other things to do in Sentosa Island including cable car rides,Tiger Sky Tower and Trick Eye Museum.These are just a few of fun you can have in Sentosa Island.That is why you better allocate one whole day for Sentosa.However best time to visit Sentosa is afternoon as you may tired with the hot sunny weather.

Travel Tip:  

Sentosa FUN Pass will save you more on entry tickets for attractions.Check the details here.

7. Singapore Zoo & Night Safari
Singapore Attractions You Must See
Singapore Attractions You Must See – White Tiger at the Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo as the world’s best rainforest zoo, will give the best entertaining time among the animals of every kind. Constructed in open concept, Singapore zoo is one of the best places to visit in Singapore and Night Safari is another thing to do while you visit Singapore Zoo.

Rainforest kidzworld is dedicated to provide entertainment for kids and be sure to visit there if you visit the Singapore zoo with kids.

Check our travelogue about Singapore Zoo.We also loved the Wild Africa section of Singapore Zoo.

8. Botanical Gardens
Singapore Attractions You Must See

As a UNESCO world heritage site, Botanical garden of Singapore is another must visit place in Singapore. There are many attractions to see inside the garden. Admission for the garden is free, but if you wish to visit the Orchid Garden you have to buy tickets.

Among the attractions in Singapore Botanic Gardens, there are man-made waterfalls, bandstand and there are many other mini gardens which can give you a better experience among trees and foliage.

The Jacob Balas Childrens Garden is one of the mini Gardens inside the Botanical gardens which is best for kids.

9. Chinatown

Well, till here I shared the best attractions of Singapore which are like tourist icons. Then don’t forget the cultural diversity of Singapore. Chinatown is one of the best places to visit and experience the Chinese culture. Among the many attractions and things to see in Chinatown, The Buddha Tooth Relic temple is one of the best places to visit and experience the Buddhist culture of Chinese.

There are many other souvenir shops and eating places which make your entire day in Chinatown, a memorable!

10. Little India

Another must visit place in Singapore to experience the cultural diversity is the Little India. Be sure to visit Little India and experience some Indian food and take some photos of beautiful views. Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple which are situated along the Serangoon Road will give you some idea of Indian culture and architecture.

The most popular Mustafa Centre is located in Little India which allows you the facility to shop many things, yes I mean anything! It is a huge shopping paradise.

Well, above are the most important attractions to see in Singapore. If you visit Singapore for a short trip, be sure to add these listed attractions in order to complete your Singapore experience.

Be sure to pin this post for later read when you travel Singapore.

Accommodation in Singapore

There are many accommodation options in Singapore for different price ranges. You can also rent apartments for short period. If you look for budget hotels or luxury hotels, it is better to find hotels near to main attractions which save you both time and money on transport.

As most of the above mentioned places are around Marina Bay, Clerk Quay area, it would be better to stay somewhere nearby. So you can also enjoy the nightlife of Singapore.

Check  hotels in Singapore

Check more Singapore fun attractions here.


Visual Arts Centre-Singapore

Spending time in an art gallery is one of the happiest moments for me. But, I didn’t get such a chance until last week my visit to Dhoby Ghaut for some another reason. After my tasks done, I spent my time walking around the area with my son. While he was having a nap I visited the Visual Arts Centre which is an exhibition gallery located near the Dhoby Ghaut Green. If you are looking for things to in Dhoby Ghaut,Singapore,this Visual Arts Centre can be a place to unwind from your tired mind.

Visual Arts Centre – Dhoby Ghaut ,Singapore

The Visual Arts Centre is a glass house gallery which is located in the hearts of Dhoby Ghaut making it a place to spend time among breathtaking arts.

Visual Arts Centre
Visual Arts Centre is located facing the Dhoby Ghaut Green ,Singapore.

Other than the exhibition venue, you can also find art courses and trial sessions from the Visual Arts Centre. On the day we visited there, there was an exhibition going on and I could experience the moments among the beautiful paintings.

Contemporary 2016 – APAD’s 45th Art Exhibition

Contemporary 2016 is  the 45th art exhibition of APAD (The Association of Artists of Various Resources, or Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya) .There are beautiful art works displayed in the art gallery including oil paintings and batik designs.Here are some captures from the Contemporary 2016.Let’s have a photo walk!

I love my time among the creative arts while spending peaceful quality time on my own.

Do you have any idea about the middle exhibit of the above picture?Does it highlight the celebrations and what happens to the chickens ?

Visual Arts Centre and Contemporary 2016
Beautiful Batik Designs displayed at “Contemporary 2016

I like batik designs.Those are usually colourful.Above exhibits feature the different batik designs as pieces of arts.

Visual Arts Centre and Contemporary 2016
Some drawings highlighting the historical buildings of Singapore.

There are exhibits which feature the beautiful buildings of Singapore such as shop houses.These exhibits highlight the historical information of Singapore.

Here are some other exhibits from the Contemporary 2016 exhibition.

And,below is one of my favourites from the Contemporary 2016 exhibition at Visual Arts Centre, Singapore.It attracts my eye in terms of interior decoration ideas.I love to have such a piece of art at my home.It is a batik design and could make my mind calm and happy!

Important information about Visual Arts Centre, Singapore


10 Penang Road,

#01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green,

Singapore 238469

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 11am – 8pm

Closed on Public Holidays,  except by appointment.

How to get there:

It is easy to get there by MRT. Alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT. The Visual Arts Centre is located in front of the Dhoby Ghaut Green.

Admission: Depends.There are art courses and workshops which you can buy. The exhibition I viewed is free admission.

Website: http://visualartscentre.sg/

Do you like to visit such Art Centres?

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Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

This is another interesting temple in Singapore. We visited the Singapore Buddha tooth relic temple recently and these captures are just to show how beautiful the temple is.

If you go to China Town, you’ll find this wonderful attraction which is based on Tang dynasty architectural style. Opened in 2007, now this temple has become one of the most popular attractions in China Town, Singapore.

Although it is a Buddhist temple, regardless of the religious views, this temple is a good place to see many attractive statues and architectural details.So,here is a photo walk through the temple.

Mountain Gate-Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

At the time we visited,the temple was undergoing some construction work.So,I couldn’t capture a clear photo of the entrance gate as there were some safety hoardings.Also as always,it was another rainy day!

Anyway,the first storey is for the temple and the entrance gate is named as ‘Mountain Gate’ which has 3 large, heavy and  red lacquered doors.These doors are with traditional style of Tang Dynasty doors.

Mountain Gate-Tooth relic temple
Mountain Gate-Tooth Relic Temple
If you noticed clearly,the middle gate is closed in above Mountain Gates.Entry through the center gate is restricted and is reserved for important guests.
Gate Guardians
Gate Guardians

Next attraction you must notice before entering into the temple is the guardians who stand in the sides of the Mountain gates. With their fierce face and strong looking body, they stand on the sides of the gates to protect the temple.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Hundred Dragons Hall-Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

After walk through the Mountain Gates,you’ll enter into the temple which is named as Hundred Dragons Hall.



This hall is mainly accommodate the  Buddha Maitreya statue which is 15-feet in height.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Maitreya Trinity in Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

On the sides of the temple,you’ll see lot of Buddha statues of different Buddhas.(Hundred Buddhas)

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Hundred Buddhas in Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Universal Wisdom Hall

Well,next is another hall with giant statues.The hall is named as Universal Wisdom hall

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Bodhisattva Cintamanicakra Avalokitesvara

Here you’ll find a giant statue of Bodhisattva Cintamanicakra Avalokitesvara.

Actually this temple is an interesting place to pay a visit.I really like to see the different architectural styles from Chinese culture which reflect different dragon symbols and colours.

Below is a capture of the bell tower we noticed inside the temple.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

After visiting the temple at storey 1,we visited the Sacred Tooth Relics Chamber which is situated in the fourth floor of the temple.


In another storey,there is a museum with a huge collection of replicas from different Buddhist culture and architecture styles.Here are some of my captures.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Replica of Tooth Relic chamber of Tooth Relic Temple-Sri Lanka

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum
Foot Prints of the Buddha

This is not my first visit to this temple and museum.In my previous visits I noticed a huge bronze exhibit of ‘Foot prints of Lord Buddha’ which is received from Sri Lanka.Unfortunately,I didn’t notice it this time.Anyway,the temple is also going on a renovation at the time we visited.


If you visit Singapore and to and to China Town,then visit this temple.There are many things to see inside the temple.

Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

Getting there: Nearest MRT is China Town MRT

For more details: Check Temple’s website

Have you been to any Chinese Temple?


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