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Well, now it is time for look for homecoming dresses. Here is a reminder. Start your search early. So, you will have plenty of time for your shopping and finally you can choose the perfect homecoming dress for you. Who don’t like to wear elegant dress and get more eyes and pretty comments? Then the best is to pay more attention for your homecoming dress and go for a latest stylish design.
Here are few tips for you to help selecting a perfect looking elegant homecoming dress without worrying too
Have a clear idea of your choices
Of course, you need to look for few designs to get some idea about the design. However, when you start shopping for your homecoming dress, be sure to have some clear idea on what you actually want. This will eliminate waste of time towards checking lot of designs. Just decide whether you want full formal, casual or semi-formal dress for your homecoming. If you’ve dreamed for wearing a full formal homecoming dress, then go for it. Sure, you’ll get a stunning look on your dreamy dress!
Consider the dress code of the event
Usually a homecoming dance is a less formal event. However, you need to consider the dress code according to your event. Different schools follow different traditions regarding their homecoming dance. Therefore the best is, check with your seniors about the dress. They will give you some idea of what is suitable for the event.
Consider the color
Color plays an important part in your selection of homecoming dresses. Although you can go for your favorite color, just pay attention to the latest trends and the season. Also you skin is a matter to consider too.
If you want to know most popular colors for all seasons, here are few suggestions.
Black Homecoming Dresses are always in the top of the list.  Without any fear, you can go for a black dress for your homecoming dance. Black is always popular among teens and it is a  colour which never goes out of style.
Also you can try colours such as winter white, rich reds and dazzling blues are still popular trends when you consider colour for your homecoming dress.
Consider the embellishments
Although you like to wear a plain homecoming dress without any design or embellishment, consider going for a dress with some design over it. A detailed dress is always better than just wearing a plain homecoming dress. You can go for a dress with beads, sequins or rhinestones embellishment. Also homecoming dresses with lace, ribbon and bows designs look amazing for any event.
Where to buy Gorgeous Homecoming Dresses?
If you worry thinking where to buy a stunning homecoming dress, don’t worry. There are many online shops which sell latest design for an affordable rate. Even you can buy a cheap homecoming dress if you are tight in your budget. One suggested online shop for homecoming dresses is http://www.homecomingirl.com/
One tip! Before deciding your homecoming dress, do your research well. Ask your friends about their ideas. Check in few shops. And finally make the decision to purchase your homecoming dress.
Hope above tips are helpful for you to select a perfect and beautiful homecoming dress which others say ‘wow’! Please share if you have any more tips to add to this list.

you like music? If so do you have the habit of listening to radio music? Well, I
started today post with lot of questions. But I still have one more questions
for you. Have you listened to a FM radio recently?
Nowadays, with there are many options to listen radio and music online, most of
are connected with internet radios for live music.

So, I want to introduce such a free radio where you are able to listen to the
music and have exciting time with your favourite songs. It is TioPod Rocks-Free online Radio.

is TioPod Rocks?

With their passion for music, the team at TioPod Rocks created a website
together with a radio to help others to listen all kind of music. Their online
radio is not only for music; instead it is an all-around music radio where you
can have some quality time listening to it. If you look for entertainment, this
radio will give some value for everyone who listen it.

My Experience with TioPod Rocks

I spent some time playing TioPod Rocks radio and it was really enjoyable. There
is a feature to request a favourite song. I requested a song.(Taylor
Swift-Style).Surprisingly, I could hear the requested song. It was the next
song. I must say I like this radio and was worth my time there.


Here are some of the features that you can expect with TioPod Rocks.

  • TioPod Rocks provides round the clock entertainment with different types of
  • Their shows and podcasts include interviews, talkshows, music and new talent
    to make its listeners entertained.
  • You are able to request a song that you want to hear.
  • And importantly, the team at TioPod Rocks did not forget those who need some
    help. They have passion for helping charities by hosting their own events and
    through fund raisers throughout the year.

Above are some of the important things I’ve noted about this online radio. It
is completely free. Have a look and I am sure you will spend more time there by
listening to some loving music.

So, you are planning your wedding! Now it is time to start preparation for the wedding ceremony. After note down all the things you need to complete for your wedding, it is important to complete each tasks before the wedding day. When completing each task, purchasing of wedding gown comes to the top of the list. I am sure you also need to look beautiful on your wedding day same as any other women. It is not a secret, any lady love to look beautiful in her wedding day.
Now, among all other bridal accessories and things, bridal gown plays an important role, because it will decide your look on your big day. If you don’t like the design or if your wedding gown is not comfortable, then you will not look pretty. Because, it is obvious that with an uncomfortable dress, no one look pretty. Your uncomfortableness will show in your facial expressions without your control. Therefore here are few tips for you to buy wedding dress. I hope these are helpful tips for you when shop for a wedding dress.

 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips
#1: Shop early
Don’t wait till last minute to buy your wedding gown. Sometimes it is stressful to find a perfect gown if you shop last minute. On the other way, you need to pay attention to the other tasks like decorations, photography locations etc at the last minute. So, it is recommended to start shopping for a wedding gown early to avoid such stressful occasions.
#2: Visit your local wedding shop
Although there are many ways to find your bridal gown, it is recommended to pay a visit to your local bridal
shop.For example,if you live in Toronto,then why don’t you start your shopping from a Toronto Bridal Shop? Now you may ask why! Yes, I know, shop online is really easy and save yo more time as you can do everything staying in front of your computer. But, consider the fact that you are able to see the actual material of the dress, you’ll be able to try it and even the best part is that you are able to communicate with the people in wedding shop. Aren’t these are reasons to visit a bridal shop spending some time?
Wedding Dress Shopping Tips
If you start for shopping early, you can allocate some time for a visit to a nearby bridal shop. In a bridal shop, you will be able to get the correct measurements and even suggestions for your wedding gown style from the people there. Don’t forget the fact that they have much experience on wedding gown styles. So, you sure to get advice and tips on selecting a perfect wedding gown which suits for your body type.
#3: Do your Research before your buy.
It is better to have some understanding about wedding gown styles and new trends before you purchase. If you have some idea about designs and trends, then it is easier to select a gown for you. Even there is a wedding specialist with you, if you have some idea about   your requirements; it is easier to find the perfect gown with the help of them. With some knowledge and idea, you also able to ask your doubts and communicate well with the people in the wedding store before you buy the wedding gown.
Nowadays there are many online wedding stores where you can find latest designs and trends. You will also find tips to buy wedding gown. So, as a quick research, you can search online and find beautiful designs and get some idea before you actually purchase your bridal gown.
Above are few important tips for you to buy a wedding gown. Finally, it is a big day and with proper planning, you will have unforgettable memories for your lifetime.

Do you have any more tips to add to this list? Please share those

No doubt, curtains add style
to your living or dining room. Not only it adds style, curtains also control
light, and enhance a view. Among all other window treatment options available, fabric
curtains are perhaps most popular way to enhance the view of a home. With
different types of fabrics and styles, you may go with any beautiful design
which enhances the beauty of your home using from a light fabric to a heavier
drape. Your choices are endless.

If you look for curtains for
an affordable price but still want them in good quality,Curtainhomesale.com is
a perfect shop to buy stylish curtains for a surprisingly low price. They offer
a wide range of curtains including different designs and materials. Striped
Curtains, Polka Dot Curtains, Plaid Curtains, Nautical Curtains and Star
Curtains are among the designs available with Curtainhomesale.com.
With Curtainhomesale.com  you are able to select curtains depend on the
color of the room, privacy required and even considering the factor that how
hot or cold you want it to be.They offer different designs for different
customer requirements. Even you can find curtains considering the amount of
light you prefer entering your room. 
Say, you want to enhance the
amount of light which enter into your room. Then choose a curtain made of a light
fabric with light color .Also try to select it with soft patterns rather than a
heavy drape.

Below polka Dot Curtains are suitable for enhancing the stylish look of
a living room with uncommon design and I found it from Curtainhomesale.com

If you look for Good Quality Nautical Curtains, here is a
suggestion from me. This Blue Curtains look wonderful and they are even great for
Energy Saving Living Room.

When I visited curtainhomesale.com,I
was surprised by just looking at their gorgeous collection of curtains. Did you
ever think that a star design can make a beautiful curtain design for your
home? Below is one of the Star Curtains which I was attracted.

Have a look into this online shop. You’ll definitely find
a stylish and affordable curtain design for your home.

How about Fine jewelry that is made from precious metals? Do you like to wear jewelry made of sterling silver or gold? It is nothing to hide, everyone loves jewelry. But most are unable to spend a lot for jewelries. Anyway today I am going to introduce a place where you can buy stylish jewelry at an affordable price. Their jewelry has a specialty too. That is, they offer stylish name jewelry which means personalized jewelry as you want them. It is NameStylish.com.
NameStylish is an online shop to buy name necklace and monogram necklace for an affordable price. They
also offer other personalized jewelries like name earrings, name rings and name bracelets.
Why Name Jewelry
If you think why name jewelries are standing out, it is simply because the jewelries are personalized and customized juts for you. It is unique and it contains your name or initials.
When I first visited NameStylish.com, I was amazed. They have a good collection of different stylish designs with name on it.
What they offer
As personalized jewelry, you can buy Name necklace, Name earrings, Name rings or Name bracelets with NameStylish. These designs are beautiful and stunning. A customer is able to select a desired design among variety of designs. Even they offer in different materials such as gold, sterling silver and gold plated.I really love the designs of their solid Gold Name Necklace collection.
NameStylish.com for Stylish Name Jewelry


NameStylish.com for Stylish Name Jewelry – My Review
Once I visited their online shop, I noticed below features and those are the main reasons for me to recommend and introduce this online retailer with you all.
  • Their site is easy to navigate. This is one of the main things I am looking for. If the online shop provides a better user experience, that is a reason to shop with them.
  •  They have a good collection of beautiful designs, don’t just believe me. Have a look into their collection.
  •  They offer 90 days money back guarantee. Ah? Yes, you heard it right! You don’t have to worry about spending on jewelries which are for sale online. You have a guarantee for a quality service.
  •  They offer free shipping. Don’t you think this is a good reason to shop with them? Have you experienced that sometimes shipping fee is higher than the price of the item? Here you don’t have to worry about additional shipping costs


Here are some of my favourites from their Monogram Necklace  collection.

Have a look and see what is your favourite Name Necklace or Monogram Necklace among the stunning collection.

If you are a travel junkie, you may have seen and stayed at beautiful bedrooms which look ‘luxury’ than just a bedroom. Have you ever thought of having your bedroom a comfortable and luxury looking area at home? Of course, although you wanted to have your bedroom looks like a hotel room, you may consider the budget to redesign it.
However, here is my suggestion and idea. Do you only use Bedroom just for sleeping? Don’t you use it to read a book, or simply playing and spending time with family? When thinking of having a comfortable cozy space as bedroom, decor and all that bedding can be a reason to change our mood. Therefore  Quality fabrics, rich and matching colors, textures and softness are important factors to create a cozy bedroom which looks luxury. Together all designs and decor, finally what we are looking for is a comfortable place where we can sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed on the next day.
Here are few ideas from me to convert your bedroom looks like a luxury hotel room and of course within a
As I’ve mentioned in previous post on how to decorate a Bedroom with Bedroom Furniture, the bed and headboard plays a major role in any bedroom.Therefore to make the bedroom looks luxury and comfortable,it is important to pay attention on the bed,and its décor and arrangement.
#1: Simply invest in a new set of bedding.

If you want to redecorate your bedroom into a luxury look, the easiest way is to invest on a matching set of bedding. On the other way, a bedding set is not too expensive and even there are lots of sites that offer luxury bedding for a low price. One of such place to buy bedding is Sleepy People.

Please remember,it is always cheaper to change the bedding set to match the paint of the room than changing the paint to get a new look.

#2: Select bedding set which coordinates with the room paint
Just don’t buy a set of bedding even it is cheaper. Instead, you should pick a color scheme that coordinates
with your bedroom painting.You also need to consider the furniture in your bedroom. If there are other accessories in your room, simply try to buy bedding set that complement each item in the bedroom. Consider removing or rearranging some of the accessories such as rugs or paintings if they don’t add value for the look of bedroom.
#3: Select quality Pillows
If you do not have good quality pillows, think of it. A quality pillow not only gives you a comfortable sleep, it also adds a style for your bed. Try to add at least 2 pillows to enhance the appearance.
#4: Add a Duvet
Not only it is comfortable, a duvet makes a stylish cozy room. Instead of just changing the bed with new basic bedding set, addition of duvet will completely change the look. You can easily buy duvet covers in many different styles for a reasonable price.
Also remember to use a liner for your mattress. This is not essential in the point of appearance, but a mattress cover will protect your mattress from stains.
Finally, bed is the important furniture in any bedroom. Consider arranging it in a way that looks stylish and comfortable.
Do you have any other tip to share? Do you think appearance is important for a bed or bedroom?



It is prom season again. Now it is the time to start searching for beautiful, elegant, gorgeous looking   prom dresses for 2015. Have you started your search yet if you are planning for a prom event this year? Here is my advice for you. Start searching early so that you are able to find a quality beautiful dress without much worries. It’s always good if you allow yourself plenty of time for shopping, so you can find the perfect dress with a relax mind.

Before you start your searching for your prom dress, here are few tips to consider.
  •  Have a clear idea in your mind of the type of dress you are looking for.whether you are looking for a full formal, semi-formal or dressy casual style.
  •  If you look for a dress to wear a homecoming dance or event, then the dress  will usually be less formal. Take few minutes and think of the dress you want according to your event.

 With the type of dress in mind, here is my suggested site to look for beautiful sexy prom dresses 2015.The newest finding of me is Ihomecoming.It is an online shop for Prom dresses, homecoming dresses or any special occasion dresses. They also offer accessories and you are able to find matching accessories for your dress from the same shop.

I found they offer a number of elegant designs for 2015, so you have plenty of choices from Ihomecoming online shop.
Here are some of my favourites designer prom 2015 at Ihomecoming
This Charming A-line/Princess Floor-length Dress is with Halter neck and don’t you think this Beading embellishment makes the dress more beautiful?
Do you like this Simple A-Line Long Prom Dress? It comes with a Jewel Neck and Beading embellishment. A perfect colour and a dress for summer party!
For more designs, have a look into ihomecoming.com. I also noticed below features at my first visit to this online shop. Thought of mentioning as I think these are helpful for any shopper to ease their purchasing experience.
  • This site is easy to navigate.
  • You are able to select a design easily with your preferences.
  • They provide special instructions under each design.
  • They also provide a section with how to measure, how to order etc. I think this buyer’s guide makes the shopping experience interesting.
Happy Shopping!

Looking for a way to make your hair look beautiful? Then here is a guide to do it using hair extensions. If you don’t like your natural hair or even if you think that you need to do something to make your hair look more beautiful, hair extensions is one of the possible answers.
There is no doubt that many ladies desire to have long flowing hair. But most of them are unable to gain the right look even if they have long hair. For some their natural hair may appear dull or very thin. Hair Extensions seems to be an answer for this people and nowadays lot of people tend to use hair extensions to make their hair look attractive in the crowd.
Even your hair is light and thin or curly; you can have long hair through hair extensions.
Hair Extensions from Abhair.com
Abhair is a place to buy hair extensions and it is convenient because it is an online shop. Through today’s post, I thought of introducing this online shop for those who seeks to buy hair extensions or hair pieces,wigs.
Above photo shows an 18″Instant One Piece Body Wave Synthetic Clip In Hair Extension from Abhair. This one piece synthetic clip in hair extension is an instant hair transformation. You will have to do it with the help of clips. If you look for cheap hair extensions but still with a good look, check this extension. The price is really affordable.
Hair Extensions from Abhair.com
Hair Extensions from Abhair.com


Another hair extension I like from Abhair is this 20″9 Piece Body Wave Clip In Indian Remy Human Hair Extension. This hair extension is inspired by the ombre trend, and boasts to bring fashion without damage of your own hair. It is made of superior 100% Indian Remy hair and interestingly you can cut, style, perm or even color to suit your personal taste.
When I visited Abhair.com online shop,I noticed below features which I think helpful for any shopper to ease their purchasing experience.
  • This site is easy to navigate. So you are able to select a design easily with your preferences. You can select according to colour, type or even by length. There are few other options too.
  • They provide special instructions under hair extensions. These instructions are different for each hair extension and specially for the extension you are looking for.
  • You can read buyer reviews below items you look for. I think it is great to read actual reviews before purchasing.
  • They also provide a section full of tips about hair extensions. You can read how to buy, how to choose colour, how to care etc etc. I think this buyer’s guide is very helpful for any shopper.
If you think of having hair extensions, have a look into this online shop. May be you will be able to find what you are looking for.
Happy Shopping!


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

Now it is Time to go
Here is exciting news for
all shopaholics! Did you get the news of Tea’s new arrivals from the patchwork
jungle of India?

Patchwork Jungle Inspiration
Tea’s second set of new
arrivals tell a story of jungle safaris from the heart of India. During their
inspiration trip to India, Tea’s designers kept thinking of characters from
“The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling. Then this is what happened! As
a result, there is a new collection of dresses! With this new arrivals, you
will find styles with familiar names, such as Bagheera the panther and Kaa the
snake. Wild jungle foliage graphics also will be seen on many tees, dresses,
pants and hats. I am sure these bold new arrivals from the patchwork jungle of
India will inspire every little citizen. Then why wait? Have a look into this
new collection.

Shop Girl India Inspired New Arrivals at Tea Collection
Shop Boy India Inspired New Arrivals at Tea Collection


Tea’s New Swimwear Line
In addition, Tea Collection
has just released their brand new swimwear line too.
As an offer, now you can
receive free shipping on your  full-priced swimwear purchases!
 Tea’s new swim line is perfect for spring
break vacations and getting little citizens ready for summer.
Have a look into their new
arrivals and check which is perfect with your little one!

Happy Shopping!

 **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

Valentines day is around the
corner. I can see lot of shopping and celebrations around.

ModCloth is ready with their
Sweetheart Shop and it is a great place to find beautiful and romantic dresses
for a sweet day.
I checked the collection and
inspired with almost all of their items. Here are some of my favourite items.

I like this super cute and
simple top. I know I can wear it not only for Valentine’s Day. I can match this
for a simple outing too.

I love this dress simply
because of its design and pretty look. Polka dot design and colour red would be
great for any outing.

This is another selection
from me. Do you like it?


 For more details, Visit ModCloth’s Sweetheart Shop

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