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Coffee around the world

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. There are many coffee lovers who love to sip coffee and enjoy their relaxing time among the good aroma and taste. However in different parts of the world there are different ways of making coffee and enjoying it. While coffee shops are more popular there are also popular brands which produce the best coffee around the world. You can even learn about coffee culture and preparation of a good cup of tea from websites.There are coffee hubs such as Coffee Cicerone which shares all the necessary information about coffee helping you to get the best experience with your cup of coffee.After reading such posts I thought of sharing this post about coffee culture around the world because it is really interesting how people enjoy their cup of coffee in different ways.

Coffee around the world
Coffee plant
Coffee Culture in Sri Lanka

As a Sri Lankan, I enjoy my coffee as a hot beverage. However in Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea is popular than coffee. But do you know that before tea was introduced, Sri Lanka was popular for its Ceylon Coffee? Anyway in Sri Lanka, generally coffee is considered as a beverage that drinks when there is a stomach problem. People don’t drink coffee daily. As coffee can make you constipated, it is just a drink that is served rarely or when someone is with bad stomach. Sounds funny right? 🙂

Coffee around the world
A cup of coffee prepared in Sri Lankan style (plain coffee with sugar)

In Sri Lanka,traditionally coffee is prepared plain with sugar making it a cup of ‘kopi’ or when milk is added it is called ‘kiri kopi.’


When I came to Singapore, I was amazed by watching how people drink coffee. I could always see a cup of coffee on my colleagues’ tables while they work. They drink lot of coffee throughout the days.These coffee are full of aroma which could make me too a coffee lover!

In Singapore there are many coffee shops which anyone can buy high quality coffee beans and coffee powder freshly ground.There are also places to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

Coffee around the world
A cup of Kopitiam Kopi (coffee with condensed milk as sweetener)

In Singapore you can find different coffee preparations including Kopi (coffee with sweetened condensed milk), Kopi-O (coffee with sugar but without milk) and even as Kopi Peng (iced coffee).Places like Kopitiam are popular for tasting a traditional cup of coffee while spending time watching around or talking with friends.


In Malaysia I found similar coffee culture to Singapore. Their traditional coffee preparation is similar to Singapore versions. Kopi or Kopi-O is most popular as traditional way of serving coffee. But, there are still popular coffee brands which serves coffee including international styles.

Coffee around the world
Even in McDonalds,you can find your cup of coffee!

Living and travelling frequently to destinations in above 3 countries, I found that it is interesting to experience coffee in different ways. Below are some other countries which enjoy coffee as a favorite drink.


In Morocco you will find spiced coffee brewed with spices such as nutmeg, sesame seeds and black pepper


Turkey is another country popular for its unique ways of preparing coffee. Roasted Coffee beans are   finely grounded. Then they simmer coffee before serving. Turkish coffee is served without filtering.


Spain coffee is served as espresso drink prepared with condensed milk to add sweetness.


In Austria coffee is prepared with sugar as a sweetener. However they also add an egg yolk, and cognac to their coffee.


In Australia, coffee is a popular drink. They add enough milk and prepare coffee as a cappuccino or a latte

Above are some of the interesting ways people drink coffee around the world. How about you? How do you enjoy your cup of coffee?


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